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(2 Reviews) is reviewed by 2 customers who gave it 1.5 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for or write your review. It is very famous and legitimate business!

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By: Emily


2022-08-03 09:08:54

I ordered a cake from the barbie doll collection on ebay and i got a plastic unedible disgusting and plain cake that came with a barbie thats hair was uncombed i demand my $10 dollars back and for being such a nuisance i need an extra $50. is Not Fair

By: M.Naeem


2021-10-21 12:10:16

Ebay is a good website but what good can we get from it if we are unable to process the payment for the items we are buying. I live in Pakistan which is one of those countries which are not on the list of paypal (The ultimate payment processor of Paypal is not available in Pakistan! Fine! no problem but why my Mastercard or Visa card is not accepted by ebay which is accepted on almost all other websites? I have bought many items from Aliexpress without any issues and paid for my hosting fees etc on many international websites without any issues.
The issue is the payment processing for even the Visa or Mastercards is done by Paypal on Ebay and as you already know Paypal doesn’t have Pakistan in the list of supported countries.
It is not like we Pakistanis cannot live without lol, there are countless other multistore websites some of which are much better than but still once in a blue moon I see a better deal on which I could have been interested in had I been able to pay for it using my cards. team, you are not hurting the Asian countries as we here will ultimately find the item we need on many other websites, its actually you who is getting hurt by blocking such huge segments’ of business and traffic. is probably a classic example of the national discrimination we see in the world which China took advantage of and is now well ahead of USA in the entire Asia and even in the rest of the world. When you claim to be an international business yet you leave some countries out then you can be anything but fair. I am still being fair though by giving you 3 stars for somewhat good services you are giving in the rest of the world.
If you are a Pakistani or any other national who is not on the list of Paypal supported countries then dont even bother to check anything on You will just waste your time. There are many other good options which i wont list as it may look like i am spamming and notscam will not approve my review but you can check for yourself.