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(28 Reviews) is reviewed by 28 customers who gave it 2.4 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for or write your review. It is very famous and legitimate business!

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Greedy people

By: Mohsin


2023-10-16 17:10:10

PPH Deactivated my account and now want me to pay to login again. I wont pay you a penny you selfish group of thieves. I will expose you everywhere. Peopleperhour is a scam website who charge you on every step you interact with them. Never trust PPH!

Very low hourly rate for translation and data entry jobs

By: Akash Awan


2023-06-06 12:06:02

Cant believe such a low earning from a European website. Translation and data entry jobs gets bids like $1/hour or even less from Indians. No longer feasible to do work on People per hours now. I get much better earning from Fiverr. Just need to promote my gig and i can comfortably get a consistent work flow. PPH is going downhill.

Stealing from poor

By: Mian Adeel


2023-05-21 17:05:10

Peopleperhour wanted me to pay for a speedy account approval that i didnt. Now the rejected my application without any valid reason. They tried to steal from me. I doubt they are any good. Try Upwork or Fiverr instead.

Good to find remote and virtual assistance jobs

By: Omar


2023-05-08 02:05:00

Its hard to start the profile on peopleperhour. first remote job and then getting a good review from the client will be the hardest thing to do but from that point, every next job will be easier. If you survive first 10 jobs, you will be a successful freelancer on peopleperhour.
Its a good website to find remote jobs, if you lack skills then try to work as virtual assistant. You can even do translations. A plenty of things to do but patience will be needed. Good luck!

Upwork is much better

By: Raja


2023-04-03 19:04:46

Peopleperhour has the worst support team ever. Their staff is rude and proudy. The dont care about freelancers. Upwork is much more professional website, peopleperhour is garbage.


By: Lisa H


2023-01-31 10:01:34

They deactivated my account and refuse to pay me money they said they would refund.

Fraud and waste of time

By: Kelly s


2022-12-01 14:12:30

They wont approve your application untill you pay them. Peopleperhour got greedy and is no longer a good option for freelancers.

3D designing jobs

By: Brian


2022-11-22 11:11:58

I earn my bread and butter from freelancing websites and peopleperhour is one of them. I am a 3D designer. I can work on both graphic and animation projects due to 10+ years of experience. I even do CAD projects. I also work on Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer. If i rate all these freelancing websites from top to bottom, here is how they rank
1. Upwork
2. Fiverr
3. Peopleperhour
4. Freelancer
collectively you can get enough work from above websites to cover all living expenses. You may not get rich but you wont be poor as well.

Unfair application rejection

By: Anand


2022-11-02 16:11:27

I applied for an account on people per hour but they didn’t approve my application. First they asked for a payment for rapid approval process which I didn’t choose. Resultantly my application was rejected. I smell some discrimination as well.

Peopleperhour vs Fiverr

By: James


2022-10-24 15:10:08

Peopleperhour is good but not as good as Fiverr. I like the business model of Fiverr where I can post gigs and then get people to buy them. I can do 5 gigs at the same time in which I could only do one project on PPH. The hourly rate I get on Fiverr is a bit lower than PeoplePerHour but still, my overall monthly income after switching to Fiverr is much more than PPH. I highly recommend all freelancers try Fiverr if they haven't already. Don't underestimate it due to its name, it has huge potential hidden inside.

A lot freelance jobs to do of you have skills

By: Noman Bugash


2022-10-21 16:10:24

Peopleperhour is much better than I am using it as my secondary earning platform after Upwork. I tried the first but it is probably full of fake projects. I kept biding but got no response while on PPH, I got much better response for my bidding and got many projects. Another advantage of peopleperhour is that mostly European clients use it which means better earning.
To get a better bidding response on peopleperhour, make sure to breakdown your project proposal in different sections and give appropriate headings. This will make it easier to read by your potential clients and make it stand out of other proposals. Good luck!

Translation Jobs and projects are moving over to Fiverr

By: Maryam


2022-09-21 12:09:10

I have noticed that the number of translation jobs is getting lower and lower. I have an account with fiverr as well and i have created a gig for translation jobs which is giving me more work than peopleperhour now. I am confident that the PPH team is unable to handle the work load and the quality of their website is degrading over time. come one guys, your goodwill is slipping from your hands, do something about it. I hate to see peopleperhour going downhill.

