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(2 Reviews) is reviewed by 2 customers who gave it 1.0 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for or write your review. It is not very famous so you should use it with caution!

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Banned Upon Requesting Withdrawal

By: Johny


2021-12-12 12:12:50

All the reviews on trustpiot are most probably paid ones. Also they are a paid member of trutspilot site so trust pilot is supporting them by deleting bad reviews and allowing their fake reviews. I am writing my review here on Notscam because I am sure wont be able to delete or alter my review here.
The truth is is a scam website, they did not pay me, not did they pay any of my classfellows. Many of us tried to earn crypto by doing surveys, seeing their worst ads and by completing their stupid offers and not one of us got even a penny from them. Yes, not a single one of us! Now tell me how is it possible that more there are more than 10 accounts and every single one of them got banned upon requesting withdrawal? I was using my cellphone all the time and there was no VPN involved while they still banned my account saying I was using VPN, I don’t even know what a VPN is.
I was too simple to get scammed by but I will now spread the word and wont let anyone else become victim to this scam website.
They are a scam. Initially you will feel as you are earning something and earnings will be collected in your account but all that is a fake way to keep you working for them as a free employee. But when you request a withdrawal, consider yourself banned.
No mater what internet connection you use, they will claim that you were using a VPN and you have not way to prove that you were not. Even if you had they wont listend. is a scam and nothing more than that. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and try it but just make sure you withdraw as soon as you can so that you don’t waste much time.
Don’t waste your time on you wont get any money instead you will get viruses, trojans and depression after getting you account banned when you request withdrawal. Takes Advantage of Online Work Seeking People

By: Peter Bret


2021-10-10 09:10:28

I have yet to find a single CPA website that is legitimated; same is the case with I used my google account to sign up with them and completed surveys on their website mostly when I get time. After collecting enough coins, I tried to withdraw and just as expected this is what I got from them “You are currently banned from withdrawing, please contact staff if you believe this is a mistake”. I contacted their staff only to see what they do. They were rude and didn’t even care to listen to me. I later tried to find any physical contact info on their website to reach them but there was no address listed. Now most of you can understand why Paypal stopped working with did give away small amounts of payouts in start to gather some audience as investment but it is their bad luck that they showed their true face to me so I will make sure to expose them. I know I did not violate any of their terms, I have my own ip from my ISP at home so no chances of me mistakenly taken as duplicate account suspect. They are a scam for sure and their target audience is probably students and such other people who are trying to work from home to earn bread and butter.
They are also probably earning by referring people to virtual currency traders. It is a win win situation for them and ONLY them.

Nothing is definitely a scam so dont waste your time on it!
If you need to find some real online work opportunities, don’t look at CPA websites like instead, go ahead and try legitimated task oriented websites such as upwork, fiver, freelancer etc but you will need to chose and develop as skillset to earn online instead of just relying on filling up surveys and watching videos.