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Rating: 1.6 / 5.0

(7 Reviews)

Risekarma is reviewed by 7 customers who gave it 1.6 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for Risekarma or write your review. It is not very famous so you should use it with caution!

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Bad for reputation, Avoid!

By: Terri


2024-07-16 05:07:53

I tried buying Risekarma on my TikTok and Instagram first where my accounts shown some initial traffic increase which encouraged me to try it on my YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. My Youtube account got hit big time and my subscribers count got stuck at 1.02K now and I am not getting any more traffic. I hope my Facebook and Twitter accounts are not affected by this move. I will never buy paid social support from Rise karma or any other similar websites. Run for your accounts..... don't find shortcuts to success!


By: Rodrigo


2024-04-19 05:04:30

As previous reviews. Got a 5,000 followers pack. I stopped it after getting the first 2,000 Indian bots. Not worth the try. Will spend the next 2 weeks getting rid of all my new followers. Just a scam.

Thanks to Risekarma, 5000 Bots follow my channel now

By: Ashi


2023-11-07 14:11:41

I paid for 5000 human subscribers but I got 5000 bots instead. Now I need to figure out how to get rid of them :(. I was trying to increase the legitimacy of my channel but instead, it became a pile of garbage now. I fear I am losing my real followers due to the looks of it now. Bad choice!

Works well

By: Pat


2023-08-23 14:08:30

Used this service and everything worked well, I took the influencer pack. I get my followers and likes regularly, it been 4 months already. I recommend!!

Fake good reviews on Sitejabber and Reddit

By: Carol


2023-08-05 17:08:08

Its better to not have less followers than buying spammy looking followers from Risekarma. This will destroy the repute of your social accounts and your existing genuine followers will leave you soon after they discover that most of the followers you have are actually bots originating from India.
On the top of that, Risekarma most probably uses proxies to drive their bots which can result in flagging your account.
Risekarma is using sites like sitejabber, trustpilot and reddit to attract customers by posting fake good reviews on such sites. I learned this the hard way, as I used Risekarma and then had to start over with a new account.

It's a scam

By: Mark


2023-07-13 05:07:11

It's a scam, don't pay them anything. Ordered 3000 follower in 4 days, only got 270 in a week. They're all bots

Fakest Possible TikTok followers

By: Ema Laib


2023-05-03 17:05:08

Don't use this Risekarma. I bought their TikTok followers and I really regret it. As soon as I completed the order, my tiktok account was bombarded with followers with weird usernames such as @eihs04, Pwqlis44 OW3dzdx26 and none of the profiles had any profile picture in it. I knew that the followers would be fake but I never imagined that the Risekarma doesn’t even have basic common sense to atleast give the followers some realistic names and some profile pictures. At this point, I realized that my account is probably in trouble so I tried to cancel their service, but the followers kept coming.
I reached out to Risekarma but they didn't reply. I had to manually remove most of the followers and the rest of them got automatically banned by TikTok. Now this whole ordeal wasted my time and probably put bad impression on my real followers. Who knows how it affected my overall profile so I suggest everone to avoid Risekarma. This way you will save yourself from a lot of trouble.