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Kinsta Hosting is Too Premium to Use

By: Adam


2021-10-12 03:10:35

Kinsta is no doubt a good and pretty reliable Wordpress hosting service but their services are a bit too expensive for low-rate niche area websites. Infact Kinsta hosting alone can sometimes cost more than the total income of a wordpress website for niches such as cooking, recipes where CPM and CPC is very low. This locks their doors for low-income webmasters.
Senior web masters will agree that 3K to 4K per day traffic is actually just the bare start for a WordPress owner to fully monetizing its website properly which means such webmasters will need to select minimum $200/month slab or more in order to use Kinsta WordPress hosting. I have tested Kinsta webhosting with a very small website from my portfolio and I reached my slab limits right after the 4th day of my hosting start :). I just wanted to give them a try as I am a software engineer as well so I never needed their services as I am accommodating all my websites roughly under $150 and if combined, they easily exceed the traffic in Kinsta’s last slab. That can give you an idea of how much extra they are charging.
Well one may argue that I am a software engineer and not everyone can do the same like me. Right? No that’s wrong, there is a thing called Managed Servers and even Managed VPS. You can easily buy a managed server well bellow $200 that will outshine the last slab of Kinstra and can still do more.
All you need to do is just a bit research and very little learning. offers very good Wordpress hosting services for those webmasters who dont want to spend even a minute on hosting related matters
Their hosting services are a bit too expensive. One cannot hide behind the word "Premium" when the higher standard services (More Premium) can be bought in much lower prices.
If you are a webmaster, you cannot hide from technical and managerial issues for too long. One day you will have to face them even with Kinsta so its better to stay prepared. No doubt Kinsta is a good hosting but one day you will need to jump to dedicated solutions anyways if you keep growing.