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(4 Reviews) (Elance) is reviewed by 4 customers who gave it 4.3 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for (Elance) or write your review. It is very famous and legitimate business!

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Projects Quality is Degrading

By: Bilal N.


2022-08-04 08:08:21

While I like Upwork and I am using it since it was known as Elance, I have earned almost a million dollars from Upwork till today. Project quality is now decreasing since Covid. I don't know if it is a monitoring issue or if people got poorer. Hoping to see improvements in this respect.

Upwork is much better than Peopleperhour

By: Zeeshan


2022-07-20 15:07:44

All 5 stars for Upwork. The best freelancing website hands down. I was using PeoplePerHour and I was not getting a good income due to poor quality work but as soon as I switched to Upwork, my income tripled and the workflow is also consistent. I recommend all freelancers to try Upwork

Favors Buyers More Than the Freelancer

By: Nick


2022-05-30 11:05:28

Upwork is a good freelancing website but I feel that their initial fees for freelancers who earned below $500 is too high. I don’t know who makes the policies on their end, but if it was me, I would have given the starting freelancers a special discount instead of charging them too much. They should charge new freelancers like 5% then once they reach $500 then they can charge them more and then when they reach higher slabs then it should get reduced again. Even then, 20% is too much of a cut from the freelancer’s point of view and cannot be justified. The maximum commission should be around 10% to 12% max. There are other cuts as well like the cuts on the banking transaction, taxes etc, they freelancer in the end gets too much deducted from the hard earned money.

Upwork is The Best Among Online Work Based Websites

By: Muhammad Naeem


2021-11-07 12:11:34

I own a freelance business since 1998 and I have used many online market places during this time. I am among one of those few freelancers who adopted online market places like as their primary business back then. The which was known as back then was one of the best marketplaces in the past and it still is to date. Their approach towards freelance work is very positive and they seem to take both parties seriously. What I mean to say is they give equal importance to both their freelancers as well as the buyers who hire them while on most of the other marketplaces, the freelancers usually suffer a lot as the cash is always on the opposite side.
Although Upwork do get a good cut from the earnings of their freelancers but still they have some standards unlike which try to get every possible penny out of the pockets of their users especially the freelancers are their main target. I have worked on for some time but left them due to their selfishness. If you take a look at their policies and read through their fees, you will almost start to get angry.
The equal respect they give to their freelancers is what makes them stand out, I highly recommend every online work seeking person to join Upwork.
There is always room for improvements in every business, so for Upwork, I would suggest them to make a special slab to attract new freelancers in which they should offer low fees up to some threshold. That will make them stand out more.
My advice for new freelancers is to make a routine to deeply analyze the project you are interested in and bid on every project with confidence. Don’t get discouraged if your bid is not accepted, it may take you many weeks or months to get your first project but you will get one for sure if you keep bidding.