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(7 Reviews) is reviewed by 7 customers who gave it 3.0 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for or write your review. It is very famous and legitimate business!

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Bidding without response

By: Dennis


2023-01-25 18:01:36

Very bad marketplace. I am bidding from so much time yet no response, not a single reply for my bid. I beginning to suspect most of the projects posted are actually fake.

Freelancer vs Upwork

By: Azhar


2022-11-08 16:11:51

Freelancer is not a good marketplace for freelancers, I recommend upwork instead which is much better and more professional.

No Response on Bids

By: Faiq


2022-09-04 12:09:39 has become almost a joke now. Most of the projects posted on it are fake. I have seen people posted projects just to get visitors on their website. Freelancer team has absolutely no check on the authenticity of the projects being posted.
If the dont improved soon enough, they will probably be run over by other market places such as upwork, fiverr and peopleperhour.

Genuine website, they pay if you honestly work

By: Ali


2022-07-17 18:07:05

Freelancer is a very good website for students like me. I can get small jobs on freelancer and get enough money to cover my educational expenses. It is a genuine freelancing platform and a blessing for students like me. has worst moderators

By: Shehryar


2022-02-11 04:02:33

Freelancer got the worst of all the freelancer platforms now. They dont have any moderation or quality control on the projects, I now regularly see projects with garbage text (random alphabetic e.g. lksayoherdas) in them, how come they allow such projects which dont even have proper English? Where are their moderators, come on even a 12 year old can do better moderation than your moderators, why are you paying them if they cannot do their work properly) I also regularly see same project posted again and again from last few weeks which is about data entry of some pdf to word documents and project poster always dont have any feedback so its obviously spam project. There is absolutely no quality control for projects, if you bid on 100 projects, more than 50 of those projects will prove to be spam projects. I say stay away from unless they improve their quality.
Upwork is much better from every aspect. i would say even fiver is now better than
Wake up, you are losing your place fast. The initial kick you received by acquiring a few freelancing platforms is over now and you are going down faster than you can think.

Freelancer Support Needs Improvements

By: Muhammad Sharif


2021-12-05 04:12:26

I do understand that when you have so many users, you have to give some sort of generic replies but that doesn’t apply to technical responses. Now here is what happened to me, I was required to verify my details and I had to upload the bank statement which was fine no issues. I uploaded the documents and informed the support. Now my verification should be done? No! they again ask me to upload the same bank documents when I already uploaded, I was surprises but uploaded the same documents again anyways, lol that isnt over, I again got a message to upload same documents and my account got suspended.
This time I was shocked at the ignorance of support and told them that I have already uploaded my bank statement twice and uploaded it again the 3rd time for them.
Finally, some one on their part released the situation and my unsuspended my account but no apology is made or didn’t even mention something about being sorry. has a very good interface to bin on and manage online projects. Very convenience and easy to use platform.
Support team is probably overwhelmed with the number or users. Either the need to increase their support team members or probably need to offer them some support related educations courses.
Good website to bid on small and medium sized projects for newbie freelancers. For large scale projects, the fees are on a bit higher end. For project posting, it is a very good website basically tends to suite more for service buyers than service providers. squeeze freelancers like lemons

By: Genius


2021-09-30 04:09:32

I am a freelancer and I have worked on many freelance markets. To tell you the truth, freelance market was in a much better shape 10 years ago, I am referring to the time (later became vworker),, and were the only available markets. Ian Ippolito was my favorite business entrepreneur who started rentacoder which was one of the very first freelance markets. Later I worked on and I have earned thousands of dollars on it as well and all I had to pay was a fixed $12 fee a almost no transfer fee. It was the golden time for freelancers as the freelance markets were not as greedy as they are today.
However, since acquired vworker, getafreelancer and scriplance, the things have turned upside down. They try to cash everything and their focus is to get more from freelancer instead of the service buyer which is the main problem with them. I am part of a huge freelancer’s community and most of them left the long ago. I don’t discourage you to find work on in any way, If you are totally free and don’t have any work to do then is probably one of the very few choices you have but while working with them, you will feel like a lemon from which is trying to squeeze as much juice as possible by pressing it.
They don’t care about you, they just care about their business. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and take a look at their fees page and you will see that they charge you upto 20% for the work that is totally done by you! I am sure if they kept doing this, they will lose all the advantage they got by acquiring the freelance markets they started with.
However still is not a scam so i am giving then 2 stars, one for being legit and other for having a workable plateform.
In my opinion we need more people like Ian Ippolito who focus more on serving than earning.

They are legit and their bidding plateform is workable
They try to cash everything, they will squeeze you like a lemon to get even the last possible drop of juice out of you. The fully focus on monetization instead of community development. They even charge you for exams. Oh and the worst thing, they will charge you some amount against a project even before you get any money for it. Like pay out of your pocket and work too before you get paid! lol yes thats their logic
There are many other alternatives out there which are much better then them but yes create an account with as well in case you have bad luck on other plateforms. but dont stick with as full time.