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(2 Reviews) is reviewed by 2 customers who gave it 1.0 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for or write your review. It is very famous but you should still use it with caution!

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Rotate4all is a scam, my review on Trustpilot got buried

By: Eddy


2023-05-14 06:05:18

Rotate4all is a scam website personally confirmed by me. its been 5 months I requested a payment but i havent got a penny so far. Therefore, I first posted a review against them on Trustpilot which was successfully posted but due to some reason, it is buried under many fake good reviews that were post way before it. My review was recent so it should have been shown on top but it is not even on the first page of Rotate4all reviews on Trustpilot. I therefore posted a review here.
Here is what i got from Rotete4all after I posted a review on Trustpilot.
"Account suspended.
Reason: Submitting reviews, posts or comments here or elsewhere which negatively affect our business will lead to account suspension."
Now Rotate4all is against the right of free speech as I just posted what they did to me and they now suspended my account and kept all the money I earned. Its mine, not theirs. I earned it and they now refuse to pay it to me.
I have proof and i will post reviews with screenshots everywhere and i wont stop even if they pay me now!
Rote4all! you will now see the power of free speech!

Account Banned for Fake Reasons

By: dani


2022-03-17 06:03:02

I am 100% certain that no second account was created or used from my home router. I use wireless internet which means a dynamic IP so I cannot guarantee about the IP allotment to someone else as my network has millions of users on it but why should I be responsible for anyone else using Rotate4all account? Also my account was only suspended when I requested a withdrawal, it didn’t get any warnings or suspension before that so I kept working on it. What a shame for them to do use such tactics to deceive people into working for them for free. Its like hiring labor and when they ask for payment of their work done, you simply kick them out. Scammers for sure, Stay away from them.