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(4 Reviews) is reviewed by 4 customers who gave it 1.0 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for or write your own review. It is not very famous so you should use it with caution!

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Dealdash is Fake

By: William


May 23, 2022

Dont buy anything from dealdash, you can find them at much cheaper price on many online websites without any bidding. They are basically casino style thieves who only intend to grab as much money from you as possible. You keep bidding and they keep getting wealthy.

Dealdash cannot be Legitimate

By: Jack


May 18, 2022

I cannot understand why Dealdash can still work in 2022. They have scripts that increase the price of every item till a certain limit at the very last second and most of the buyers are probably their own fake people due to which the real buyers like me lose a lot of money. I learnt this the hard way so don’t waste your hard-earned money and learn something from my mistake. Dealdash is a tricky gambling website and it is just as legit as a gambling business can be.

Dealdash is Pyramid type Scam

By: Josh Lim


Oct 09, 2021

Dealdash is a scheme in which all the profit goes to the owners of and although some profit can go to the bid winner in some cases. However the more bids are placed, the more earns while the less the bid winner earns. If you are a regular user like me, you will feel that just before the timer starts to end, a random person bids again until a certain threshold is achieved. I really suspect that dealdash probably has some of its own hired people bidding on the items so that the items are not sold without giving them good profit.
When i started to use dealdash, it was somewhat better in start but that is no longer the case. i had rather gone to a casino than bidding on dealdash.
It used to be fun but now its pure waste of your hard earned money!
the bidding environment is now too much competitive probably due to their own fake bidders
It is better to buy at full price than bidding on dealdash. it will cost you more in the end.

Stay away from DealDash !

By: Daryl


Oct 05, 2021

Dealdash scams you in a very creative way, I personally never use such sites but I know a person who spent or should I say lost a lot of money on dealdash and bought items which would have costed him much less if directly bought. The trick is behind the apparently small amount per bid that you and all other people spend on the item being sold. All you need is a simple calculated and you can do the math to get and idea of how much they earn from us.
The problem is most of us only see the number of bids we spent plus the final price we paid and just compare it with the price of the item we won. We just forget about the bids we lost on the items we didn’t win which is totally wrong.
The correct formula to calculate the actual cost of the items you get from Dealdash is
(Total amount you spend on Dealdash to date / Total estimated price of items you got from them to date)
Now this will actually tell you if you are in profit or not. I bet most of the Dealdash users will find themselves in loss using the above formula.
Dealdash is just like a modern online casino with a different approach. Some of the people lose their money while others win and get the benefit and the Dealdash is always in profit just like a casino owner. I hope you got my point.

Absolutely Nothing
I would have given them negative rating if possible
Remember, if you win a bid today, you will lose one tomorrow but Dealdash will never lose their money so it’s a modern scam which you should stay away from!