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(10 Reviews) is reviewed by 10 customers who gave it 4.1 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for or write your review. It is very famous and legitimate business!

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30K+ Visitors on shared plan

By: Rohit kumar


2022-11-25 10:11:00

I am currently using hostinger shared hosting for my website. Surprisingly, it is accomodating 30000+ visitors on my website which is more than my expectations. I now recommend hostinger to all my friends and ralatives. Have them two clients so far in return of their excellent hosting services. Keep the good work up.

Titan email hosting services are good

By: Rashid


2022-09-13 14:09:22

I am using Hostinger web hosting for my website and I am using their shared plan. I was planning to opt for professional email hosting, but I don't feel any need to upgrade as my basic email needs are being fulfilled even with the Titan shared email package. I received an email today saying "Titan’s Undo Send" feature will be removed from their free plan but that doesn't affect me much so it is not a deal breaker for me. Mostly their free Titan email services are sufficient for my needs.

Replaced my Hostgator with Hostinger

By: Usman


2022-09-02 13:09:09

I have just replaced my Hostgator hosting with Hostinger. So far everything is good. I was generally happy with Hostgator but they wont offer their max discount at anything below 3 years which Hostinger offers at 1 year so i opted for Hostinger. It was a risk but its well paying off. Websites are loading good and everything works

Website already hosted error

By: Muhammad Naeem


2022-08-21 07:08:33

Bought hosting premium hosting plan at 2.99 per month for one year. Initially, everything seemed to be good however when I tried to change hosting of a website to my web hosting , it gives an error saying website already hosted. Apparently previous website owner also hosted the website on Hostinger so hostinger wont let me add it to my websites even though i own the domain now. Now i have set the name servers to none and waiting for 24 hours for propogation. Hopefully after propagation, Hostinger will let me add this domain name for my hosting. This is a bug or system design error which should be fixed. Very frustrating and I am sure i am note alone who is facing this.

Most Affordable web hosting

By: Naveed Ahmad


2022-08-03 17:08:21

Hostinger is the most affordable reliable web hosting one can buy. The highest discount rate is available from 1 year subscription and above. Hostinger shared web hosting is more than enough for a small business website. Actually one can even run small wordpress blogs on it provided that the traffic is not too much.

Could use more staff in support department

By: M. Wheatley


2022-07-27 14:07:30

Hostinger is generally a good hosting but live chat takes too much time. Sometimes you have to give up after waiting for too long. They should probably hire more support staff, their clientage is increasing, and so should the support staff. 1 star I deducted is due to the delay in support.

Legitimate Shared Hosting on Discounted Price

By: maheesh


2022-07-20 15:07:04

I bought their web hosting at a very good price. Speed is much better than 000webhost and considering the price I am paying. Email plans could be better, I am unable to create more than one email account. I migrated from 000webhost so maybe some special package is given to me. My web traffic is pretty low right now, I will post another review once my traffic gets a bit high.

Supports takes more than Half Hour even to connect with

By: Yasir


2022-06-23 05:06:25

Hostinger page loading speed is average at best and If you ever get into any issue you will have to wait for more than half hour to even get started with their support. I upgraded from 000webhost which was a mistake. Should have gone elsewhere.

Hostinger Does not Stand with Its Customers

By: Boby


2021-12-10 08:12:08

I have my website hosted with hostinger. Their web hosting was fine and I was having almost no issues when suddenly one day my website started to show suspension page. When I contacted Hostinger Support, they said that I have posted some private info about a business so I have to remove it before my website can be online again. I shown them proof that those contents are on several other websites already and they can simply google the contents to see if they are private or not but they did not listen.
My website was clearly in no violation but Hostinger didn’t even listen to me and stood with the complaint party instead of own client. Their legal department never listen to you and just want to force their own decision on you no mater if it is right or wrong.
I later moved from them to another host and those contents are still on my website now without any issues with my new host.
Their web hosting works just like many other web hosts.
They don’t stand by their clients instead they stand with the complaint party. Even if someone wrongly send them any notice, they will simply suspend your website.
If your website stands in some kind of competition then your competition can easily get your website down by send false complaints to hostinger about your website.

Average Hosting by Hostinger with Poor Support

By: S. Anderson


2021-10-07 04:10:07

I have stayed with Hostinger for a year or so. I moved from HostMonster to them in the hope of less CPU throttling but they were also same in this respect. The website speed is similar to hostmonster at times it get even worse and rarely gets better too. The main issue is their support system and the down time. Their uptime was pretty good actually till one month when I got my website down 3 times in a row and every time when I tried to contact their support, by the time I could reach an actual person instead of a bot my website was already up. That is weird and I started to fear that my website will suffer in the long run as who know how much time my website stays down as I cannot check it all the time. Therefore, I left Hostinger and moved to Liquid Web which is a more expensive but pretty reliable.
I don’t blame them too much as there is a general rule that you get what you pay for. They are probably already giving what they can give in that price but decide for yourself carefully. If your website has some good traffic and is paying you good then its probably worthy to buy a good hosting instead of Hostinger . However, if you have a small website which small traffic and you don’t care if your website stays down once in a while then they are good for you.

I would rate them 3 stars in comparison to what i paid them. I woudnt mind the similar services if they had realistically mentioned that in their advertisement as i know we get what we pay for. With their low prices i was already expecting this, just wanted to test one more shared host before going to better hostings like Liquid Web.
Unpredictable down time was the main thing. I might have given them one more chance by upgraded my package if there was no down time involved, the upgrade can improve site speeds but not down times. Hostinger team, if you are reading this then you need to avoid downtimes otherwise you will lose all your serious clients!
Hostinger is probably fine for small businesses who just need a website to mention on their visiting cards and letter heads. however if your website has build some traffic then they are probably not for you .