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(11 Reviews) is reviewed by 11 customers who gave it 4.0 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for or write your review. It is very famous and legitimate business!

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Absolutely the worst web hosting service

By: DH


2024-03-01 06:03:37

Hostgator overcharged for years for services that I had cancelled. They don't respect cancellation orders; buyer beware!

Absolutely the worst web hosting service

By: DH


2024-03-01 06:03:37

Hostgator overcharged for years for services that I had cancelled. They don't respect cancellation orders; buyer beware!

Good reviews on Trustpilot and sitejabber

By: Moaz


2023-02-26 16:02:43

Hostgator is the only web hosting that has amost all good reviews on Trustpilot, Notscam and sitejabber. It is very reliable, fast snd affordable hosting. Go with the baby package, you wont regret!

Suspended my hosting right after setup

By: Ali


2023-01-01 19:01:07

I paid Hostgator using my credit card for my webhosting but as soon as i setup everything, my account got suspended. Upon contacting their support they told me to send them photos of both sides of my credit card. That is weird behavior as they should have done all the verifications before the hosting was setup. This caused me a huge loss due to the resulted downtime. The hosting started to function though after i sent them the photo of both sides of my card.

Multiple domains can be hosted as addon domain

By: Pr. Jeremy


2022-11-30 05:11:19

I sm happy that have bought hostgator shared hosting
I have added 8 different websites in it and all of them are running smoothly. Very cosy effective solution to host multiple websites.

For Hostgator Complaints, Contact These Numbers

By: Stephen


2022-10-14 10:10:53

Hostgator customer service is very good but if you ever happen to face an issue that the live chat doesn't resolve then you should try the following numbers. I came across an issue due to server migration for which I contacted them and got it resolved very quickly.
(866) 964-2867
For international users use this number
Hope that helps

Renewal Price is Much Higher

By: Tony


2022-08-01 10:08:12

Hostgator is a good hosting when bought at discounted rates. I am using it for more than 10 years and never had issues, Their tech support is good however I have only contacted them once that too for billing issues. I am an experienced webmaster so I solve most of the technical issues myself. The only issue i face with them is very high renewal price as compared to the price i sign up on. That too can be solved by buying a new hosting on another email with a discount coupon and then migrate all your websites from old account to new account and remove your credit card from old account and let it expire. That way you can save a lot of money and this method always works :)

Truly Reliable and Legitimate Host

By: elvin


2022-06-17 17:06:47

Even though I have a cloud hosting package from liquidweb now, I still didnt discontinue my HostGator hosting account. They are pretty reliable and my websites hosted with them are always up. Never faced any issues or downtimes. I use them as a backup host in case i need to do migrations of my websites. Highly recommended when it comes to reliability!

My First Choice for Web Hosting

By: David


2022-06-03 11:06:04

I have tried many shared web hostings and in my experience, the HostGator is the best. If you want to buy their hosting, keep an eye on their frequent sales during the year. If you are able to find the 65% or above discount at any time, just go ahead and buy it. However this discount is only applicable on the 3 years subscription but its worth it. You will be tension free for whole 3 years, I am now going to buy their Baby plan for the 3rd time, just waiting for any discount above 65% myself. 6 years with them already! Much better than the HostMonster and the Bluehost.

HostGator is Worth Every Penny That I Paid

By: Nomi


2021-11-30 12:11:10

I have used many webhosts since 1998 and when it comes to shared hosting, HostGator is the only company that does justice with my money. I had 6 traffic bearing websites hosted as addon domains that too on hostgator baby plan and I was expecting to see an email from them saying your shared hosting is using too many resources but they didn’t send any. I had migrated from Hostmonster after receiving such email from them. I stayed with hostgator for many years but then had to switch to cloud due to too much traffic but that was not their fault. Obviously, one cannot expect a shared hosting to accommodate half a million monthly views.
I can only recall good memories with hostgator. If I ever have to use a shared hosting again, my choice will obviously be Host Gator.
It is not what I dislike but their reseller packages are a bit out of reach of people like me so may be hostgator should introduce a hatchling reseller account too to help startups start their hosting company, later they will grow and obviously upgrade their package. Even for non-resellers, it can be a bit beneficial to buy such small package so they can manage their domains more easily than addon method.
If you are finding a shared hosting, hostgator is certainly one of the best and well tested hosting. Go ahead buy it. They are certainly recommended

Baby Plan of HostGator is Surprisingly Good

By: Muhammad Naeem


2021-10-04 11:10:16

They are certainly not a scam, in fact I am very happy with my purchase. I used 3 years shared hosting plan from HostGator which is also called the ‘Baby Plan’ and it was surprisingly very good. I was coming from hostmonster and the change was very pleasant. My websites became very responsive and the ftp speed was also faster. Although I have noticed a few down times with them but they were not nearly as long as the ones with HostMonster. I hope they will improve enough to avoid even short down times.
My emails also started to go to the inbox of my clients and honestly speaking we shouldn’t expect more from a shared hosting plan at such affordable price. Obviously, the website speed suffers at times but not even close to the laziness caused by CPU throttling on hostmonster. I am giving them 5 stars but at the same time, I expect them to improve their uptime even more.
When it comes to shared hosts, I only keep one of my website on one shared host at a time. That way in case a shared host is down, this only affects on of my websites, not all of them. Never put all your eggs in one basket :)

HostGator is Affordable if you buy using discounted price and comparatively less down time than most other shared hosts.
Slight down times once or twice a month which I expect them to fix soon.
Although HostGator has a competitive pricing structure however I still suggest that you should buy their 3 years (36 months) plan only as other plans become a bit expensive per month. Also don’t pay them with virtual card as you may need to send them photos of your credit card as proof.
TIP: One more thing to keep in mind that don’t renew the hosting with them after 3 years otherwise you will end up paying them the full price instead of the around 60% discounted price. Instead, take a backup of your sites, create a new account with a new email address using the discounted price for new users and the upload the sites on that account. This way you will save more than half of your hosting fees. Oh and make sure you have disabled the auto renewal or better remove your entire credit card info once you are setup with them.