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Rating: 3.5 / 5.0

(24 Reviews)

Twicsy is reviewed by 24 customers who gave it 3.5 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for Twicsy or write your review. It is not very famous so you should use it with caution!

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Do not buy

By: Anonymous


2023-01-22 09:01:57

You can’t claim that you are giving real followers. They are all fake boy accounts. All generated in October and none that will actually interact with your account. It was a waste of time and money and made my account look less credible


By: Kev


2022-12-28 21:12:54

They claim they deliver instantly. Many other sites I have used deliver within minutes. It has been several hours and nothing yet. I tried to contact them and it gets bounced back as undeliverable. I would avoid this site. Looks like a scam to me!

Followers are not active

By: Jim Mc


2022-12-17 17:12:06

The followers i gpt from twicsy are not active. I manually checked them, most of them are just a number.

Worked as mentioned

By: Miss Mona


2022-11-29 07:11:52

Placed the order on twicsy and got my followers. Did what they promised. Just make sure you choose premium followers when buying as they have less chance to flag your account.

Followers are rapidly Dropping

By: Fashion King


2022-11-16 14:11:18

I bought high-quality followers from Twicsy. My follower quickly increased but now my followers counter is dropping again back to where it was before. I cannot claim a refill as it is only offered with premium followers. I was going to buy their premium followers for my instagram account but now I am double minded after this rapid drop in my followers count.

Did not receive an order number and unable to contact support

By: Hughes


2022-11-12 11:11:50

Would give this a zero if I could. Purchased followers over 16 hours ago, did not reciveve an email acknowledging my payment from the service nor did I receive an Order Number.

I am now unable to contact Twicsy without an appropriate order number. I had to create a fake order number in order to even be able to tell them that I did not receive an order number of any kind. Even if I end up receiving the service as paid for this was terrible customer service and I received much better from Social buddies. Might end up having to chargeback the purchase if support refuse to help me. I've literally never had to charge back a service online before, which shows how horrible an experience I have had so far with Twicsy.

People can identify Twicsy followers

By: M.Atif


2022-11-05 06:11:18

A few of my genuine followers complained that I have artificially increased my followers count. How did they found this out? I am a bit concerned and want answers before making any further purchases from Twicsy.

High Quality vs Premiums followers

By: Jack


2022-10-17 08:10:32

I have used twicsy and I highly recommend you to buy Premium Followers only. Premium followers cost 50% more ($11.99) than high-quality followers($7.99) which may seem to be a big difference but in my experience, the non-premium followers leave after some time and they are just as a number, on the other hand, premium followers at least have a basic profile which doesn't make your account as suspicious as the high quality followers.

Twicsy followers review

By: Jake


2022-09-28 05:09:18

I bought likes and followers for instagram. As for the likes, it worked great but for the followers, almost all of them were inactive as expected. Although it did increase my subscribers number yet it did not effectively contributed to my channels worth. I mean theoretically it did but practically it’s next to fake. But still I don’t say that Twicsy is completely useless as for some, it can give some initial boost. For me, I probably won’t consider using them again for my main channel however I may advise a friend to use them for their new channel if I see suitable.

Most of the Twicsy premium followers stay

By: Martin


2022-09-22 03:09:29

I would rate Twicsy followers somewhere between genuine and fake followers. Most of the followers stay so you cannot complain that they are fake. But they are not as active so they don’t perform equal to genuine subscribers. So Twicsy is good to increase your subscribers number but not a replacement to genuine subscribers.

Twicsy vs Buzzoid

By: Kyle


2022-09-16 16:09:44

Those of you who wonder which one to use from Twicsy or Buzzoid probably dont know that both of them are acutally same. They are same business with different names. Go ahead and use whichever you want, i prefer to use Twicsy though as i am on their platform already but you can try Buzzoid as well if you want to.

best place to buy instagram followers

By: Johny


2022-09-15 04:09:33

Twicsy is the best palace to buy instagram followers without a doubt but surely you cannot totally rely on them as nothing can
Replace natural channel growth. I use their service slowly from time to time which is the best way instead of buying too many followers at once.