Its Peopleperhour not Payperhour!

By: Moon


2022-09-02 01:09:13

Peopleperhour is a famous earning platform yet many people still miss-spell it as payperhour which hurts lol. It the not the best but certainly worth a try and if you are a freelancer then you must have a profile on it especially if you are interested in European clients.

Peopleperhour vs Upwork

By: Mohsin


2022-08-11 16:08:12

Peopleperhour is not even close to Upwork. I tried to use PPH as a serious alternative but I am now back at my Upwork profile. The only benefit that attracted me to PeoplePerHour was the reduction of commission after certain lifetime earnings but the quality of the projects posted on PPH is just not ready yet.

Bug in Peopleperhour Application System

By: Muhammad Naeem


2022-08-05 05:08:07

I signed up a couple of weeks ago on Peopleperhour as a freelancer to check if the new platform is worth it and they rejected my application even though I am a freelancer for the last 19 years. I am working on Upwork since it was called Elance. I have worked on Rentacoder, Getafreelancer, and scriptlance which are now merged as Freelancer. I am working before the existence of PeoplePerHour itself. Nevermind, they rejected my application it's their right but the message shown on the screen after they rejected my application for the first time was this:
"Your application has been rejected for the third time. Please contact our support team so that you can apply the necessary changes and start selling on PeoplePerHour."
Now that is not only a false statement but it is also insulting. They rejected my application only once and they are saying that they have rejected it 3 times! That is an insult!
I have complete proof of my signup date. Also, their system doesn't allow to resend an application before 3 months of rejection. How come they reject 3 applications in two weeks then?
Ok, let's assume it's a bug in their system! now it was time to test their support, so an email to their support and mentioned the bug of 3 times rejections instead of 1 but they replied with a premade template which is here:
"We're sorry that your application was not accepted. Please understand we have a very high volume of applications and to protect our existing community, we have to put strict limits on our application process.
Please note that we do not offer an appeal process for applications that are rejected. Do we suggest that you look through our help article on Why was my application rejected? "
They didn't even read my message in which I was telling them about the bug in their application rejection message screen and assumed that my email was an appeal to reconsider.
Well, I then decided to further test their support team by sending another email that only covered the bug in their system but still, I got the same reply as above. Their support doesn't even read an email before clicking on a "send a premade template message" button.
So, Dear PeoplePerHour Team, Maybe you should also consider raising your platform level before judging a freelancer's level.
Train your support team to read emails before sending pre-tailored replies.
Train your QA department so that they can find and report bugs in the PeoplePerHour user interface.
Train your staff to accept bug reports and then fix bugs.
You also need a public relations team to make you aware of public opinion for PeoplePerHour.
and you should realize that Every email that has the word "Application" in it is not an appeal!

Good for Buyers but bad for freelancers

By: Akash


2022-08-01 05:08:57

I am working on peopleperhour from a long time. I have many good feedbacks but still If i had a conflict with a seller, they are going to take the sellers side. That is totally unfair but they are probably taking the side of the seller because they get money from him. I am now in process of switching to Upwork. Their support dont care at all, i told them about my switching but they dont care at all.

Peopleperhour charges 20 percent from new freelancers which is too much

By: Agarwal


2022-07-28 17:07:09

I got the work and I finished it in time and also got 5/5 feedback. Had to keep bidding again and again. Takes some patience however it takes even more patience when PeoplePerHour deducts 20% from your earnings. New freelancers should get some extra benefits instead of extra fees. I hope they realize how much effort it takes to complete a project and to satisfy the client by doing revisions after revisions. The first few projects are the hardest ones for sure.

Definitely Trustworthy

By: Asif


2022-07-23 07:07:18

People Per Hour is an as trustworthy website. I got some pretty good clients from PPH however they are a bit greedy. The percentage they charge from freelancers seems to be too high. It hurts not only freelancers but PPH itself as well because most freelancer starts to work directly with the clients as soon as they build enough trust with their clients. PPH could get a lot more profit if they could reduce the percentage they charge on both sides. They definitely need to think long term instead of short term.

Peopleperhour Rejected My Application for Registration!

By: Zeeshan


2022-07-18 10:07:45

I am a freelancer with US$300,000+ earnings on Upwork and $100k+ on Freelancer. I just signed up on PeoplePerHour and they wanted me to pay them $13 to skip the queue which i didn't After that here is what I got from them

"Thank you for taking the time to submit your application to PeoplePerHour.

