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Rating: 4.2 / 5.0

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Infolinks is reviewed by 5 customers who gave it 4.2 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for Infolinks or write your review. It is very famous and legitimate business!

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Worth a try

By: Abdullah


2022-07-24 03:07:23

Infolinks is not a replacement for Google AdSense but if you dont have adsense then you should give infolinks a chance.
Their CPC is not that bad and also ads are not that weird.
Payment options are also very convenient. 5 stars from me.

Very useful to have Payoneer as payment option in Infolinks

By: Ali


2022-07-22 05:07:44

I have used infolinks on a few such websites that were not approved for Google Adsense and i got decent earning from them. My earnings were not comparable to Adsense but not too bad either. Infolinks has a slight advantage of having Payoneer as a payment option while withdrawing your earnings. You can use the withdrawn funds directly from within Payoneer by using its card on your expenses such as web hosting, domain registration and online promotions. No need to pay double currency conversion by withdrawing to your bank and then paying using your bank card.

Good to start with

By: Paul


2022-06-17 16:06:58

Infolinks is pretty good for starters. Their click rates are better than many other ad providers except Adsense. Also their ads look a bit mature like google AdSense to me while many other ad providers give you spam like ads which sometime even discourage your audience.

Infolinks is Legit

By: Saeed


2022-05-23 16:05:24

A very good options for those who are not yet approved by adsense. Infolinks is a genuine websites and i have used them in past. Although their CPC is much lower when compared to adsense but they are still a good option to consider. Last time i checked, they were compatible with payoneer so you can directly withdraw your earnings into your payoneer master card and then you can pay your web hosting and registration expenses directly with that card.

Took my $40.58 due to Inactivity

By: Muhammad Naeem


2021-12-10 09:12:27

Infolinks is not new, they are in business from many years. Actually, I tested infolinks by using their ads on a few small blogs of mine many years ago and later I took it off the sites due to low income compared with other options. At that time they were not that mature so probably that was the reason behind what they did but the fact is they did took my $40.58 in the name of inactivity. I can still login using my account but it shows $0 as balance now. It is not a matter of $40 instead it is a mater of trust and reliability.
As for as their earning rate is concerned, it was obviously much lower than Google adsense and even but better than other small ad publishing platforms. I am not dishonest as infolinks so I will obviously rate them as they are.
I am still giving them 3 stars, deducted one star for trust and one start for their relatively low earning.
They are certainly not a scam but I would say they are not very trustable as well. Worth using if you don’t have Google Adsense account.
They lost their trust in my eyes as I have a first-hand experience with them taking away my earnings, no matter how small, a theft is a theft.
If you dont have an active Google Adsense account then infolinks is a good alternative. You will get less earning but you can cover it up to some extent by using with them.