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Rating: 2.2 / 5.0

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Traveluro is reviewed by 6 customers who gave it 2.2 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for Traveluro or write your review. It is not very famous so you should use it with caution!

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People give Traveluro unfair ratings

By: Brian


2023-08-04 04:08:05

Many reviews here and on Trustpilot say that the hotel was charging them less than Traveluro. Come on people, Traveluro is a business and no business provides services without profits. If you are expecting that Traveluro will not charge you more than the hotel then you are being unfair. Contrary to this, sometimes you even save some money if you book a few days before the actual date using traveluro. I have seen hotels charging me more than the traveluro charged me if i try to book an urgent room.
My only fear is going to the hotel and not finding my reserved room available which i have seen in some reviews. It didnt happen to me yet but the day it happen to me will be the day is stop using Traveluro. Till then, i will keep using them even though they charge me more than the hotels, that is because they find me a hotel in the areas where i rarely go. I have to travel often due to the nature of my business and its hard to arrange a reliable hotel in an area where you have never been before.
I rate Traveluro 4 stars, a star i deducted is due to the delay i usually face if i ever need to contact them. I hope they improve!

Regret booking through traveluro

By: Jen


2023-06-04 15:06:41

I had to sleep in my truck along with my family due to Traveluro. Worst experience of my life, the hotel i booked through Traveluro refused to let me in. Apparently, no room was booked for me despite of a confirmation email i got from Traveluro, i showed them my Traveluro email but they refused to recognize it. I tried to contact Traveluro a dozen times but no one picked up, the weather was really bad, it was raining plus a thunderstorm, i was unable to go outside the hotel parking so slept in my truck. Very bad experience, i will never use Traveluro to book a hotel again!

Traveluro is a Legit and Safe Booking website

By: Matt E.


2023-05-28 14:05:03

I dont understad why Trustpilot, Sitejabber and Notscam are full of negative reviews for Traveluro, I am using their services from many years and never got into any issues. Yes, sometimes i got a bit disappointed by the looks of a few hotels but if I select a low cost package, i should lower my standards too. The more you pay, the better you get! this is the rule of thumb which many dont understand. To me, Traveluro is a completely legitimate and safe travel agent and i will use them again for sure.

Dont! I repeat Dont use Traveluro to book your hotel!

By: Billy


2023-05-14 07:05:25

Dont get into their trap just due to the low hotel rates. You will end up in a mess at the worst time you can imagine. Pay a little extra to some other reputable travel agent and get peace of mind. I wont recommend Traveluro to my worst enemy, I booked a hotel using Traveluro and when i went to take the room keys, I was informed that my hotel booking was canceled by Traveluro. I was not informed of any cancellation otherwise i could have arranged some alternative or canceled my trip altogether.
Now i tried to contact Traveluro but was unable to contact them. You can imagine i was there with my wife and 3 kids. I left them in my car and booked another hotel paying much more due to the urgent booking.
Can you imagine the level of ignorance these people have? They dont understand the trouble a family can get into when they reach the hotel at 11PM and find that the advance booking they secured was canceled by their travel agent without any permission from them. Traveluro is easily the worst travel agent I have ever came across.

Not Trustworthy

By: Blake


2023-04-16 16:04:30

The bad reviews for Traveluro are 100% true.! I booked a hotel in Florida using Traveluro and got the booking confirmation so I went to Florida. After driving for almost 8 hours, We reached the hotel and when we tried to sign in, the attendant refused the booking. I showed him my booking receipts but they said that Traveluro didnt pay them anything so we had to pay on the spot. I got short of funds and had to cut down my trip. Traveluro is not trustworthy at all and I will never trust them again!

Very Bad Service and Support is Non existant

By: Denis


2022-10-12 06:10:38

Traveluro is the worst company and lost all my trust. I went on a trip with my family after booking a hotel with Traveluro, my transaction went well and I was charged which gave me peace of mind that I am fully covered for my stay. The terrible experience starts as soon as I reached the hotel, the hotel simply declined that any room was booked for me at all, they told me that they were not paid so no room for me. I tried to show them my transaction proof but they were not convinced and said it has nothing to do with them as they were not paid. I tried to call Traveluro but couldn't contact them for hours of trying. Had to book a room on cash and my family was left stuck in the car for more than 2 hours during that time. Turned out to be the worst trip I had, thanks to Traveluro,
Later, I was able to contact them the next day and they confirmed that there was some issue with their internal system, this issue cost me and my family so much trouble. never going to use them again.