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Rating: 1.9 / 5.0

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Picoworkers is reviewed by 11 customers who gave it 1.9 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for Picoworkers or write your review. It is very famous and legitimate business!

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Earned $26 on picoworkers

By: Naqvi


2023-04-09 19:04:46

It took a long time but i was able to get $26 on picoworkers. Something is better than nothing.btw picoworkers is now sprout gigs. If you are totally free and are skillless then give it a go.

Picoworkers is no more! its Sproutgigs now

By: komal sana


2023-02-27 08:02:04

I don’t like the new approach of Picoworkers since it became Sproutgigs. I don’t know why they chose this name, maybe they want to target Fiverr by using the Gigs-based approach but they forget that “A person, who copies others, forgets one's own identity and becomes ludicrous”. Picoworkers was genuinely a platform for those people who don’t have skills so sproutgigs is actually deviating from its own designed path. Better think before its too late.

Picoworkers was better than sproutgigs

By: Ponam kumar


2023-01-03 14:01:14

I dont like the new sproutgigs website. I think picoworkers was better. I dont know what made the so the change.

Picoworkers is now Sproutgigs

By: Charlotte


2022-11-22 00:11:38

While posting a review for Sproutgigs, i noticed that people still try to post reviews for Picoworkers which no longer exists as it is now called Sproutgigs. For those, who were going to try picoworkers for some earning, you better look elsewhere for any carrier. If you still want to give it a try despite of my warning then go to Sproutgigs and signup.

Cents not dollars

By: Mark


2022-11-04 09:11:18

If think your time is worth pennies then join picoworkers. They will gladly give you micropayments of cents for doing microjobs. You wont be proud lol . Not worth it my friend so do something else like spend your time with friends and family.

Picoworkers trustpilot reviews do not reflect the facts

By: S. Kumar


2022-10-30 13:10:06

I created an account on picoworkers and tried my best to earn something out of it by dedicating all my time. Now despite of every effort i made, i coudnt even make $1 per day. The job posters on picoworkers expect the users to work for insanely low amounts, effectively a few cents and I dont see any reason why people posted so many good reviews on trustpilot for picoworkers. I have read through them and found them extremely in accurate and strangely the bad review i posted on trustpilot didnt get approved. Now i dont know why trustpilot is taking picoworkers side therefore I am posting the facts here. If you are are a student or and want to earn something from picoworkers then look elsewhere. It is not worth even trying.

Picoworkers now redirects to

By: Smantha


2022-10-23 15:10:19

I just noticed today that picoworkers now redirect to Maybe it is acquired by sproutgigs or something like that. It was not a very good website anyways but I had an account in it that I didn't use for a long time. Now I can no longer log in to it.

Micro jobs with micro payments

By: Nicole C.


2022-09-27 02:09:06

Picoworkers is a micro job finding website only suitable for those who have no skills at all. I have tried it and found it next to useless though I don’t count it as a scam. It does pay but the payments are too small. May be it is good for some Indian guy who can afford to work at less than $1 per hour but for people like me, it’s simply a waste of time.

Deceptive site ahead Warning on a Picoworkers Survey

By: Saeed


2022-07-19 13:07:04

Dont Trust picoworkers, they try to get your personal information such as, security questions, date of birth etc. I thought they are genuine so gave all the info and then complete some surveys but here is what I got
"Deceptive site ahead
Attackers on may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers, or credit cards). Learn more"
Now Picoworkers might say that its a third party survey but they are still responsible for it because i got it on their website.
Dont trust them, i am not going to use them again. Deleting my account

Earnings are less than a kids pocket money

By: Nomi


2022-07-17 18:07:49

I was lucky enough to get paid by picoworkers. 2 stars for that but dont set any high hopes. Even after doing all the tasks, i couldn't even get amount compareable to a kids pocket money. Not impressed at all.

Not a Freelancing Website

By: M.Naeem


2022-07-01 05:07:21

If you think Picoworkers is a website like upwork or freelancer then you are wrong. It is more like ysense so if you are serious programmer or web developer like me then dont even try to signup with Picoworkers. You will waste your time, they are a survey type website which pay for small tasks in cents and that too is doubtful.
One more thing, they ask suspicious questions in surveys such as ask for your birth year, month etc. I suggest to never share your date of birth with such websites. Your birth date is usually used as a security question on many platforms such as banks, password reset requests etc so it falls under critical personal information. Picoworkers or any survey company on Picoworkers can use this information to hack your accounts. Better stay safe and away from Picoworkers.