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Rating: 1.3 / 5.0

(3 Reviews) is reviewed by 3 customers who gave it 1.3 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for or write your own review. It is not very famous so you should use it with caution!

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Roblox Corporation should Sue Collectrobux

By: ted


2022-05-28 06:05:35

They are giving a bad name to the roblox game as well. I dont know if they are telling the truth or they are a complete scam but atleast i didnt get any free robux from them. Even if they do give free robux to some people to get attention, why on earth does Roblox corporation allows this? They are probably into this scam as well. Collectrobux and countless other similar free robux websites are online and no one is there to take any action. They waste time of kids like me who waste a lot of time on such websites and end up getting nothing at all. They simply ban our accounts. Shame to all of them! Down for Maintenance or gone?

By: Dawood


2021-11-26 04:11:23 Down for Maintenance or gone?
I have spent more than 2 months on and today whenever I try to open the website, it says “Down for Maintenance. Check back later.” I am worried that all my hard work is lost and I fear that the other reviews for collectrobux were probably right. I have yet to receive any robux from them.
I spend all my spare time on in the hope to get some free robux to upgrade my Roblox profile. So far it does ad points to my account but no roblox yet.
Their website is mostly down for me. I fear they are probably gone and all my hard work is lost.
I haven’t received any roblox from them till now so watch out before you spend all your time in doing the tasks on I will post another review if I get any roblox at all.

Scam and Waste of Time

By: P.Gammer


2021-11-18 05:11:08

Do not waste your time on You will have to do many stupid and time-consuming tasks and you can even get viruses and trojans while doing so. I have wasted many days on this website and then got my account banned.
They are only as good as good as a scam can be
Do something useful instead of becoming an easy victim for them. The problem is, mostly kids play robux so they are getting a lot of free workers to do tasks for them and then they will kick them out without paying anything.
Your account will banned and you will never get any robux from them. There is nothing free on the internet, there is always some hidden price even if you get it.