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Rating: 2.7 / 5.0

(30 Reviews)

Bloxearn is reviewed by 30 customers who gave it 2.7 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for Bloxearn or write your review. It is not very famous so you should use it with caution!

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It's alright.

By: Youbout


2023-11-28 11:11:01

It absolutely works. I've got 11 robux.
Warning, in the surveys section, It's really hard for you to ANY survey… I've got my robux with a lot of blood and sweat, but I've done it.

Its a scam

By: lol?


2023-11-20 05:11:43

"It works!its not a scam!"Alr,althought withdrawing actually works if they have robux in stock,but tell me is it possible for the same person to win 3 times?Like rn atm a girl won 3 times and two guys won 2 times..If someone says this is a coincidence i js dont beileve..Maybe their rng is shitty or smt idk but its js not possible for the same ppl to win 2-3 times

Bloxearn gives us robux!

By: Suki


2023-11-03 06:11:14

Bloxearn is real,it actually gives us free robux.It needs time and hard work but it doesn’t mean it’s fake.I earned 22 robux just in 1 day and my friend got 1098 robux all from Bloxearn.You might not get the robux so quick,maybe wait for some time.You might not complete some surveys or offers because you are not suitable for it,but if you finished it,you can get robux.

It's legit but takes lots of time

By: Bog


2023-09-25 06:09:13

It's legit I literally got robux from bloxearn by completing offers. But it takes lots of time to complete I got 50 robux by completing an offer that took me 6hrs to complete, when you get robux you withdraw. When withdrawing it sends a bot to automatically purchase your private server or gamepass . If your done withdrawing you can see your pending robux in, I got robux 5 days after I withdraw my robux.

Always fail to withdraw

By: SusSy


2023-09-23 23:09:08

When I try to withdraw my robux it always says "We cannot process this payout at this time"
i keep trying it many times but can't withdraw my robux

It wont let me withdraw

By: Sus


2023-08-19 22:08:52

it is really bad i cant even get robux like i got a bunch of stuff and it wont let me withdraw it like it told me to do abunch of stuff and it took so long and i got nothing.

Legit. You got to earn it with hard work tho which is normal.

By: Anonymus


2023-08-11 17:08:59

I'm not a bot or anything, I'm a random person who wanted robux and they gave it. It's not easy to give free robux without getting at least a bit of money for sponsor games and ads. To that one guy that said he couldn't get his 8 robux, are you even using a website roblox for set up the private server price for they pay you? So guys, they don't ask for your password, only your username and even sended a bot for view you're profile for show it's actually searching unlike those robux generator. But then advoid using your gmail like any other website that gonna sell it, this is not new. And yes it's long but guys it's freaking legit and y'all mad you though it was easy to get free robux when you still own them a bit of money for playing games and watching ads. It's the minimum for your sorry soul that can't afford robux and yet complain when there is a way but you need to EARN it. Good example for the world of work since a lot of people here are obvious kid and don't know you need to earn.


By: Rock Reed


2023-07-24 08:07:20

Completed offers don’t give your “rewards,” but don’t worry about it, because the process to claim the robux exposes your account security. Even if you compromise your account security for the sake of getting your robux rewards, the payout still doesn’t happen, and you are left with nothing but a sneaking suspicion that your username and password are now on a list to be sold to exploiters and shady marketing firms.
Bloxearn suggests that you don’t give your password when logging in with your Roblox account. However, the claim process opens what looks to be a version of the Roblox Creator page where you will enter your password. The exploit is that your entry of your username and password is captured through a simple method of screen capture or key-logging.
If you choose to use an email, that address will be sold , and if you use your “Google” account, that info will be sold as well.

Is it legit?

By: Nomad W.


2023-07-04 16:07:17

Legit, yes, shady? Also yes.

I was a bit skeptical about bloxearn I wanted some robux to buy stupid things for my avatar but not pay any money. This website was one of the first searches and it seemed simple enough. After completing two offers I waited a day just like the instructions said (They say you need to wait at least 24 hours for rewards to be put into your account). I waited and nothing happened so just like everyone else here I thought It was a scam and wasted my time. But I decided to join their Discord and fill out a support ticket and within a day they fixed the problem and added the robux I was suppose to get.

Now when it came to withdrawing for some reason when you try to withdraw from the Groups you have to wait 2 weeks after joining a group in order to withdraw using that method. I don't know why that's the case but the next best option is just creating a game pass on your own world for them to buy it from. So to explain it, on your own world that comes with every Roblox account you make a game pass that costs robux to buy and you set it to the amount it tells you to. Once you do that they send a bot over to buy the game pass and then all you have to do is wait 3-5 days for your robux.

So yes bloxearn is legit, it is a bit shady since to earn robux you're either signing up for random things, downloading apps or games, or you're doing surveys that uses your information for "research". Frankly I don't care as websites already take your information without your consent anyways so might as well earn some robux while you're at it.
If you done a offer and you don't get your reward wait a day and if still nothing shows up in your account join their Discord and ask for help in their help channel. If that doesn't work send a ticket through their support channel. I have no idea what in the past bloxearn did if they did have a different website and scammed people but as if right now they are a legit website for free robux.

