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Vworker was far better than Freelancer

By: Muhammad Naeem


2023-03-29 12:03:48

I miss Vworker and rentacoder. It was the first website I got a project from. Good old memories :). I am surprised to see that Ian Ippolito himself replied on this page which is great to see. If he ever visits this page, I request him to make another similar website and I and many other developers will be first to join.

By: Vladimir


2012-09-20 15:09:24

I'have been using RentAcoder/vWorker for a while. And now I don't. Mainly due to their arbitrations. No, I have not lost any. I've won them ALL. So what's the reason? It a huge time waste. Let's me explain. I'm a professional developer with over 10 years of extensive in IT. So I definitely know what I'm doing. But unfortunately there are unprofessional employers who always want to get more then they are paid for. Those greedy guys will try to use arbitration to get some extra work they haven't paid for. And you need to waste a lot of time writing explanations to the vworkers staff. Yes, their mediators have some tech knowledge but they can not be pros in every area of IT. And that's naturally. Finally I have won several arbitrations but what I have as a result - a lot of time waste and that for the 15% fees! No good.

By: waqas


2011-12-08 08:12:42

me (vworker screen name: Graphic world) and my wife (vworker screen name: jiashahood) are really old coders on, we are a recently married couple, and me and my wife have our own separate, good ratings accounts. we both have our own field of expertise, different clients, and we haven't done any business between these two accounts. we haven't got any problem since now, but we just received an email from facilitator and it says we have duplicate account and our both accounts are terminated and all our projects (running) have been closed. i (vworker screen name: Graphic world) have been imposed with cancellation fee and all my funds are gone as well, on the other hand jiashahood account have been frozen. we are in a situation where we dont know what should we do, we have emailed the facilitator but got no reply.

we have already read your legal requirements, and found no legal requirement, which says there can only be one account from whole family. kindly look into the matter as soon as possible.

jiashahood & Graphic world

By: Enoch


2011-07-28 11:07:28

SO far vworker is the best for me. I got my first project very soon and now getting at least one per month. I'm not even a programmer, but still getting more projects. I have earned a considerable amount as well. Thanks vworker! For me freelancer and odesk didn't work.

By: Can't Reveal


2011-06-28 06:06:53

Since Ian Ippito has responded here.

I cannot reveal my screen name because if I fall into any arbitrators will take it out on me.

If you cannot get qualified arbitrators who are always biased against coders, you will have to handle the arbitration yourself.

There are cases where arbitrator realized that the buyer was clearly at fault and closed the account of the coder saying that the first name and zip code of the coder matched with that of some other coder whose account is suspended.

By: Rehan


2011-06-22 06:06:48

Vworker is a great site to work and learn. But beware if you have a company and want your each employer to have a different account on vworker don't do it so pls..

As their tracking mechanism tracks the accounts based on ips i guessed. I gave my friend a demo of how can we work on vworker with my and his account simultaneously and both accounts are closed now.
Its their policy... And they mail this information from a bounce back account so that yo can never argue. They simply don't have time :) But i must admit one thing, if you want to learn about the latest trends or new ideas just surf the site , you will find many innovators there..

By: Bill


2011-06-07 18:06:49 is an excellent site for a beginning programmer jump start his career path.

By: Ashley O'Dell


2011-06-02 18:06:26


Both parties are given 3 business days to respond to a posting during arbitration, unless an employer asked to review a set of deliverables and provide a flaw list, in which they are given 5 business days. The arbitrators, however, try to respond to the arbitrations everyday during their work schedule. Their schedules do differ from one another, and most arbitrators only work 5 days per week. Arbitrators also process arbitrations once per day, for any response received prior to 8:00 AM EDT that day. So if your arbitrator works Monday – Friday and you post your response Friday mid-morning, your arbitrator won’t be available to respond until Monday. We would love to be able to increase our response rate to multiple times per day, or have an arbitrator on staff to respond 7 days a week, but doing so would increase our costs and force us to charge for arbitrations...and unlike most of our competitors, our arbitration services are offered for free.

In regards to calling and discussing the arbitration over the phone, we do not allow this in order to prevent bias from occurring, which keeps the end result a fair and just one. This also guarantees that everything about the arbitration is legally documented in the arbitration, which isn't the case via phone.

