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Surpass Hosting has Impressive Uptime

By: David


2021-11-27 17:11:53

I have used Surpass Hosting for 10 years and I can only think of a few down times. As far as their web hosting is concerned, it is pretty reliable an even better than some very high-end web hosts. However, their pricing had become an issue for me as they rapidly increased their prices in last couple of years. I was paying almost half of what I had to pay before I left them. I am posting this review to bring it into their notice that a price increase does not always result in higher profits as you also lose some clients with every price increase.
I keep my websites with different hosts to avoid downtime affects. No mater how good a hosting is, in my experience, we do see downtimes. So, keeping the websites with different web hosts makes them independent and if a webhost is down, it just results in one or few of your websites being down instead of all of them. I am sure there are many webmasters who think like me so we have to stay within a budget in order to afford many hosts. With the last price increase, Surpass web hosting has changed its league and is no longer in the sweet spot.
Reliable hosting with very good uptime. They rarely go down and when they do, they usually have a valid reason.
Price has become too much and is now almost surpassing their quality of service. Their hosting is good but we always need to compare hosting service with price and then select accordingly as there are even better web hosts if we increase budget. I am deducting one star just because their hosting packages are now on the expensive side.
Keeping in view their current pricing, It is better to select the lowest hosting package and stick with it if until you really need to upgrade.