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Rating: 2.1 / 5.0

(7 Reviews) is reviewed by 7 customers who gave it 2.1 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for or write your review. It is very famous but you should still use it with caution!

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Most of the Surveys are rejected

By: John


2023-05-25 14:05:36

I am tired of survey rejections. I carefully answer all survey questions but still most of my surveys are rejected by Ysense system. If they dont fix this issue, i will stop working on Ysense.

Genuine but low earnings

By: Nicole Martinez


2023-05-07 07:05:38

Surveys on Ysense are easy to complete. You just need to login on daily basis to get more from surveys. Sometimes I face some technical issues while completing a survey and have to tell the support team. Withdrawal process is easy as they support both Paypal and Skrill, you can also get gift cards as earning.. Ysense is a genuine platform for those who want to earn some extra money by taking surveys and different tasks.

Ysense online survey earning too low

By: Akash Naath


2023-04-01 07:04:30

Earning is so low that it wont even justify the ISP data you used in doing the surveys on Ysense. You will get cents, the luckiest person on Ysense still earn less than $10 per month doing the online surveys and stupid offers. Basically, you get nothing and Ysense gets everything. You are a stupid person earning for Ysense and they will give you a few cents like a beggar.
Its like a donkey cart where the cart owner gets the money and donkey gets grass only.

Ysense withrawal methods

By: Marium Anwar


2022-11-27 13:11:18

Ysense lets you withraw your earnings using payoneer, skrill or paypal. I wont lie to you as it is very hard to reach their payout limit without giving all your free time but once you reach the threshold, they really pay you. My first payment was delayed for some verification so expect your first payment to be a bit late. Ysense is surely not something you can rely on but it can be seen as some extra pocket money.

Their Survey System is Real not Fake

By: Boras


2022-06-12 04:06:30

While the Ysense survey system is real, I still suggest you to do something a bit more productive. That is because, the time you spend on a Ysense survey for just 10 cents is far more worthy than that. Believe yourself, you could be better. Go ahead and try Fiverr if you want to start earning at a small scale. At least your income will be in dollars not cents!

Ysense Kicks You Out of Surveys

By: Ali


2022-06-07 08:06:56

I got kicked out of a lot of Ysense surveys which seems to be suspicious. I have ordered a $10 Amazon card after spending a lot of time on their website. Its been a few days and still no card sent to me. Getting a bit worried now. I hope all the time i spend on the surveys doesnt get wasted.

Dont Waste Your Precious Time on Ysense

By: M.Naeem


2021-12-31 07:12:58

If you value your time then spend it on learning productive things instead of wasting your precious time on Ysense. You wont be able to buy a single burger after spending a whole month on this stupid website. Learn from my mistake, I have wasted my time on ysense and earned like 1 to 2 cents per survey on average and i could only earn around 10 cents per day. I couldnt even earn $5 after wasting a long time on this website. Oh and dont fell for their cash offers, you may endup spending your own money on stupid offers and wont get anything in return.
Ysense was actually clicksense in past and it was an ad publisher platform, it was not bad at that time but since it changed to Ysense, it has become completely useless.
Ysense surveys sometimes ask for very sensitive information which can be used against you by hackers. For example, it asks for your exact date of birth which is often required by financial institutions for verification. They ask for your profession, number of people in your house etc so watch out if you care enough.
I would ask all those who are willing to try ysense to instead go to, or to find actual work. You can find data entry jobs there which are although hard to get but once you build your profile, you can actually earn thousands of times more than ysense.