Please note that this policy is clearly explained in your contract with us:

11) Unfair contact via phone:

Exhedra arbitrators must maintain their objectivity to produce a fair judgment. This cannot be maintained when a party initiates one or more phone calls to attempt to pester or influence the arbitrator into deciding in their favor. To prevent this, both parties agree to post responses via the site and not to respond to the arbitration (nor attempt to discuss it) with Exhedra via the phone. The exceptions to this are:

1) Posting difficulties: If either party is having technical or physical difficulties actually posting to the arbitration. In this situation they may phone Exhedra and a facilitator will assist them. (However, their arbitrator will not do so, to maintain proper distance and objectivity.)

2) Initiated by arbitrator: Sometimes, written posts are not the most effective means for communicating; especially when complex or emotionally charged issues are discussed. If an Exhedra arbitrator (in their sole determination) determines that this is the case, they may require one or both parties to receive a Skype, phone call, or other means of improved communication. Exhedra will make reasonable arrangements to make sure the time of such communication works for the party or parties involved. If a party refuses to participate in such a discussion, or does not agree to do so in a reasonably timely basis (as solely determined by Exhedra), they can be considered to have forfeited the arbitration by not responding, and will suffer the penalties described for doing so, as detailed elsewhere in this contract.

If there are other issues that you feel were not properly addressed during the process, please let me know.

Ashley O’Dell

By: JoeV


2011-05-05 14:05:03

I am currently in arbitration with a Vworker employee for a software application that began in January of 2010. The arbitration started in August 2010 because of all of the flaws in the code.
I received what was to be the Final Version source code FIXED of all flaws. In fact, it is not fixed of all flaws. When I posted to the arbitrator, (by the deadline) that the code was not fixed and now want to walk away, get my refunc, and have the worker given a poor rating. All of which by the way are i the rules of arbitration. This is the annoying part,I have not received a response from the arbitrator. When I called the company, asking why the arbitrator did not reply by the deadline, I was informated that even though you (that's me) have to reply by the deadline, the arbitrator does not have to reply by the deadline. the real kicker is that NO ONE else at the company can discuss an arbritration with me. It seems that the winners are the Company, Vworker that insulates itself from the Employer and the Worker even when they cannot or do not perform. I would be careful using Vworker. I will begin searching for and perhaps using
Freelancer in the future.

By: Wayne Green


2011-04-29 18:04:44

I have been a member of planetsourcecode / rent a coder / vworker since 1998.

I have nothing but good things to say about this organization. They are a large reason why I was able to make a living when I was a beginning programmer.

Kudos to Ian Ippolito

By: Ashley O'Dell


2011-04-10 16:04:30" Lerie Taylor (a.k.a sunjester from San Diego, California),
Several weeks have passed and you did not respond to the previous offer to review your arbitration. Despite your lack of response, I wanted to make sure there wasn’t a problem we needed to correct with our arbitration process. So I did some research and was able to find your "" (arbitrations) anyway.

When I did, I found that many things that you publicly presented did not actually match up with what happened. The most important is why your account was terminated. You chose to close your account while you still had several projects in arbitration. Per the Worker Agreement, workers who close their account while in arbitration will forfeit any ongoing and/or future arbitrations. As a result, you were forfeited from these arbitrations ("" (Arbitration 1), "" (Arbitration 2), "" (Arbitration 3) and received poor ratings for closing your account. You then created duplicate accounts in order to continue working on the site, which is considered a violation of your Worker Agreement. Therefore, any additional accounts that were located were also closed.

Lerie Taylor, your contract states that if you post inaccurate information about the arbitration in public, we have the right to discuss it transparently and openly by making the arbitration public (as well as all the details of the project). To protect the other party’s interests in this matter: we already contacted them and have removed any confidential information (passwords, intellectual property, etc).

We sincerely request that you not post inaccurate information about what happened to you in this arbitration in the future.

Ashley O'Dell

By: Ashley O'Dell


2011-04-10 16:04:30

Rajamanickam Antonimuthu (a.k.a Quality Point from Tamil Nadu, India),

Several weeks have passed and you did not respond to the previous offer to review your arbitration. We even posted this offer on your web page, but you withheld approval for our 2nd response to be seen publicly (for reasons known only to you).

