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Rating: 4.7 / 5.0

(36 Reviews)

Proxy Store is reviewed by 36 customers who gave it 4.7 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for Proxy Store or write your review. It is not very famous so you should use it with caution!

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Yet another streaming saga with shared proxies

By: Pete W


2024-04-09 02:04:04

As a dedicated streamer, I ventured into Proxy-Store's shared proxies to unlock geo-blocked content. Sadly, my streaming escapade turned out to be a bumpy ride. The shared proxies often led to pesky buffering, disrupting my binge sessions. Streaming platforms frequently caught on to the proxies, imposing content restrictions. After enduring months of frustration, I switched to a dedicated VPN for smoother streaming. However, it's worth noting that Proxy-Store might shine in other areas, given their receptiveness to feedback, hence my 3-star rating.

Sneaker bot

By: Paul


2024-03-30 03:03:19

With their vast array of genuine residential IPs, my sneaker bot operations have remained incognito. I've successfully snagged and flipped over 40 pairs of limited-edition kicks, boosting profits by a whopping 40%. The reliability and speed of these proxies have truly elevated my sneaker reselling hustle

Satisfactory service.

By: Darlene


2024-03-23 15:03:10

I've been using Proxy-Store for about two years, mainly ordering mobile proxies, and the quality is satisfactory.

As a developer, integrating their API into my projects has been smooth.

By: CacheCraft


2024-02-14 14:02:53

The documentation is thorough and well-organized, making the process efficient. The API endpoints are logically structured, and the response format is consistent. With some packages after checking all, managing proxies programmatically has never been this straightforward I'd say to support them for the rare quality level.

Since I'm asked for feedback - IMHO, proxies rock!

By: Qhispi Chaupin


2024-02-13 15:02:19

Proxy Store's 4G proxies are lit! The anonymity is A1, but quick Q - any plans for a referral program? I'd love to spread the proxy gospel and earn some perks.

For data gathering isn't all rainbows

By: Walt_


2024-02-01 12:02:51

The cheap datacenter proxies bring a bit of a headache - blacklisting issues sneak in. Crawling into competitor sites turns into a dare game. It's like, "Will I be banned today?" So, if you're diving into their proxies, prepare for a rollercoaster of blacklisting emotions.

Thanks for the vast seas of proxies!

By: Proxy Pioneering


2024-01-27 16:01:12

I've noticed the service's commitment to providing proxies within legal boundaries is where they put some efforts and it's reassuring. The clause on access to resources blocked by law reflects ethical responsibility so this is how I know I don't cross the red line either, right? Thanks for that, my boss from our main office in London is kinda mad about that

Couldn’t contact them

By: Baller


2024-01-12 06:01:24

I faced issues while contacting their support. No response after several attempts.

Proxies as the secret weapon against ad fraud

By: Debbie (IPIntruder)


2023-11-05 07:11:02

Ad fraud? Naaah, not on my watch! These proxies are like my secret weapon against click fraud. But hold up, the price tag for the big leagues can be a bit steep, especially for a hustler like me. Every once in a while, they decide to take a coffee break, and my connections feel it. They could be a bit quicker to respond to my SOS calls too.

Reliable network safeguarding with proxies

By: DDaniels


2023-10-28 10:10:38

We rely on their proxies to safeguard our network from phishing attacks. The benefits are evident, with fewer security incidents and smoother operations. The proxy service's reliability, with a 99.9% uptime rate, has been a changer. While the cost is reasonable, additional pricing tiers would be appreciated for more budget flexibility.

Continually impresses with their forward-thinking approach

By: Mentie


2023-09-16 11:09:05

I use this service and glad to see them here and support giving this comment. They regularly introduce new features and improvements that enhance the user experience. From advanced API integrations to unique proxy options, they stay ahead of the curve. This commitment to innovation not only benefits experienced users like me but also ensures that their service remains relevant and competitive in a rapidly evolving landscape. Wishing them best of luck. Mentie

Proxy-Store's proxies consistently deliver exceptional performance

By: Nenvo


2023-09-14 03:09:22

I've put their proxies through rigorous testing, and they've excelled in every scenario. Whether I'm scraping large datasets, managing multiple social media accounts, or conducting SEO audits, their proxies have handled the workload with ease. Their impressive speeds and stability have significantly expedited my tasks, resulting in higher efficiency and productivity. When it comes to proxy performance, Proxy-Store sets the bar high

Good proxies, simple dashboard, female-marketers can handle

By: Maryx


2023-08-25 11:08:13

As a marketing manager, I rely heavily on Proxy-Store's servers. They've saved my online marketing campaigns countless times….. The speed they provide is great, allowing me to test landing pages and analyze competitor ads effortlessly. And when it comes to streaming video content for market research, no buffering issues in sight… It's been a game-changer for my marketing strategies, no doubt about it!


By: blaze


2023-08-04 15:08:12

No issues. The reason I'm using it is my anonymity. This helps protect my privacy and can prevent tracking or monitoring. By routing my internet traffic through a proxy server, my IP address and personal information are hidden from the websites I visit. They provide this to me without any problems, so I'm giving them my Approved stamp - not scam

Good quality proxies

By: Al Fox


2023-07-08 03:07:44

The API is easy to integrate and the parsing quality is accurate

Working for TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram

By: Josiah Cabrera


2023-05-29 15:05:45

The residential proxies from Proxy store are great for bypassing geo-restrictions and accessing different social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. The customer service was also top notch! They were able to answer all my questions quickly and provide me with the solution I needed.

Stable as a partner for our business

By: Leo Xcode


2023-05-06 03:05:47

We needed secure and fast proxies for our business and they have provided that. Always available to help us whenever we need it or find the right proxy for us.
Cheers, Xcode team

I get those games not available in Brasil

By: Gerva Iadanza


2023-05-03 15:05:48

I'm consistently impressed with their servers' range and stability. The proxies are nearly never blacklisted. Working for Steam.

Approved for gaming

By: BHill


2023-05-01 09:05:30

I started using proxies for my gaming needs and, without a doubt, it has been a true blessing. I had been struggling with lags & some games weren’t available in my country, but with Proxy-store, none of that was an issue anymore.

No customer support

By: Ram


2023-04-28 10:04:52

No downtime or lag. The payment process is quick and straightforward. But they sure don’t help you at all. Support is non-existent, they never answer or give you a hand at finding the right product. Come on Proxy-Store, you can do better…

Proxy Store is an amazing proxy provider!

By: Oakley Guerrero


2023-03-16 15:03:34

I've used their service for my social media campaigns, their mobile proxies are really fast, with over 150 locations to choose from. They make it so easy to run a successful social media campaign and advertising initiative.

By: Barnaby Hines


2023-02-24 17:02:49

I've shopped with them for Amazon and Ebay without issues

Works perfect for online presence boosting

By: SSiders


2023-02-04 06:02:45

I've been using Proxy-Store to manage my online presence for the last few months and I couldn't be happier. The proxies are fast and reliable, the bans are non-existent, and I've seen an increase in sales and get more organic traffic since using it. It's so easy to set up and use that you really can't go wrong with it

Good support

By: DragonDevil


2023-02-01 15:02:14

I've been a customer of Proxy-Store for over a year now and I can say with confidence that they provide great customer support. Whenever I had an issue, they answered quickly and gave me the best solutions. Their rotating proxies sometimes are too slow

Glad to find them

By: Annisa


2023-01-05 07:01:17

I'm using it now after watching reviews on YT about their packages for Facebook Ads. It's easy to buy, to pay, to use and the quality of the proxies it provides are great, can't say anything bad. They are also competitively priced, so I'm satisfied with what I get.