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Hostpapa Inc.

Rating: 2.8 / 5.0

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Hostpapa Inc. is reviewed by 5 customers who gave it 2.8 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for Hostpapa Inc. or write your own review. It is very famous and legitimate business!

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Very High Prices

By: alex


May 28, 2022

Hostpapa charged me almost twice the amount of the original plan at the time I bought their web hosting. I didnt know that their renewal price is that high and their emails kept going to the spam folder. I only found it when they had already charged my card I will leave them as soon as my package expires. Their web hosting is good but not as good as the price hike for me.

Hostpapa VPS Hosting

By: Robert


May 23, 2022

I have been a user of Hostpapa shared hosting in past which was good until i reached 50K visitors per month after which i got an email from them that my website is pulling too much resources and they are going to suspend my account. I was very disappointed but decided to go with their lowest VPS plan which is pretty expensive than the existing shared hosting plan i had at that time but i had not choice due to prorated refund.
I upgraded to their Mercury VPS plan which only had 2GB RAM backed by 4 core CPU. The SSD storage was 60GB which was more than enough for me and the 1TB bandwidth limit is also OK for the time being. Currently it is sustaining my website load without any issues and the website loading speed is also considerably increased. The only issue i am facing is that i have to do everything myself now. I have no control panel and i have to control my VPS using command line tools which is a bit difficult for me.
To conclude, i would say that if your website is on Hostpapa shared hosting and has more than a thousand visitors per month then you should prepare yourself to switch to a VPS plan as a sudden change can put you in an uncomfortable position.

High Renewal Fees and Hidden Charges

By: Smantha


May 19, 2022

I got burnt by just looking at their renewal email and assuming that the total shown is correct. Ended up getting paid almost $100 more oh and they also charged my card 15 days before the renewal date which felt a bit odd too. I suggest that if you want to stay with Hostpapa then you should take a backup of your websites and opt out of their autorenewal (better to save the emails as proof). Once you do that wait for the last day of your hosting plan and then just buy another hosting from them with their discounted price and take the backup of your existing websites and then restore it on your new account. This little process can save you $100 or even more.
I dont know why they charge more from their existing clients than what they offer to their new clients . It feels unfair, existing loyal clients should get extra discount.

Had to Upgrade to VPS hosting from Shared Hosting

By: Mike


Dec 10, 2021

Hostpapa shared web hosting is good for business pages where you only need to display your company information, present your products or services and a contact us page. Mostly that is enough for small local businesses However if your business is web based or you are planning to host some kind of blog or any other traffic bearing website then I would say you should either go for hostpapa VPS hosting or look elsewhere. I had hosted my blog with hostpapa and it was going fine till my traffic crossed 300 visitors per day after which my blog became too slow to load during traffic peak hours and sometimes its wont load at all. I had upgraded to their VPS hosting which greatly improved the website loading time however their VPS hosting is too expensive so I had to migrate to a different as all my blog earning was going to their web hosting fee.
Not bad for small businesses. Their uptime is impressive so if you have low traffic then you probably wont have any issues.
Shared hosting and even Wordpress hosting is Not good for traffic bearing websites. One needs to minimum select their VPS hosting package is very expensive. If you do a little research then you can find many other options in the same price range. Just make sure to check for the hosting company reviews on notscam and other customer reviews websites before buying.

Hostpapa Unlimited Hosting is Actually very Limited

By: Dani


Oct 06, 2021

I had a very small WordPress website hosted with them and every thing was going fine. As soon as my traffic reached 80 to 90 visitors per day, they started to send me emails that I need to upgrade my hosting package to more expensive package. I was very surprises so I asked them to provide me with access log and the bandwidth usage data. Now it was probably their turn to get surprised as they were not expecting me to be a web related person however that stopped the harassing emails for some time.
A few months later they again started to send me emails to upgrade or modify my website otherwise they might suspend my account. I again asked for the logs but they kept telling me same thing again and again without providing the logs. Btw my whole website size was 76.5mb and I am pretty sure I was using just a few GB of bandwidth at that time. I didn’t want to find my website suddenly suspended one day so I moved from Hostpapa to HostGator, and now my traffic with same wordpress setup is over 3000 visitors per day which sometimes even reach 3500 visitors, I have yet to see any email from hostgator. I bought the 3 years package with lower price than what Hostpapa was offering and I am very peaceful now.
I concluded that Hostpapa probably only want to keep those customers who consume very low resources with and want to kick out those who consume more. That is a win win for them, as they have to use less resource to accommodate more with same machines. I am a software engineer and a web developer so I can easily understand what they are doing.

I am giving Hostpapa 3 stars as their hosting had a good uptime and also they refunded my remaining amount so they are not a complete scam
They use word unlimited with almost every thing but in reality they are very limited, they coudnt accomodaet my 76.5mb website with less than 100 visitors per month and with just a few GBs per month.
only use Hostpapa if your website is going to have less than 50 to 60 visitors per day and that too with small size