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GoDaddy is reviewed by 4 customers who gave it 3.0 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for GoDaddy or write your review. It is very famous and legitimate business!

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Godaddy managed wordpress has limitations

By: Moin Zaidi


2022-10-14 10:10:13

I have Godaddy WordPress hosting for my website and it used to work fine but the main issue was I didn't have any option to add more domains to my hosting panel. All I could do was buy a new similar package which would be expensive because I have 8 WordPress domains right now. I now have two web hostings, one on Hostinger and the other one on liquidweb cloud and all my websites are running even though I have pretty decent traffic combined.
So if you are starting with one WordPress website then Godaddy WordPress hosting is certainly a good option but as you grow, you will need to consider other options.

Direct webmail login for Godaddy

By: Shawn


2022-09-25 15:09:00

I had some issues with my webmail page access using my own domain name. I contacted Godaddy to find out that it is apparently caused by incorrect domain records. Anyways I found the direct link to the Godaddy webmail system which i thought I should share to help others incase of similar issues. Here is the direct link to Godaddy webmail
Other than that, I am pretty much satisfied with their web hosting.

Completely legit web hosting

By: Zeeshan


2022-07-17 17:07:44

I am using godaddy since 2011 and apart from their high prices, i have faced no issues. Their web hosting is reliable and support is also pretty good. Godaddy also offers domain registration though i dont keep my domains with them.

Big Name Big Trouble

By: Bill


2022-04-02 04:04:44

I signed up with GoDaddy due to their big name. After a few days for signing up, my account got suspended and they asked me to send copies of my card which I used to pay them. I sent them the photos of both sides of my card and then my hosting account started to work again but during that suspension time, I lost a lot of traffic and revenue anyways I still ignored it a bit and thought my hard time is over.
But after a few months, I got an email from GoDaddy saying that my hosting account is being migrated to another server and after that, my website got offline. I immediately contacted them but every time they said that the issue will be resolved soon without any result in the end. I called them without any response, had to be on hold for like 3 hours but still no response. Contacted various support personals and everyone of them said that the issue will be resolved but nothing changed, I waited for a week and then restored my old backup on another hosting and changed my Domain DNS to finally make my website live again. Never again will I give them a chance. If you have no issues with them so far, you are lucky, once you face an issue, you will regret.