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(11 Reviews) is reviewed by 11 customers who gave it 4.3 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for or write your review. It is not very famous so you should use it with caution!

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Tipestry is good plateform

By: Samina


2023-06-23 06:06:54

Tipestry is very attractive plate form is free speech plateform.join tipestry and create your own group.then post and comment on other post.
The main currency of tipestry is Doge coin cash .it is new genration social media plate form

Best Social Media Platform with Free Speech and Crypto Rewards

By: Rabo Chief


2023-06-22 06:06:30

Tipestry is a new generation crypto rewarding social media platform. Tipetstry allows users to post and interact on any topic and at any level. The community is amazing, positive and extremely supportive. Rewarding users with crypto is the main and innovative feature of Tipestry. Tipestry also has a builtin primary currency called Dogecoin Cash (DOG). In near future there may be additional crypto tokens added into Tipestry, with which users are rewarded. The main user function of Tipestry is in Tipestry Groups. You basically create an account in Tipestry and create a group for which you have specific interest. You can create topics in your group and invite your friends to comment or discuss on the topic. You can also create your own tippable crypto token in Tipestry. You can then use your own token to Tip your group members for their contribution to your group. Based on the popularity of your group posts, likes and comments, you'll be rewarded Dogecoin Cash (DOG) every week. Tipestry is improving rapidly from its start since 2017. Tipping Dogecoin until 2020 and then using a new generation crypto Dogecoin Cash (DOG) to tip its users is amazing. Tipestry is constantly improving and adding additional features to the site regularly. There are a lot of active members and groups in Tipestry. These members and groups arrange specific contests. These contests allow all the users across Tipestry to participate and also win crypto like Dogecoin Cash (DOG) and also their own tippable tokens. Many of the tokens include DOG are listed in Pancakeswap and has specific value. It's just a matter of time until Tipestry explodes with new interface and additional features.

Didn't delivery and never replied

By: Natalie


2023-06-19 23:06:10

Placed an order for premium followers and got 1/3 of the order . After one week , most of the order was gone. Tried contacting them in all possible ways and got no scammers

Tipestry is good plateform

By: Samina


2023-03-17 20:03:17

Tipestry is a free speech and monetize plateform.tipestry is an online sight for freedom of a speech which allowes us to users to post their content without any difficulty.soo join now Do hard work.

A quick review of Tapestry

By: Rabiya Tariq


2023-03-12 10:03:02

Tipestry is one of the best website available out there which allows its users to share content and interact as well as give them opportunities to explore more things and most importantly earn Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Your Social Media Earning Site

By: Rabo Chief


2022-02-13 04:02:04

Dear Friends, Today i want to write my experience of using Social Media now a days has a highly biased views and content is being censored. Negative news is spreading a lot of misinformation.
WWW.TIPESTRY.COM is a Free Speech and Content Monetization Platform. Its a new generation social Media Platform, that rewards the users content with crypto . The main currency of Tipestry is Dogecoin Cash . The unique quality of Tipestry is that the members can create and tip their own crypto currency. This feature allows users to interact with crypto in general and gain an understading of how crypto works. Join Tipestry and create your own group or join other groups to post content and win crypto. There are many contets running in several groups on Tipestry, where users can post content and get rewarded with crypto like Dogecoin and Dogecoincash. I am one of the biggest original content creator in Tipestry and won several contests organised by groups and tipestry and has won a lot of Dogecoin Cash and other group cryptos.

*Moderator removed a part of this review (Referral links not allowed) authentic and reliable earning site

By: Naveed Ahmed


2021-10-26 18:10:52

Guys! Can you believe if I tell you people that there is an amazing and reliable online earning site without any investment?
Can you think you can earn weekly dogecoin cash and dogecoins by simply posting good photos and liking and commenting other's post? If you don't know about that site then don't worry I'll tell you about such a site i.e tipestry. Just register on tipestry and earn dogecoins and dogecoin cash which have high market value. I recommend it thousand times because there is no loss of time and no loss of energy. Work on tipestry and promote it.
We can earn dogecoins and dogecoin cash without any investment and through simple steps.
Working method is easy.
Easy to post comment and like other's post.
No burden of work.
Weekly earning.
Reliable and authentic site.
Do not consume much time.
Till not I haven't been dishearted from this site.
A little problem is that it is a little bit slow site.
Give your 100% and work on this site inshallah you will not be dishearted.
Use your original contents as much as possible.
Avoid copying other's contents.
In case of using other's contents don't use the choice of original content.
Like and comment on other's post.

