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(2 Reviews) is reviewed by 2 customers who gave it 5.0 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for or write your review. It is very famous and legitimate business!

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Quality work and Completed in Time!

By: Lizzie Bowers


2022-02-12 15:02:58

Thanks for always being there for me! I recently had a few emergency changes for new year for my websites and they did them by working 24/7, very reliable guys and worth every penny paid to them. I hope you liked the bonus Naeem. You deserve it!

Reply from
Thanks for the good feedback and the surprise bonus :)
Mar 06, 2022

Designsols is the Best Web Development Team to Work With

By: Steve


2022-01-07 03:01:57

So far the best web team to work with, especially Naeem, the team leader, is a joy to work with, he understands my requirements even before I explain and sometimes suggest even better options than what i originally had in my mind. I found Designsols 12 years ago on which is now called and since then I am choosing them for all my web related projects. It feels like it found a gem in the coal mine. They are prompt with bug fixes and sometimes even do minor changes without any charges.
If you have a website to build intended for high traffic then you should choose Designsols, they dont use wordpress, drupal or any other CMS instead they develop the website from scratch making it much faster and less resource consuming. I have a website with more than a million visitors per month and I was struggling with managing it even on cloud and the hosting cost per month was too high but after Designsols converted it and built it from scratch, I can easily manage all the traffic even on a single dedicated server.
Highly experienced web development team which I can trust with all my data. I have entered in annual maintenance contracts with them for a few websites and never had to worry about them at all.
Nothing bad that i can think of however since they are based in Pakistan, i was a bit hesitant to open up with them in the start of my business relationship but i was completely wrong. They are actually more trustable than many web developers I can physically reach.
I highly recommend Designsols, you can go with them eyes closed. Their timezone is +5 GMT
You may need to discuss your first chat or meeting time with them beforehand.

Reply from
Thanks Steve,
As a team leader, I thank you on the behalf of my team for this good feedback. We will try our best to exceed your expectations in your future projects as well.

Muhammad Naeem,
Designsols, Pakistan
Mar 06, 2022