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Rating: 1.6 / 5.0

(7 Reviews)

Bloxearn is reviewed by 7 customers who gave it 1.6 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for Bloxearn or write your review. It is not very famous so you should use it with caution!

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By: sus


2022-10-02 22:10:04

Bruh what the heck are you guys talking about i have literally gotten robux from blox earn

Bloxearn withdraw not working

By: pinky


2022-09-18 15:09:40

I have earned some robux on bloxearn website but when i try to withdraw, it says something went wrong. I dont know what happened but i am unable to withdraw my robux and I am very disappointed. I tried to contact them but got no response from them at all. I am posting my review here so that others may not suffer like me. Bloxearn is not a trustable website so stay away from it and save your time.

Doesnt work, total scam

By: Aman


2022-09-06 21:09:05

Bloxearn is a garbage website owned by scammers. Dont waste your time, you won't get any robux at all. all they want is some clicks that you will do on your ads and surveys which will earn them money and you will lose.

Bloxearns is Fake and Timewaste

By: momi


2022-09-02 23:09:35

I am not allowed to call names otherwise Bloxearn deserve it. I wasted all my time on doing things on bloxern and they promised to give me robux. They didnt give me any robux and all my work was wasted. I will tell all my friends how fake this website is.

Fake Robux Website

By: Nicki


2022-08-26 04:08:30

Bloxearn is a fake and unreliable website. They won't give you any free robux! Don't waste your time. Bloxearn is a confirmed scam, the website doesn't even have a physical address mentioned.

Bloxearn is not safe to use!

By: Steve


2022-07-20 14:07:27

My kid installed an app on my cell phone from Bloxearn apparently to complete an offer to get free Robux. I tried to uninstall it but it was impossible, my phone froze, and in the end, I had to do a factory reset. I then inquired him and found that instead of doing his studies, he spent a lot of time on this website and got nothing in return.
I tried to contact Bloxearn using online means but they didn't respond at all. I was willing to contact them using their physical address but no physical address is given on their website. I am going to file a complaint on BBB as well. Such websites should be banned!

Got my Tablet infected by

By: M.Naeem


2021-11-27 11:11:53

I am a parent and I got my tablet infected due to My kids play roblox on my tablet and somehow they reached Bloxearn and assumed that they would get free robux from the website by completing the offers, but they didn't get any robux instead i got my tablet infected. Upon further investigation, I figured otu that Bloxearn is part of a scammers network who scam mostly kids who play roblox game and cannot afford to buy robux. If you go to collectrobux you will find the very similar interface to and even a kid can tell that both websites are probably owned by the same scammers. Even all the offers to get free robux are the same as well on both websites.

It is a 100% scam website
There should be some action on such websites who exploit the little kids' minds.
Kids, remember there is nothing free on the internet, not even the robux. And for the parents, please monitor what your kids are doing so that they can open Bloxearn and Collectrobux type websites.