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(2 Reviews) is reviewed by 2 customers who gave it 3.5 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for or write your review. It is not very famous so you should use it with caution!

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Problems with Email Sending and Receiving

By: Joe


2021-12-11 08:12:06

As far as the Web hosting part is concerned, fastcomet was not bad. My blog stayed up for most of the times, I did see a few down times once in a while but I do expect that from all shared hosts so I don’t blame them for the slight downtimes. The main issue which forced me to switch was the strange email problem. Although I don’t use my blogs email that often but certainly every website needs at least one reliable contact email to reach out its audience and to receive important emails for the website. In my case, I had setup a contact us form which was storing all my messages directly to my database so I didn’t notice the email issue for quite a while until when I got a contact us message saying my email address is bouncing the emails back to my website visitors.
I then tried to send an email to my blog using my gmail email address which also bounced back. I then tried to send the email from the blog email to the same email address which didn’t work too. That was a first-time issue for me so I contacted fastcomet support but they said that they have set no restrictions on my email account. When I checked my email functionality, it was working properly so I thought they might have fixed the issue but I have setup and auto emailer to send one email daily to my blog account from another email address. It turned out that this issue arises after every few days so I don’t know how many previous emails I have lost to date. I again contacted the fastcomet email but they said that if email is very critical for me I should setup an account with some dedicated email provider. So indirectly they admitted that their email is not very reliable.
I then decided to leave them as although my blog was working fine, I couldn’t stay with them without a reliable email service. Also if I buy services from any email provider, the collective cost of that email provider and fastcomet would exceed the cost of much better hosting providers than fastcomet.
Good web hosting with considerably good uptime. Although websites do get slow during peak hours but the page loads after a few seconds.
Their smtp and pop3 servers are not reliable, maybe they are blacklisted or something.
If your email is important for you, you should choose some different web host. Fastcomet emails are just like hit or miss. Sometimes you get them, sometimes you don’t.

Fastcomet is Good with Discounted Price

By: Mark


2021-10-09 19:10:41

I am a webmaster and I have setup my websites on many shared hosts which also includes to avoid server management issues. This also ensures less overall downtime as if they were on a single server and something happens all of them will go down at once.
I think I am in a better position to rank many shared hosts as I have tried most of them but since this review is for Fastcomet so I will only write about them. Their share hosting is good with somewhat less down time, the website speed is also as good as you can expect from a shared host. Now you can certainly not compare them to a dedicated server or even VPS as that would be unfair.
Fastcmet dont offer any direct support phone number, Honestly speaking, I never needed to contact them for support as nothing much got wrong with my website but if I had some bad issue with their hosting, I would be in trouble without a direct phone number as it would have taken quite a long time to resolve the issue in this way. I never transferred my domain to them; I only use their hosting and that is what you should do too.
One more thing, I don’t use their email system as it doesn’t seem to be very reliable. You might end up in sending failures sometimes for your important emails. I could easily receive emails but, who knows if I missed some incoming too. A third-party email host is recommended in their case.

Fastcomet is Overall good shared hosting for normal traffic websites
Email sending and receiving issues and expect some downtime just like other shared hosts.
Fastcomet offers better price when you buy them the first time but on plan renewals the prices go to the higher end. I would recommend you to not renew with them, instead create a new account each time and take a back of your sites and reupload on that account. That way you can save 50% or more and you get a 45 days refund option each time as well which you probably wont get with renewal.