BloxEarn is Fake

By: rohan


2023-07-04 03:07:43

Guys People who say that bloxearn is real, they lie and they are member of bloxearn
I have 8.15 robux in Bloxear but there are no decimals in robux

Blox Earn is a scam

By: Earny


2023-06-23 18:06:02

Bad people made blax earn website. They are scammers, dont visit their website. nothing you can earn, no robux at all.

Bloxearn is actually RBXearn rebranded

By: George


2023-06-07 10:06:04

I am pretty sure Bloxearn is actually owned by the same team who owned RBXearn, i have proof, even the html code of both scam websites is mostly the same. i used RBXearn a lot and i was scammed by them, later it was shut down after people like me complained about it on several reviews platforms. Bloxearn should be banned as well, i will report them on all reviews platforms, they scammed me, and banned my account for nothing.


By: Joe


2023-05-08 03:05:51

I keep getting this sh*tty a** "we cannot proccess payout at this time".
doesnt work.


By: kalyiah


2023-04-02 11:04:19

Last year, Bloxearn worked perfectly fine despite the 2 week wait time. Unfortunately, it slowly got worse the more i used it. When it makes you complete tasks it tells you to withdraw your robux and then it tells you that you need to be in a group to withdraw. when you join a group they tell you to wait 2 weeks. so the first time i had a problem with the website is when they told me to join a group while i was already in another group. i left the previous group i was in and joined the one they told me to join and waited 2 weeks to withdraw my robux. so i did that and when i came back they told me to join another group and wait another 2 weeks. at this point they did this to me so many times until i got tired of waiting. i wasted a month or 2 of wait time and joining groups they told me to join without even receiving robux.

BloxEarn is real

By: Meta X


2023-02-15 08:02:46

Guys it's really works, the people who say " this is fake and don't waste your time" are just bots who are trying to cancel BloxEarn, the site is worth it and it is gonna give you robux. Even tho I am pretty bad with surveys and offers, if you are good at these then you can earn even more robux. Don't listen to the bots.

It doesn't work for me

By: Lightblade3D


2023-01-28 22:01:01

I literally tried to withdraw 25 robux , and all I see is a red x at the top of my screen, I've tried joining groups and it just doesn't work
I think it's a scam. Please people don't waste your time on this website it's not reliable at all.

Legit but not really worth it

By: ie_cinnamon


2023-01-23 14:01:10

I used the site in 2021, it is legit but some tasks do not count (mostly the very short 'download and open app' ones). I earned around 400 robux in total but it took extremely long, therefore saving up money for robux will be easier than spending weeks on surveys and difficult game tasks. You can redeem earned robux by group or gamepass (I suggest second option) and it takes about a week to receive the pending robux after you claim it.

If you are looking to get bigger amounts of robux, use a giftcard rather than this site. Overall, recommended but only for very small amounts.


By: Laura


2022-12-07 07:12:06

It is actually legit. After following the instructions for the withdraw you can check your pending robux at It works. Trust me. The people saying that its a scam and a virus are just bots made by scam companies trying to get people away from the legit ones. But if you did get a virus from the site then it might have been a fake version.


By: Seineo


2022-11-21 07:11:31

Bloxearn is REAL. I am not scamming anyone. This web makes you complete tasks and buys your private server full price or giving you group payout. It doesn't ask for password. I received more than 200 rob us from this web and I did not get banned. TRUST ME TRY IT OUT!

Fake promotion on Reddit for Bloxearn

By: Billy


2022-11-20 12:11:16

I am very angry right now, I wasted a whole lot of time on Bloxearn and got nothing in return. Apparently all the posts on Reddit for Bloxearn are fake and probably posted by paid writers and promoters. Don't waste your time!

Bloxearn is 100% LEGIT

By: Alvaro Roque


2022-11-14 14:11:20

People who rate 3 stars below, they will all think that they are all scam. Well, it was not scam. So been using this for 1.5 years, I earned ALMOST 20,000 robux in two accounts using 3 different devices. One with 13000 and 6000. If people did not recieve their robux, that is because you don't follow the instructions of the offer properly. If you did, you can contact the service or there is like some sort of like a QNA. If you have the robux, you can only take out atleast 5-10 robux. If you are withdraw in groups, you have to wait for 2 weeks, if you withdraw in private server, you would edit the private server access and the cost of the robux (the site will tell you what to put the number of robux). Some people will get some issues or errors, it can be that you don't do the exact thing, or the withdraw issue. If you waited for SO long and STILL doesn't work, it might be the site. (Hint: you can actually change the cost of the robux to the private server and the withdrawal to work).

Just good and free

By: themusic09


2022-11-06 10:11:34

note that offerwalls are not by bloxearn but it worked some offers are bad

Blox earn is not scam your just dum

By: Alliance


2022-10-12 19:10:04

these kids be downloading blox earn LMAO i literally gained 36+ robux from it (i think they are bots?)


By: sus


2022-10-02 22:10:04

Bruh what the heck are you guys talking about i have literally gotten robux from blox earn

Bloxearn withdraw not working

By: pinky


2022-09-18 15:09:40

I have earned some robux on bloxearn website but when i try to withdraw, it says something went wrong. I dont know what happened but i am unable to withdraw my robux and I am very disappointed. I tried to contact them but got no response from them at all. I am posting my review here so that others may not suffer like me. Bloxearn is not a trustable website so stay away from it and save your time.