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HostMonster deleted my important data

By: S. vicky


2021-10-04 04:10:11

What has happened to me should not happened to anyone else so i am reporting it here in the hope to make most people aware. I have a horrible experience with hostmonster.
Despite of all the down times and email issues my laziness kept me with the hostmonster, wish i took an action earlier. Well i had many sites hosted with them, some of them were mine, others where for my clients as i am a freelancer.
Guess what, one day they decided to change the location of my server without any advance warning, infact they didnt even tell me after doing the migration. I just became aware because non of my sites were loading, all were saying account suspended.
After several hours with their customer support i came to know that it was due to server migration and they were able to reupload my sites one day later. That was it though, the worst part is yet to come,
when i checked my sites, all of them were at a previous back up state which was old and some of my work was also lost. Even emails were missing. The hostMONSTER has eaten all my data.
That was the last nail in the coffin and I left them. I was so disappointed in them that i didn't even use the remaining time of the hosting i already paid for.

Stay away from them if you dont want to lose data. If you are already with them, keep regular backups of your websites and migrate before you meet the same situation i met earlier.

Must Read Before Buying HostMonster!

By: Muhammad Naeem


2021-10-04 04:10:29

HostMonster is definitely not a scam because I have used their shared hosting for 6 years in total by buying two 3 years hosting plans with them and then I had to left them due to several reasons I will mention in my review below. The reason why I bought their hosting for 3 years both times is because that is they only way to get their hosting in the cheapest slab. This is probably their marketing trick to keep clients with them which was handy as they were able to keep me with them for 6 years however keeping a client with marketing tricks is one thing but true way to keep a client is by giving quality services which they lack a bit.
What is the worst nightmare of a webmaster? Let me guess, it is the Site down time! That too without an advance notice! I had my sites down for quite a long time without any notice, in fact I wouldn’t have noticed if I haven’t setup my own scripts to check my sites for down times.
The second biggest issue with them was all the emails of my websites were going straight to spam folders of the receivers which was not only a communication problem but it was also causing a bad repute for my domains. So, you better not use hostmonster for hosting your main company website as you don’t want to see all your important emails going to spam folders instead of inboxes. A solution can be to use a third-party email server for this problem. But a collective cost of email server and hostmonster will easily cross the cost of buying a single good hosting in some cases unless you already have an email server of yourself.
Third issue was the CPU throttling, there was a time when website speed was not that important but that is no longer the case now. A delayed server response adversely impacts your website SEO and also affects your websites overall browsing experience. For your information, when a web crawler from search engines like Google or Bing reaches your website, it tries to crawl many pages at once which becomes difficult or even impossible in some cases due to automatic CPU throttling implemented by hosts like HostMonster.
Forth problem which didn’t happen to me as I didn’t put my traffic bearing sites on hostmonster but my other friend did report me that HostMonster suspended their webhosting accounts after reaching around 3500 to 4000 visitors per day. I can understand what could we expect from a shared hosting but still 3.5K to 4K visitors per day are too low. So, think twice before putting a traffic bearing website on HostMonster servers.
HostMonster is probably good for keeping such low traffic websites which don’t mind being down once in a while and need no reliable email support.
They are not a scam which is a good thing, also they are a bit cheap.
Unplanned and Uninformed Down times! Emails going straight to spam and CPU throttling.
If you want to buy their hosting, keep in mind that the current price they show (60% or whatever you see) is just for your first purchase, when you renew your hosting, they will charge you 100% of their price so may be its wise to take a backup of your websites a couple months before end of your hosting package and also remove your credit card number right after buying their hosting plan if you don’t want your card to be automatically charged for renewal.
Oh and one more thing, if you pay with a credit card first time, they may ask for its pics from both sides so keep that in mind before buying. That happened to me both times I bought their hosting.