Bought instagram likes, Worked like a charm!

By: Crazy


2022-09-06 01:09:32

Twicsy is not a scam for sure, i have used them to get instagram likes which worked great. They are also affordable, i will soon try their premium followers too and will post another review!

Better not try on a new account

By: Santosh


2022-08-28 08:08:46

Good but not suitable for new accounta. Your account will surley be flagged. Not safe to use without a good knowledge of how social accounts work. You better know what you are doing.

Best among profile promotion websites

By: Don


2022-08-20 15:08:22

Twicsy is the best website to promote social media profiles. Highly recommended and legitimate option to consider.

Safe and Fast way to get followers

By: Terry


2022-08-15 19:08:28

Twicsy is a good website to boost your followers count on Instagram. It is safe and fast way to gain followers. Highly recommended.

Use their Staggered delivery for Followers

By: Mike


2022-08-09 18:08:57

I am not a fan of artificial growth of followers but when your competitors use such services then you are left with no other choice. I like Twicsy because I can use their staggered followers delivery to avoid any bad impacts on my Instagram account. If you use twicsy then make sure to use a staggered approach otherwise too many followers within a short time can harm your account, especially if you have a low followers count.

Twicsy is real and useful for quick promotion

By: Nency


2022-08-04 18:08:37

There is no otherway i could get so many followers in such a short time. I was able to impress someone i like. Twicsy really delivered more than the promised followers count. Worth 5 stars.

Pretty reliable website

By: Jean


2022-08-03 09:08:51

Twicsy is a reliable website as I have a firsthand experience with them. Though I recommend using it less often to avoid flagging your Instagram account. Twicsy is not a scam, they deliver what they promise. A very good tool for your social profile if you carefully use it.

Twicsy Works like a Charm

By: Shehla


2022-08-01 12:08:33

I started an Instagram profile and my friends already had thousands of followers. I felt bad for having only very few followers, but thanks to Twicsy, I now have more followers than even my friends. Twicsy works by sending good followers. I also bought likes and views from them.

Trustworthy website, used them for Instagram followers

By: Gerry


2022-07-30 16:07:24

Why would anyone expect active people in the price twicsy offer. Be realistic and be practical, if they deliver followers count as per their commitment then you have no right to criticize them. The fee they charge itself speaks that you will only get your followers count increased an they do that excellently. I use Twicsy and will used it again for sure on my other accounts.

Twicsy followers are mostly bots

By: Simon


2022-07-28 17:07:08

Useless followers, most of them are bots, not active account activity seen from any of them other than increasing my followers count, I got no benefit. If you want to increase you followers count by having bots then twicsy is best for you. otherwise, build your profile using some other means.

Bought Premium Followers

By: S.Hersey


2022-07-24 16:07:26

I bought premium followers from Twicsy after reading reviews to be on the safe side. I got 1K subscribers within 3 days however 20% of them unhallowed within a week. I have checked the profiles of the few remaining. They seem to be bots even though i bought the premiums followers expecting them to be original people. I am not very impressed with Twicsy. Although my followers count increases but still I could appreciate if atleast a few of the followers were actually real people.
I would recommend Twicsy though they do deliver what they say but quality is not as mentioned.

Twicsy is a Scam, Their Trustpilot reviews are fake

By: Sophi


2022-07-21 09:07:37

The profiles Twicsy use are fake. You are more likely to get your Instagram account penalized by using their service. I once used them to get likes which seemed to work. Now when I used them for subscribers and manually checked the accounts they used, all of them were fake. They have used pictures of other people to create accounts and almost all accounts have only one post. If you don't believe me then you can download any profile picture of any subscriber from Twicsy and drop it in a google image search to verify. I did so and found 90% of their profiles as impersonating someone else.
I highly recommend you to stay away from Twicsy and any other such services. Play fair and you will get somewhere soon.