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Powweb Hosting

Rating: 2.5 / 5.0

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Powweb Hosting is reviewed by 6 customers who gave it 2.5 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for Powweb Hosting or write your review. It is not very famous but it seems to be a legitimate business!

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I think PowWeb is Acquired by Bluehost

By: Raj Mal.


2023-11-01 14:11:42

I got some information from a reliable source that PowWeb is acquired by Bluehost or in the process of acquisition. That explains why their services were going downhill for so much time. PowWeb hosting plans are getting expensive day by day but the quality is rapidly going down. I stayed with them for many years, not because their services were excellent but just because i dont like to change things unless they stop working. But my websites got a big hit by Google, most of them got penalized due to the slow servers of PowWeb. I switched the host and already started to see some improvement. they are mixes servers, some of your websites work better but some got super slow. If you are experiencing slow websites then i recommend you to leave PowWeb before more damage is done. Also their customer service is not very friendly. If you are their client then you probably already know that.

Webmail going to Spam folder

By: Robert


2023-05-12 15:05:32

All the emails i send through the Powweb webmail go straight to the spam folder of my clients. complained numerous times but they said it has something to do with my domain name. The moment i changed my hosting and changed my mx records to the new host, my webmail started to go to the inbox of my users. so its confirmed that the issue was with their server, may be their server was blacklisted or listed as spam server.

Powweb One Plan should be revised

By: Charlie


2023-04-30 07:04:04

Powweb got behind by competitors big time. Look at their website, it is so old that it has become ancient. It successfully represents the technology they use on which our websites will be hosted. The only thing good with them is their "One Plan one Price" package which can be attractive for those webmasters who are on budget. But they kill the joy by offering it on $3.88 per month that too with 2 years payment at once. I wont consider buying it unless it is below $3 per month that too at monthly payments. I am sure most of the webmasters think the way i think so if Powweb is reading this review, they should introduce above package and see how their sales rise. otherwise, the competition will bury them for sure.

Powweb now redirects to

By: Mike


2023-04-03 13:04:33

Powweb website now redirects to Maybe it is now acquired by them or has become their affiliate. I got rid of them at the right time. Their customer service was slow, the only thing they did fast was billing me for the hosting. No wonder they are doing down, Powweb got what they deserved.

Greedy Host

By: Brian Jay


2023-02-08 17:02:22

I stayed with Powweb hosting for quite a while. I was too busy to check the details of my invoices and just kept paying them until the price rose to alarming level. I then checked the invoice and then checked the competition to find the difference in price, i was shocked to see that they were charging me three times the price. Left them and bought two different hosting package which still cost me less than a single account with Powweb. Oh and they offered me a 50% discount when i left them but it was useless as their greed was evident at that time. I am sure all of their clients will leave them soon as they dont value their existing clients instead keep charging them even more than the new clients. Better stay clear!

A bit expensive for the web hosting packages they offer

By: Paul Anderson


2022-10-21 15:10:10

Powweb is an old web hosting. I bought web hosting from them about a decade ago and stayed with them throughout that time. Their hosting control panel was good and user-friendly. The email service was also pretty reliable but I felt that they charged me higher than what other hosts offer therefore I decided to cancel my hosting plan. The guys at Powweb support offered me a discount of like 50% due to which I decided to stay with them for one year more. I feel they should give a special discount to their old clients without waiting for them to leave. It feels bad to see other web hosts offering better services at better pricing than what I pay. I left them after that discounted year because they revoked the discount from the next year and the full web hosting price was too much when compared to other modern hosts such as cloud packages.
In a nutshell, they are not a scam but they are probably overpriced with their old-style hosting, in that price, you can buy cloud hosting packages as well which are better from a speed and reliability prospective.