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What is Not

March 25, 2022 is a scam and fraud prevention platform where everyone is allowed to post reviews for a business or website. We started working on Notscam in early 2010 but our project got reduced to a small website due to the lack of funds. Later we got enough funds and support from Designsols to keep the website and staff with us.
In 2021, we again requested Designsols to support us to build a complete reviews website and they gave us as much support as they could resulting in this first working version of Notscam reviews platform. We know there are many possible improvements but unfortunately, we are limited by the funds at this time but eventually you will see us evolve.

There was an easy way to cover this funds issue by offering paid subscriptions to the businesses but that would have put us in such a position where paying businesses could pressurize us to remove bad reviews form their profiles. We don’t want that to happen so we are surviving on a very small revenue generated by the advertisement on our website. Although some sponsors like Designsols fund us from time to time but we are really in need of a relatively big entry in our sponsors list to boost our progress.

Notscam As a Platform?

Our aim is to establish a fully independent reviews platform where reviews cannot be removed by businesses unless they are fake. An average person usually cannot afford to proceed with legal actions against scammers due to lack of time, money and also due to the difference of regional laws. If you are victim of a scam then the you should send us your story by using our Report a Scam form. We are pretty sure this will make the scammer's life a lot harder and thus will also give you some peace of mind in addition to making other people safe from that scammer. Secondly, a reverse search system is also under development which will show you the best options to buy products and services from the businesses sorted by their repute. This will ensure that you can shop from the best of the best online businesses.

How to Support Notscam?

You can put a link to notscam on your website on a prominent place. By doing this, you are supporting a good cause as you are becoming the part of an effort to eliminate scamming from the internet.