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(5 Reviews) is reviewed by 5 customers who gave it 3.0 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for or write your review. It is not very famous but it seems to be a legitimate business!

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Good Cpanel based web hosting

By: Raza


2023-06-01 10:06:44

Support is good, website loading speed is fine for normal websites. Wordpress websites sometimes get slow but still completely load. Good web hosting for the price i pay! If you like cpanel layout then Hawkhost is one of the few hosts that still use it. worth buying if you get a discount then its even better.

Beware #Hawkhost are Thieves and Scammers

By: Miguel


2023-05-10 11:05:47

Beware with #Hawkhost and the CEO #Tony Baird and Manager #Brian Farrel the company and people running this #Hawkhost are professional thieves, scammers. Fyou
Yes! They will steal your money from your credit card, pay or whatever your money is no safe with them, they will steal your customer and business and make your life miserable.
Let me ask how will you fill if government shutdown hawk host without first send you a notification just because you have bad reviews for customers services all over the internet
As for your payments we do not provide refunds on payments that violate our TOS/AUP, additionally you are outside our 30-day money back guarantee period. As a result, any refund you receive will be in the form of a pro-rated account credit for unused time.
The $15.00 affiliate signup bonus is not eligible for payout or credit as that is provided for free simply by creating an affiliate account. You would need to have earned at least $100 in matured referred commissions to receive a payout of any affiliate activity.
If you are here is because you are looking for real information, about #hakwhost well here is one of the many pisses off and upset people like me, people don’t spend their time writing good reviews most of them are fake, only upset people like me spend their time, so others people like you don’t make the same mistake I did.
Well now if you are here to written a review, please help us to take #Hawkhost and this people out of business, as they did with your business if you don’t fight you will lose at least make something, this are the places I already submitted a complaint about #Hawkhost and CEO #Tony Baird and Manager #Brian Farrel.
They will promisse anything and everthing until they get your credit card
We have unfortunately been forced to disable your account as it was found to be sending Spam/UCE. Spam is a very serious offense and it risks not only the integrity of your account/domain but our entire network.
After review we have determined this activity is in direct violation of our TOS/AUP for sending spam/UCE and as a result we will be unable to continue hosting you from our network.
Brian Farrell for you records our company comply 100% with CAN-SPAM Act: A Compliance Guide for Business.
We strictly adhere to these requirements at my company and follow this checklist ourselves. And I regularly alert our new clients to the rules so that they are aware. While third-party email services like MailChimp or iContact make it easier to be compliant, I do notice both small and large companies missing the mark in certain cases. So, this refresher is beneficial for professionals, both new and veteran, in email marketing.
We also will proceed a Submitting a Complaint to ICANN Contractual Compliance and the federal trade commission causing you a lot damage to our business.
Submitting a Complaint to ICANN Contractual Compliance
File a Complaint Better Business Bureau
Federal Trade Commission Report to help fight fraud!
Dear #Hawkhost CEO #Tony Baird and Manager #Brian Farrel

Negative reviews on Trustpilot are fake

By: Martin


2023-04-11 15:04:44

Hawkhost is a good web hosting company. I am using their hosting from a pretty long time and never had any issues. I have noticed that they are many negative reviews on Trustpilot that seem to be fake. I cannot believe they can do badly with a customer. Hawkhost support is very good and responsive. I only had to contact them once that too was my lack of knowledge, not any of their fault. Hawkhost team guided me in solving my by giving very clear instructions. I am very happy with Hawkhost and definitely recommend their web hosting services.

scam host

By: arman


2022-06-14 00:06:35

scam host, will grab your payment without refund and servive. fake host. stay away!

Be careful with

By: Nick


2021-11-06 09:11:32

I just wanted to share my experience with with other people here. I have hosted a few websites with them in past and their hosting was average, I mean it didn’t give me that many issues, my sites were loading slowly but that was something to be expected with a shared host so I was not worried. The only issue troubling me was that none of the website I hosted with ranked good enough on Google while my websites on the other hustings were doing much better. Initially I thought it was due to the slow loading time on Hawkhost but one day I came across a page while searching for my own website name which was showing a reverse IP lookup of the hosting server on which my website was located. I was surprised to see that almost all of the other websites hosted on the same IP were spamming sites. That alarmed me so I immediately took backup and switched my hosting as I think the bad neighborhood websites on same server might be playing a role in demoting my websites.
Now I may or may not be right but surprisingly I have seen a rise in my search traffic on most of my websites after migrating from Hawkhost so I thought its probably worth writing here as a review to help others.
Hawkhost webhosting works like other shared hosts. I didn’t have any severe issues with them other than slow loading time.
I think Hawkhost should filter out bad and spammy websites hosted with them to avoid bad impact on their good clients due to being on same shared server.
If you have websites hosted with then you probably should do a Reverse IP check for other websites hosted on the same server on which your website is hosted to ensure you are not being penalized by search engines.