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(4 Reviews) is reviewed by 4 customers who gave it 3.0 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for or write your review. It is not very famous so you should use it with caution!

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Cannot handle traffic spikes

By: Lee


2023-04-30 07:04:30

WebhostingPad is a mediocre hosting at best. The price is low due to which they are on my list of usable hosts but dont trust them for relatively high traffic websites. My website had a traffic spike which could have generated me a lot of AdSense revenue but Webhostingpad server coudnt handle the traffic. I am not happy with this and now i had to setup cloudflare to prevent future similar incidents. I think i will need to upgrade my cloudflare plan and probably will change my hosting as soon as i can. I couldn't tell this to their support as they were doing their best, it was just the infrastructure that had bottlenecked. I hope that helps in making your decision. Webhostingpad is not bad for low traffic websites but is no-longer suitable for someone like me.

Quick support, Reliable Web Hosting

By: Will


2022-09-05 13:09:40

I use Webhostingpad as my second hosting and it does its job well. I am not very impressed by my website's loading speed though as sometimes they get slow, especially during load hours however what I like is their quick support. It feels good to know that someone is listening when you need it. Worth a try!

Webhostingpad is Legit

By: Robert


2022-05-22 06:05:27

Their web hosting is good and the starting price is also cheap. Only if they reduce the renew price then they can have all the 5 stars. Till then they are sitting at 4 for me.

Legal Scammers, Read Their Terms First

By: steve


2021-11-10 02:11:57

If I make the list of the worst web hostings then will be on the top. Their hosting is slower than snail, sometimes your websites wont load at all. Even your email will stop working at times. I would say if you make your own laptop as a server and link it to a regular ISP connection, even it will work many times better than what Webhositngpad offers.
I may seem to be a bit angry right now but there is a reason for that. If it was for their services only then it was not that bad as there are many other low-quality hosts out there with probably similar services, the main issue with the people at is their behavior and mindset. Watch out for their terms, if you read, when buying their webhosting, you are actually agreeing to automatically renew it endlessly every time (till doomsday) unless you opt out. They will just send you a notice email, which in my case they never did or I would have cancelled right away. Apparently, they never send you that notice email but will claim that they have sent it but it is not their responsibility if it did not reach you inbox. So, if you reach out our card for a refund, they will show them the terms you accepted and will say that you should give them proof that you didn’t receive the renewal email. How dumb is that? They don’t offer any kind of refund at all so forget any kind of refund. That is in their terms too.
I rarely give 1 star to any business, but to them I would have given less than 1 if possible.
Slow webhosting, too high down time, un reliable email services, worst possible response from customer service if any at all and automatic renewals without your wish. The only thing fast with them is their renewal speed.
If you still want to buy their web hosting after reading all above then I advise you to at least use such card service that will get you a forced refund in the situation above and also keep all records and screen shots of all the communication with them regarding billing to file a refund as I already told you what ahead.