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Rating: 1.8 / 5.0

(5 Reviews) is reviewed by 5 customers who gave it 1.8 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for or write your review. It is very famous and legitimate business!

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Very bad web hosting

By: Bala Singh


2023-06-05 17:06:44

There is not good in Justhost. The worst web hosting ever, over priced, rude and lazy support, slow servers and not reliable at all. Unpredictable downtime, my SEO ranking suffered so much when i was with them. Greedy people!

Justhost Support getting worse over time

By: Betty Gorg


2022-10-16 05:10:09

As a 5 years old customer, I have felt that justhost is rapidly going downhill. It was not a very good host to start with, i was just using them for being cheap. Also i distribute my domains over several web hostings to avoid them going down all at once. I dropped them form my list of hosting providers due to their bad support. The staff got rude and they never listen to you despite of repeated contacts. As a departing client, I would tell the justhost that the biggest reason for me leaving them was the behavior of their support staff. I was ignoring their sluggish speed but i cannot let anyone insult me! Train your support team and keep an eye on the communication log if you have any.

Unauthorised Billing by Un Just Host

By: Tom


2022-05-29 17:05:07

I cancelled my justhost hosting plan in April 2021 and even transferred my domain from their control panel but they still charged my card for renewal. When I asked them for a refund they deducted 10 months hosting fee which i never used. No legitimate business can do so with its clients! They are scammers, stay away from then and dont guve them your card number.

Too Expensive for a Shared Host

By: Ron


2021-12-08 09:12:39

I was with the Ehost and the web hosting was good for what I was paying them. Then came the disaster, justhost acquired ehost and I automatically became a customer of justhost. The name doesn’t do justice with them, they are very unjust as the same quality web hosting which I was getting from ehost for a little over $3 is not offered to me for almost $15. That is a 5-fold increase in the price, I obviously was not going to pay them $14.99 for a basic shared web hosting package so I left for good. I did however contact them once before leaving to see if they offer some discount to existing long term customers but there was none. They were giving discount to new customers but not anything for existing customers.
Well, I am glad I left them as I did not notice any improvement in their web hosting after the switch in fact I suspect that my websites had become a bit slower than before may be due to throttling or something.
Justhost is just an average web hosting which you can buy in less than half the price they are offering. I suggest you do complete research before buying hosting from Justhost.
It is on the expensive side of shared web hostings and the web hosting speed is also average.
If you are their existing client and really want to buy their hosting again then maybe you should create another account before your account expires using the discounted price they offer and then migrate all your websites from one account to the other and then close the previous account before renewal. That way, you can save more than 50% of your hosting fee. Oh and make sure you disable to autorenewal in your old account at least a month before your web hosting expiry.

Just Host Scam

By: Genius


2021-10-03 07:10:00

Talking about legitimacy of their hosting business, Just host is definitely not scam. Just host has provided their UK, US and Australa office addresses on their website which should eliminate most of the chances that they are a scam. However, I have received several complaints about Just host suspending the hosting account of their web hosting client due to excess of server usage and the surprising factor in most of the complaints is Just Host suspending your account after reaching somewhere between 300 to 500 unique visitors per day only. I don’t want to prove them scam but instead I want to show the public opinion and reports about them and then I will let you decide whether Just host is a scam or not. I didn’t expect website suspension at such a low unique visitor volume. I do understand that being realistic, there is no such thing as unlimited disk space and unlimited monthly bandwidth but a famous company like Just host should at least bear 1200 to 1500 unique visitors per day before suspending a hosting account.
If I see my previous record with Host monster web hosting or host Gator web hosting, I have only received one warning from host monster for one of my websites which reached 3500 unique visitors per day in average and even then I am still hosting it with host monster after doing some tweaks like caching up dynamic pages. Similarly I have a website hosted with host gator which successfully gone through a traffic spike of 12000 unique visitors per day and didn’t went down or got suspended.
Although Just host is right now offering a promotional price of $3.45 but their original rate is still 6.95 which is even more than some of their bigger competitors. In such rate, one do expect better or at least equal quality comparing to their competitor slab
Second Scam factor going against Just Host is their misleading marketing policy. It is reported to us that they have been involved in leading or supporting TOP Hosting Listing website sites, most of those sites list Just host as the Top hosting provider which should only be stated with proper statistical information or prove. Otherwise it is unethical and unprofessional to list a company as top hosting provider. If they really are involved within such a marketing campaign which is yet unsure then it is not good for their repute in the long run.
In the end I will say that even though I have received Scam reports about Just host, I will still say that one should take a look at the comments section bellow for public opinion posted for Just host. That’s because is also possible that the scam reports submitted to my email are part of some marketing campaign against Just host though some of those reports definitely seem to be original. Secondly if you have some good or bad experience with Just host them I will request you to post your experience with Just host in the comments section bellow to guide other visitors reaching this page for the sake of collecting information for Just host prior to purchasing Just host hosting plans.
They are not a scam, atleast you will get something in return of your money.
The early suspension of accounts even below 1k visitors per day
If you get a good deal from them using some coupon or a sale event then go ahead and give them a try, however they are probably not very convenient at current price level.