Review of tipestry earning site without investment

By: Bsdk123


2021-10-22 06:10:52

I was searching for earning site without investment and then i found this site where you just have to post like and comment.
Firstly i could not believe on it. But when i got rewarded then i believed on this
Yes i like the best thing in this was that i can use it like other social platform Facebook Twitter Instagram but they didn't pay you.... On the other hand you can use tipestry in that way and in return they will pay you
Nothing found in this site that made me unsatisfied.
I advise all people who are in the searching of earning site without investment . Don't wait join this site now for earning. You will hundred percent get reward

Review of tipestry earning site without investment

By: Creative. Mind


2021-10-22 03:10:44

Ho guys, i have been searching for earning site without investment. Because i had nothing to invest on online work.
Then one day i found the real earning site without investment its name tipestry. I have earned a lot from it .
You must try it. Its not only working site you just make fun and they pay you for it.
Means you just have to pist quality content and like and comment on other posts and then they will tip you in form of Dogecoincash dogecoin and superdog.
Let's work together.

I like the thing most about tipestry is that you can enjoy your work on tipestry . You just have to post means like Facebook Twitter Instagram you can use it
Other social platform does not pay you..
But this one is awesome.
I didn't found any thing which dishearted me about tipestry...
It is best site.
I advise all the people who are watching or reading this review. Don't waste your time in finding earning site which are mostly scam...
I recommended you this . Because this is really good and hundred percent real. Banned My Account on Withdrawal Request

By: Eali


2021-10-20 03:10:21

I have been investing my time on as I received some dogecoins in my account on tipestry. That encouraged me and I even spent more time on their site to get more dogecoins. Long story short i collected many of them and one day proudly shown my account to my friend who was not very confident in tipestry and told me to only claim the dogecoins as mine once they are in my personal wallet instead of tipestry account as he had also been scammed by many such websites who keeps showing you your income so that you keep doing the free work for them till you request withdrawals.
After listening to him, I immediately requested a withdrawal from my Tipestry account and guess what, my friend was telling the truth. The next thing I saw from them was a message about my account’s suspension. Apparently, they were claiming that I have created multiple accounts with them which is against their policy. Why on earth would I create multiple account with them when I haven’t even withdrawn anything from my first account yet.
First, is completely wrong in their allegation of multiple accounts as I have only a single account secondly, lets say even if their system somehow falsely suspect my account as associated with some other account due to God knows what reasons, even in that case, they should have banned my account immediately when it detected that instead of banning it right at the time of withdrawal. Doesn’t that mean they want you to keep working for them for free and then ban you when you claim withdrawals. is a scam and there one cannot expect any good from scam people
They wont give you any money and you will lose all your time and the bandwidth you waste on them
If you are already working on, don’t waste any time and request a withdrawal. You will know the truth too. Even if you somehow received any payment from them which I really doubt anyone might have, even then request withdrawals as soon as you can. Don’t keep any coins with them, they are fraud and they just show you the coins to use you just like donkey who keeps running towards the grass hanging on the stick attached to it but can never get it.


By: Sunana


2021-10-19 01:10:07

TIPESTRY.COM is a social media platform that rewards for every post made, the better the quality of the post and the more popular it is, the greater the reward received.

This site is highly RECOMMENDED for those of you who are looking for cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin $DOGE, DogecoinCash $DOG (BSC), SuperDog $POM (BSC) easily.

TIPESTRY.COM is better than similar platforms that you will ever know, especially when compared to Faucet, much better than that.

From 2020 I joined until now and my withdrawals are always SUCCESSFUL.

I RECOMMEND TIPESTRY.COM to you Crypto Hunters and Crypto Lovers wherever you are.
The rewards are high, especially if there is an event, the rewards given are very proportional to the effort.
None, all good.
So far so good, update after update is very useful and improves site performance.