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Stay away from DealDash !

By: Daryl


Oct 05, 2021

Dealdash scams you in a very creative way, I personally never use such sites but I know a person who spent or should I say lost a lot of money on dealdash and bought items which would have costed him much less if directly bought. The trick is behind the apparently small amount per bid that you and all other people spend on the item being sold. All you need i...

Dealdash is Pyramid type Scam

By: Josh Lim


Oct 09, 2021

Dealdash is a scheme in which all the profit goes to the owners of and although some profit can go to the bid winner in some cases. However the more bids are placed, the more earns while the less the bid winner earns. If you are a regular user like me, you will feel that just before the timer starts to end, a random person bids agai...

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