We’re so sorry, but after careful consideration, we’re not able to accept your application. We apologise for any frustration caused by this.

We have recently experienced a huge increase in freelancer interest, which we are beyond grateful for! However, in order to protect the work of our existing users, we have to limit the amount of freelancers we accept. In order to do this, we review each application based on both demand and quality."

Frankly speaking, i don't care about the rejection of my registration PPH at all because they are not comparable to Upwork or even Freelancer yet but what hurts is their behavior. They are behaving like this when they are not even significant yet, I wonder how will they behave if they ever become important (which I doubt after my registration experience with them)

Fast Track is Promotion of skipping the queue

By: Shankr


2022-07-16 17:07:23

Not a good first impression by PeoplePerHour. I signed up and the first thing I saw after adding my basic info is the so-called "Fast Track" option to skip the queue by paying $13, Wow what a good moral lesson they are offering at PPH. Here is what it says
"Always skip the queue and get your application approved within 1 working day. Once purchased, the Fast-Track service will be applied to all moderation processes forever, at no further cost."
I have been teaching my kids to always stay in the queue but PPH wants us to do the opposite. Where are the morals? At least write something else instead of this sentence
I know that other freelancing platforms also charge for services like additional bids, more payment withdrawals, etc. but that still seems to be legit up to some extent $13 to get the profile info saved or so-called approved! No way I am going to pay for that, in fact, Peopleperhour already lost some credibility by this action alone in my eyes.

PPH is Legit but Not as good as Upwork or even Freelancer

By: Orion


2022-07-12 07:07:17

PPH is my last choice to bid on but they are legitimate though. If you are a new freelancer then add them to your list but dont put too much effort in bidding on Peopleperhour. In my opinion, you should focus on Upwork or Freelancer but do some bidding on PPH if you still have some time after that. I have a successful profile on Upwork and most of my work comes from them then comes Freelancer which is still good to get new clients, my PPH profile is certainly just a placeholder right now. Even a trained freelancer like me find it difficult to find good projects on PPH.

Waste of time

By: James


2022-06-28 11:06:17

I took PPH as a genuine freelancing platform and spent a lot of time on preparing some very good quotes for the projects posted on it. Its been more than a month and i have wasted so much time on proposals alone that i could completed many projects on upwork. Mind you, i am working on upwork and never had to submit so many proposals as the projects on upwork are mostly genuine. i dont think peopleperhour shows genuine projects, they are probably posted by bots or internal staff.

Fake Projects Posted on PPH

By: Singh


2022-06-17 17:06:12

So many fake projects are posted on PPH just to waste our bids. I am an experienced BDM and I do bidding on many other similar websites such as Upwork and Freelancer. I highly suspect that they have some people who post fake projects to make the peopleperhour look busy and well populates while in actual those projects are just placeholders to waste our bids. How come i dont get even a single response from 99 percent projects even after having so many good reviews. I am not going to share my account name here but i am sure many others have a similar experience on Peopleperhour. registration Issues

By: s.kaur


2022-06-05 05:06:44

while PPH is probably a good websites, I couldn't register an account due to an IP banned. I even tried to use another ISP and even my cell phone data which usually have dynamic IP, still i coudnt get to register an account with them. Either they have intentionally blocked an entire Indian region or there is some issue in their website routing. In any case, its not good for PPH repute. A freelancing websites should be trouble-free otherwise clients like me lose trust.

They Modify Reviews On TrustPilot

By: B. Thakur


2022-06-03 05:06:34

I have worked as a designer on PPH. I feel they are kind of deceiving their users, especially the freelancers. Despite of their claim to be UK based business, they really lack the values we find in the mature businesses from United Kingdom. They charge very high fees and the freelancers have to face a huge cut in their net earnings. Even then the bank transactions cost their own fees. In my opinion, the freelancers are the ones who suffer on peopleperhour. They also try to shut your voice by modifying the reviews on their trustpilot profile. That is the very reason due to which i am posting a review here on notsacm. I just want the fellow freelancers to know their reality, go elsewhere if you want to earn something. They are just siting there to find an easy prey to earn for them while they are sitting idle doing nothing.