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Rating: 2.3 / 5.0

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Swagbucks is reviewed by 4 customers who gave it 2.3 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for Swagbucks or write your review. It is very famous and legitimate business!

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Swagbucks Deactivated my Account out of the blue

By: John


2023-04-02 15:04:27

Swagbucks deactivated my account without any explanation. Atlleast they should tell me what clause of their Terms of Service I have violated with some proof. I wasted so much time on Swagbucks which was a mistake. I also spent hundreds of dollars on the offers which is a loss for me. Swagbucks can be classified as a scam in this respect.
I contacted Swagbucks appealing to reactivate my account or give me a reason but here is what I got from them
“After further review of your account, our team has confirmed our decision that your account will remain closed for noncompliance with our Terms of Service.”
“To continue providing all of our members with great services and Rewards, we prohibit any unauthorized activity that could negatively impact our community and site.”
“Please keep in mind that your case is officially closed and this will be a final resolution to this issue.”
Swagbucks support is rude and their tone is offensive. I am going to report them to BBB along with all the communication. I have posted reviews on Trustpilot and Sitejabber as well to expose Swagbucks.
Don’t spend your hard-earned money on stupid offers from Swagbucks, you are only going to lose your money and wont get anything in return.

Cannot complete surveys, Shows error

By: J.Foster


2023-03-01 13:03:33

I normally get $10 card after a couple of months but from a few days, i am unable to complete a survey. Instead of giving me points, it shows a website error upon completion of the survey. this issue started from a month or so. I wonder if they have put some restriction to my account. I have also posted a review on Trustpilot in the hope to bring it to notice. Please fix this issue swagbucks team!

Swagbucks is not available worldwide

By: Sohaib


2022-10-14 09:10:52

Swagbucks is not a bad website and some of my online friends use it but It is not available in my country. So make sure to check before you invest your time in Swagbucks otherwise you may end up empty-handed despite of your time investment.

Swagbucks used to be a good website

By: Maria


2022-07-28 17:07:13

Swagbucks was one of the best micro-works websites but now they are just like other websites. I used to easily get free cards to use in shopping but things are getting harder and harder now. their survey system is also broken now. even though you complete the survey, mostly you don't get anything