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Rating: 2.4 / 5.0

(28 Reviews) is reviewed by 28 customers who gave it 2.4 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for or write your review. It is very famous and legitimate business!

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IP or Email banned, Cannot Sign Up

By: M.Naeem


2022-05-29 17:05:24

While i have read some good reviews about peopleperhour, my own experience with them is really bad. I had tried several times to sign up on PPH as a freelancer but everytime i got an error message that my IP address or email is banned. I have never used people per hour in past, how can they ban my email even before i sign up? Not a good first impression!

Legit and Trustable Freelancing Platform

By: Asad


2022-05-24 16:05:10

Peopleperhour is in my top 5 freelancing platforms. I got many good clients on this website and received 10s of thousands of dollars without any issue. they are fully trustable and legit. highly recommended for fellow freelancers.

Honest review about Peopleperhour

By: Ali


2021-11-08 21:11:11

I am posting my honest review about here as all the reviews on Trustpilot seems to be fake. They allow their paying customers to remove the bad reviews. PPH was a bit better in past when they needed hardworking freelancers but now, they are just like an overflowing pot of milk from which all the cream will overflow and they will be left with think water type milk.
Once I completed a job and the seller released the payment to me and everything went well. After a few days my Peopleperhour account suddenly started to show negative balance, I thought it’s a bug and contacted them but they said that the client I worked for claimed the payment so they deducted the amount from my account. Same can happened to you too. The last nail in their coffin is their recent delays in the payments. My recent payment got delayed by almost 3 weeks. I think they want to earn more by keeping a portion of all the earnings of their freelancers and then getting interest on them.
I am giving Peopleperhour 3 stars just because of their platform that though barely works but still acts as a junction between service buyers and sellers.
They kept me waiting for my payment from more than 2 weeks which was a pain in this covid pandemic.

Do Not believe in PPH escrow payments, they service buyer can get their amount anytime, in my case the buyer even got the payment deducted from my account making it in negative that too after project completion. Only work on Peopleperhour if you have not established profiles on any other freelancing platforms.