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(2 Reviews) is reviewed by 2 customers who gave it 3.5 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for or write your review. It is very famous and legitimate business!

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Good but Needs Improvements

By: Maryam


2021-12-07 12:12:00

Wish is a good website to buy cheap products online. I have more than 100 orders in my account and mostly I order gadget type chinese things which are not available in local markets. Also sometimes you dont get your items at all so ordering cheaper items is a bit safer. However I would probably never order expensive items on wish as that involves significant risk. Wish needs to do some strict filtering on their sellers before being considered for relatively larger purchases.
Secondly, should improve their shipment system. I have to order each item individually even if it is from the same seller. It increases the shipping cost and wastes time.
Wish itself is very reliable and also offers a refund in case something goes wrong after purchase.
However the seller feedbacks on wish are not very trustable, I suspect the sellers somehow get fake feedbacks to boost their sales.
Do a complete research on the seller before making a purchase especially if you are buying from the seller the very first time. Wish do offer a refund in case of frauds but sometimes you are tricked by a seller and get into situations where a refund becomes difficult or even impossible. has become just another AliExpress

By: William


2021-10-03 09:10:17 have now become very similar to, in fact you will see many sellers from AliExpress selling same items on wish as well. Its just that the percentage of China based sellers on the Wish is slightly less when compared to AliExpress. Although doesn’t fall into the total scam category but I still recommend that one should stay cautious while buying expensive items as there is a high chance of being scammed by the sellers if not the Wish. I have used both of these sites and i am sharing my experience with you in the hope that someone may get benefit from it.
If you are based in US then Wish is probably the better choice for you than AliExpress as you can easily get your money refunded by filling a refund claim to your credit card company in case falsely sides with the seller which has happened in some cases. Remember, you get what you pay for, so if you are getting something in less than quarter of its original price and its not used then you are probably already inviting the trouble and you should be prepared for the poor quality of the item. Theoretically you can claim against such things but in practical life, the chances of recovery are very low unless you take it personally and go a level ahead by filling a case or something.
In my experience, despite of many bad reviews you see for AliExpress, I still rank it above Wish when it comes to the refunds against scam sellers. The process of refund on Wish is a pure torture and there is not phone number available so you are stuck with emails and their customer service. However I have noticed that the Wish does have probably some dedicated personals to check for online reviews and they do reply on review based websites for your complaints if you don’t get assistance via their regular customer service. While AliExpress lacks in this department, you wont see them following their public reviews on any website other than their own internal customer service system which sometimes lacks the ability to resolve the issues.
When it comes to pricing, the has marginally higher prices on its stores but that is probably due to the higher percentage charged by wish from its sellers on every sale. There are some US and EU based sellers but they are usually just the drop shippers which means mostly they also resell the products from chines companies and are just earning their commissions. You place an order to them and they will just forward your order to some Chinese company with your address and will get their commission when the item is shipped and paid for.

Wish is not a Scam itself, they do get the items shipped by their sellers and try to filter bad sellers though they need to improve their system. does try to control the total scams of their sellers but they are still unsuccessful in dealing with the dishonesty of their sellers or should i say deceptive practices of some of their sellers.
for example, when you buy an item, you sure see its photos and expect the item to be the same when arrived, but usually that is not the case. In case of clothes, you may end up with different size of clothes and you may choose to keep then or give away them to avoid their painful experience of their customer service.
Use for inexpensive and cheap items and expect the cheap quality while buying, Dont expect miracles, you get what you pay for! Only make those purchases that wont hurt you if end up in a bad way. They are not a scam but they are not fully reliable either,