Despite your lack of response, I wanted to make sure there wasn’t a problem we needed to correct with our arbitration process. So I did some research and was able to find your arbitration anyway.

When I did, I found that many things that you publicly presented did not actually match up with what happened. The most important is why you lost. The employer accused you of disclosing confidential information (his copyrighted source code and his mother’s confidential phone number). The arbitrator was able to verify that both of these were posted publicly on your blog (in fact they are still there as of the time of this posting). The details on how the arbitrator verified this can be seen here on your "" (arbitration record)

Rajamanickam Antonimuthu, your contract states that if you post inaccurate information about the arbitration in public, we have the right to discuss it transparently and openly by making the "" (arbitration) public (as well as all the "" (details of the project).) To protect the other party’s interests in this matter: we already contacted them and have removed any confidential information (passwords, intellectual property, etc).

We sincerely request that you not post inaccurate information about what happened to you in this arbitration in the future.

Ashley O'Dell

By: Scam


2011-04-06 23:04:45

By: Markis


2011-02-22 15:02:17

I’m Ian Ippolito the founder and CEO of vworker

By: Ian Ippolito


2011-01-31 00:01:23

I’m Ian Ippolito the founder and CEO of vworker. If we truly made a mistake on your arbitration then we will correct it, and I will also publicly apologize to you for any and all mistakes here on this forum.

On the other hand, if you fairly lost the arbitration and this is a case of you deliberately spreading misleading or incorrect information (for whatever reason), then we cannot, in good conscience, change the result of your arbitration, because it would be unfair to the other party who legitimately won it.

To begin the process, please tell me your screen name or the project Id. We will then begin by publishing every detail of your project, the work you did on it and the arbitration publicly to this board (and the entire internet) so this can be discussed transparently and openly.

Ian Ippolito

By: oz


2011-01-29 02:01:39

I am looking for developers to work together with me to create a totally open source and totally free freelancer website. You can reach me at: matfizix (hot)

By: LegalEagle1


2011-01-28 10:01:15

I have used Rentacoder/Vworker since December 2004 as an 'employer' and completed over 140 projects, and I am a coder with top coder recognition on sister site Planet Source Code for over a decade. Its an excellent service and very professionally managed. Hats off to Ian Ippolito and his team for his creations. As a software engineer myself, he is the sort of guy I would want as my own employer.

By: lerie taylor


2011-01-26 16:01:18

This website does not monitor it's bids properly and let's users sell Publicly Licensed software as their own (open sourced software). My account was removed after Michelle decided I was not a quote "good programmer".

This website will terminate your account without notice and without paying out the money owed. I worked for over a year on projects for people before they told me "I was found to have multiple accounts on the website". I guess that would happen since most of the time I used a college library to do this work.

I have already tried to contact them about illegally/pirated software being traded/sold on their website, they do not care.

They assign people who have no clue how computers or networks operate to judge project that deal with computers and networks.

Ian (the owner) is said to be a programmer yet his website is shotty at best and full of security holes and general programming errors.


By: Alex


2010-12-27 17:12:18

A bad experience with or RAC! I will suggest be away from

By: Ben Gray


2010-12-13 09:12:57

I have used RAC/vWorker for over 50 projects spanning back several years. I have nearly always had very positive experiences. The few bad apples were resolved by RAC/vWorker in a professional fashion.

If you define your requirements properly and filter out the dud coders from the professionals you will find a magnificent site where you can get virtually any technical project complete.

I've also worked as a coder on vWorker, and again have had several positive experiences.

Hope that helps somebody.

By: private


2010-12-02 16:12:05


You will always lose the arbitrations! Michele Nisi is a HUGE idiot that has no technical knowledge whatsoever. The RULES they have in place are flawed.

Arbitrators will always use their standard response to arbitrations : " Oh my sorry to hear this." and they NEVER READ ANYTHING you say in the arbitration. If you are right in your allegations THEY WON'T READ IT. They ALWAYS threaten you with closing your account instead.

ALL THIS IS COMING from a top 500 coder that has worker on vWorker/RAC for 8 years now.

THEY KNOW that you don't want your account closed and they use that to scare you out of what it's rightfully yours.

True, I've had projects that went smooth. But arbitrations were always lost because of the INCOMPETENCE of Michele Nisi who has no idea how some projects work. Michele Nisi, you're useless!

