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Ywallit Pay

Rating: 1.0 / 5.0

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Ywallit Pay is reviewed by 2 customers who gave it 1.0 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for Ywallit Pay or write your review. It is not very famous so you should use it with caution!

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They ran away!! But they couldn't go forever!!!

By: mary partson


2024-01-19 17:01:12

I cannot stress enough how utterly disappointed and frustrated I am with Ywallitpay. My experience with this Company has been nothing short of a nightmare, leading me to strongly suspect that they are nothing more than scammers.
Their initial efficiency in settling small amounts on time turned into a complete disaster as soon as I increased the volume. Now, not only are my settlements has kept, but Ywallitpay has completely vanished, ignoring my attempts to reach out through any channel. This screams scam all over it.
The most alarming aspect of this entire ordeal is the complete absence of any communication from Ywallitpay. I have exhausted every possible channel to get in touch with them – emails, phone calls, skype etc and not a single response. It is evident that they have intentionally cut off all lines of communication, leaving their customers in the dark and raising suspicions of fraudulent activities.
Based on my experience, I strongly urge everyone to stay away from Ywallitpay. Their shady practices and complete lack of responsiveness should serve as a major warning sign. It is crucial to conduct thorough research and choose reputable payment providers that prioritize transparency, reliability, and customer satisfaction.
In conclusion, Ywallitpay has proven themselves to be untrustworthy and potentially fraudulent. Their vanishing act after holding settlements and their refusal to respond on any channel raise serious concerns about their legitimacy. Protect yourself and your business by input of echelon charge back at all costs and opting for trustworthy payment solutions instead.

Ywallitpay: Red Flags - Scam Alert

By: ePayment


2023-06-06 04:06:11

Ywallitpay's disastrous experience screams of scam behaviour, as they lure customers in with small settlements only to disappear and ignore communication once larger amounts are involved and their behaviour exhibits several red flags commonly associated with Scams. Save yourself the headache and find a reputable and reliable alternative.
Ywallitpay is simply not worth the hassle.