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Rating: 1.8 / 5.0

(4 Reviews) is reviewed by 4 customers who gave it 1.8 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for or write your review. It is very famous and legitimate business!

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Why do you need this problem?

By: eugen


2022-06-08 07:06:29

This hosting requires 1-2 times a month the ticket like 'please check why domain. sample is down'.
I have no idea why they did not setup uptime monitoring to know the problem before my ping.
Errors sample:
Error 404 server is unavailable.
Error 503 server misconfiguration
Error 522 Connection timed out
your IP (admin!) is banned
cPanels: too many connections
host got suspended because of too extensive DB usage (Wordpress with 1300 indexed pages)

I do not recommend to work with this hoster.
Why do you need this problem?

Skynethosting Down, Cannot Login

By: S. Kumar


2022-06-05 04:06:25

Extremely bad web hosting services especially for Indian clients. my websites frequently go down and I am now beginning to feel that it was a terrible mistake to buy skynet hosting. Last month, my websites stayed down for a full day, you can imagine how bad that is for a websites reputation. Now i know why my websites are losing ranking on Google, I hope i had noticed this in past. No more, I am out!

skynethosting From bad Bad to Worse

By: Ali


2022-05-22 06:05:27

Despite of all the sluggishness and snail speed I gave them a chance but finally left them for good. They didint improve, instead are getting worse day by day. Even a cheap shared hosting is much better than the skynet hosting. I had two incidents in which my websites got restored to an older version without any kind of notice. They probably migrated my websites and restored from an older backup due to which I lost a lot of potential traffic. I can prove that because I have an automatic script to send me a backup on daily basis.
If your website has critical data then you probably should avoid them at all costs. Probably only good for small static websites who only update once a year or two.

Skynet Hosting Works but Not Reliably

By: Nickolas


2021-10-12 10:10:25

Reseller hosting is usually expensive so I decided to search and buy from Skynet hosting which was a mistake. Initially their services were not that bad, I started to migrate a few of my low traffic clients to their reseller hosting to divided my load but then suddenly one day they changed everything on their server, the PHP versions and MySQL versions were updated without any prior notice and most of the old sites started to show errors. Skynethosting should realize that their clients also have their clients to answer to, they should act responsibly and give timely notices.
Now I had to get most of my client websites fixed by my web developer and I ended up paying him much more than the hosting fees I had to pay for a good reseller hosting. Their down time is also increasing instead of decreasing, I had to face 5 to 6 hours of down times at least twice every month. It was not the only downtime that disturbed me, I also noticed that after some downtimes, the websites restored to older backups, this only happened a couple of times though but I started to keep more recent backups with me after those incidents.
I have spent a little over 1 year with them and had to leave them in the end as I cannot afford to lose my client base.
Skynet Hosting if you want to keep your remaining clients, become a bit more responsible and take your clients seriously especially the resellers.

Skynet hosting offer free WHM WHMCS which is good to manage your clients but that alone cannot compensate for other drawbacks, The have potential to be a good reseller if they improve.
Downtimes and No warnings and notices before server upgrades
Skynet hosting is probably good for shared hosting but if you need a reliable reseller program, may be you should look elsewhere.