These idiots take percentage from both BUYER and CODER. Their fee of 15% is actually more like 18%. They have HIDDEN FEES.

I call to everyone that had similar experiences with vWorker/RAC to come forward and share their stories.

This crap has gone on for too long!


By: Nick


2010-10-08 04:10:25

I use vWorker most of the time. I like the fact that payments are escrowed. I have tried other sites, and I dont think paying to be a member makes much sense since so many people are willing to bid much lower - its better to have free membership and get projects.

By: Mandy Courbson


2010-10-01 08:10:22

It seems to me that most website like this are just tools for people to use as they see fit. Like facebook, scammers will try to use VWorker--but also like facebook, that doesn't mean that VWorker itself is somehow unethical or underhanded.

By: usman


2010-09-06 19:09:08

I am working on vworker and Freelancer both. Yes Freelancer is much better than vworker but vworker also gives me projects. Both of these websites are good.

Vworker Scam or Legit

By: Genius


2010-08-29 14:08:28

It is really a good idea to verify legitimacy of an online website before joining it. If you are planning to join Vworker then let me tell you that Vworker is definitely not a scam. It is actually Rentacoder; Exhedra recently renamed Rentacoder into Vworker. A plenty of other similar freelancing websites exist out there but if you are an individual then I think Vworker is best for you. Projects on Vworker are targeting individual users therefore you can easily get yourself a project but that doesn’t mean that companies don’t post projects on Vworker. When comparing with alternative freelance websites like Elance, Freelancer, Guru, Scriptlance and Odesk, Vworker gives you relatively easy start with less competing bids. If you are interested in companies only then personally I will recommend Elance over Vworker as Elance is much more into corporate sector. Please note that Freelancer is also a legit website, it is renamed from Getafreelancer which was definitely not a scam.
When it comes to policies, I see that Vworker gives a lot of benefits to the buyers and is a little less friendly for the freelance workers. For example project posting is free and no fees are charged from project owners, all the fees are deducted from the final bid amount which means freelance worker is paying all Vworker fees. Personally I think they should have balanced the load on both buyers and sellers.
They have introduced features like issuing bonus to the service providers which started a good trend in the freelance world and is good news for service providers. They have introduced another feature called Expert Guarantee which is a good step towards quality assurance. Expert Guarantee also helps to prevent project posters from being ripped off from various scam freelancers out there. Vworker people seem to do a lot of experiments in order to improve their quality.
Vworker vs Freelancer:
When comparing Vworker to Freelancer, the Vworker wins hands down. I have used Freelancer and Vworker both. Both of them had their old names at that time, I would say if you are going to adopt freelancing as your primary source of income, go for Vworker without any doubt.
Click here to Join Freelancer as Vworker is now acquired by Freelancer

Vworker is much more reliable when you want continuous flow of projects and income. I have earned literary thousands of dollars from Vworker myself so there is absolutely no doubt about it.

Vworker Payment Methods: For payment withdrawals, Vworker supports Paypal, Western Union, Payoneer and Snail Mail among them Paypal and Western Union are more popular. Vworker also offers an affiliate system using which anyone can earn a commission. If you refer someone to Vworker, you will be entitled to receive 33.3 percent of the first project fees the Vworker will earn from that person. The competitors or Vworker also offer same kind of affiliate systems but I think some of them are not limited to the commission on first project only. If you want to join other websites like Vworker then Elance, Freelancer, Scriptlance, Guru and Odesk are probably good choices for you.
You may find some people saying Vworker is a scam and that they have lost their money without getting the project done. Similarly you may find some freelance workers saying they have done the work but they are not paid so vworker is a scam, it is not true. Vworker website is just like a middle man who connects freelance workers with those people who wish to get their work done. So if a project poster has done some fraud with a freelance worker or if a freelance worker has done some fraud with a project poster then it doesn’t mean we should blame Vworker for this. Vworker is definitely not a scam and if we follow their guidelines, it is very unlikely to be ripped off. Vworker is owned by a fully legitimated company called Exhedra solutions Inc. Exhedra’s headquarter is located in Tampa, Florida. They also have branches in San Francisco and Pittsburgh.
UPDATE: Vworker is now acquired by Freelancer
Excellent Freelancing Platform
Go ahead and join, it is the best freelancing website out there.