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Rating: 3.7 / 5.0

(3 Reviews) (Robux) is reviewed by 3 customers who gave it 3.7 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for (Robux) or write your own review. It is very famous but you should still use it with caution!

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Great game

By: Mr. Nobody


Dec 08, 2021

Been Playing for 7 years, never disappoints even with server downs it always gets back up within a day.
Great game to play.

Not a scam

By: Pcdop


Oct 10, 2021

why are there dumb parents who think it's a scam. Not a scam at all. Bought the product, received the product.
It's not a scam
Buy robux

Never Use Your Credit Card on

By: Marium


Oct 10, 2021

My kids used to play roblox a lot and just to make them happy I have let them purchase quite a few items using my credit card. That made them happy but a few days later I got an email from my credit card company that they have flagged my credit card for unexpected purchases. Upon further investigation I found many unauthorized purchases made from my Credit card. My kids didn’t know the password so they coudnt purchase anything themselves and also nothing new was found in their player account too, this was a total fraudulent activity so I tried to contact Roblox support team multiple times but they never listened and even didn’t investigate the matter so I didn’t have any other option so I filled a dispute with my credit card company for refund.
I got my money back but my kids account got deleted the very same day. He started to cry so I had to contact them again and I told them about many purchases I have made for my kid earlier and that they cannot just delete my kids account like this. This is what I got from them.
“When we receive dispute/charge-back notices, player accounts are closed as an automatic process since the charge is assumed unauthorized. We must have these procedures in place while selling items on our site.”
All the money I spent on this rubbish game for my kids is just lost and no one is there to stop them from doing same to many other parents. They want to keep randomly charging our cards for nothing and when we use our CC company to get refunds, they simply delete our accounts.
This cannot happen for very long, I will expose them on every platform I can. Don’t spend a penny on this game, if you want your kids to play it, let them play it without money. Never ever use your Credit card on Roblox or not only you will be charged but your kids account will also get deleted after you claim a refund.
Let your kids play roblox as long as they use it for free.
They charge your card without your knowledge so never use your credit card on roblox, dont trust them or your will regret