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(2 Reviews) is reviewed by 2 customers who gave it 1.0 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for or write your review. It is very famous but you should still use it with caution!

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Domain Turned Premium After Purchase

By: james


2022-06-09 07:06:35

I purchased a domain from eurodns, I bought it after almost a month of research and made sure that it was a regular domain name. My only mistake was to buy it on eurodns. I bought, processed the payment, everything went through and fine. After sometime, i was notified that the domain name i registered is Premium so my payment was refunded. All my research time lost and I now believe that Eurodns is there just to steal good domain names. They are probably frontend of some other company who sell good domain names at higher prices. Better stay away from them.

Do Not Trust to With Your Domain

By: Bilal


2021-10-25 02:10:44

I do not put all my eggs in one basket therefore I keep my domains on different registrars. It is my hobby and business to keep good domain names with me and I sell them too on market places.
A few months ago, a very good domain name came into my mind which was also available so I decided to register it and it was my bad luck that I decided to use
I searched the domain on their site which was available at regular price so I registered it with them. Payment got deducted from my account, got a message from my bank regarding card being charged, everything went smooth so I was satisfied. I almost forgot about this domain name later as I am a busy person but after some time, I got a message that they are refunding my amount and the domain name is not available. I was shocked and then checked the domain name on search box which now started to show as available but premium domain name. Wow, isnt that shocking, I then also checked the same domain name on other registrars I use and it was now showing as premium domain name.
I contacted their support but they insisted that the domain name was a premium domain and that their system falsely shown it as a regular domain name while I had checked this domain on other registrars as well who were also showing it as regular available domain name.
For a second, let’s assume that team is right about their system’s fault, even then its now their duty to fulfil the contract for which they had charged me. Once they charged me the contract is bound to be completed and they cannot back away or change the price, its totally their fault to falsely commit price of a domain name.

Eurodns team did not show anything worth liking. They lost my trust on the very first purchase. Although I got my payment back but they have broken their contract with my by backing off from the domain I purchased on the price they demanded.
I am angry but glad at the same time as I now know about the true face of otherwise I could have ended up in worse situation, if I had registered 100s of domains with them like I have with many other registrars.
Don’t even search for a potentially good domain name on, they may buy it before you and put it into their premium domains and you will end up empty handed.