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(27 Reviews) is reviewed by 27 customers who gave it 4.0 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for or write your review. It is not very famous so you should use it with caution!

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Demand a Refund

By: eric


2023-10-27 04:10:42

I urge people to stay away from fake investment  platforms and not risk their hard-earned money,

Caution. Bitky is a scam!

By: Peter Distel


2022-11-15 21:11:16

If you read all the complaints about Bitky, you will find a common thread. All is fine until you want to withdraw any of your money more than a token amount. They continually want you to invest more, but when you ask for a return of funds, all you get are stupid excuses. Eg. “there are active trades”, “you must wait until your advisors approve the withdrawal”, you need to deposit more so we can verify the link”, and “ your request wasn’t approved for some unstated reason”
It can only be assumed that the wonderful reviews are as genuine as a three dollar note and written by people being paid by these scammers. They caught me and now have apparently changed their website as it is no longer on line. I only hope it is because they have all been caught and arrested

Making small profits every day!!

By: Thomas Simpson


2022-10-20 23:10:48

Bitky is great opportunity for everyone who wants extra income for his house. I started with small investment and every day I login in Bitky I do same trades, it takes time to learn everything about online trading but with their help everything looks so easy.


By: Amelie Jonh


2022-10-13 02:10:07

I am very happy and satisfied with Bitky, they helped me a lot especially at the beginning with trading and they show me their site to the details. Received my first refund with a profit, very excited to continue working with them!

Strong start with Bitky

By: Mia Tomlinson


2022-09-28 02:09:00

I had a really strong start with Bitky, very happy with them especially because they found a time for me even though I rescheduled couple of times our meetings .

Great choice!

By: Stan Brooks


2022-09-20 07:09:42

Just received my first refund, very happy right know , Bitky is a great choice for online trading...learn a lot from them I start making profits!

Great choice

By: Nancy Taylor


2022-09-15 07:09:56

Bitky is a great choice for someone who have little extra time after work and wants to earn extra income. So far they are great, five stars from me for Bitky!

Great platform

By: Kenneth Mann


2022-09-06 02:09:19

Great platform! Platform interface loos really good and trading with Bitky looks so easy, they helped me a lot, I am looking forward to future and what it brings.

Amazing platform

By: Nathan Terrell


2022-08-30 22:08:20

Such a amazing platform!! It was my first time that I sign up for something like this, and it is very funny and interesting. Cryptocurrency is definitely taking over the world, and on this platform you can learn everything about it. Very easy to work on it also!! Thanks guys, keep up with good work!!

Very professional!

By: Gemma Weal


2022-08-02 02:08:20

Had a really good talk with Jack, showed me many things and he was really patient with me. I am only at the beginning but I am really glad that I chose Bitky !


By: Anthony McHugh


2022-07-20 01:07:30

Great experience , stuff very friendly and polite, had a nice talk with Jack , who showed me how to take advantage of market. Looking forward for more trading sessions

Glad that started with Bitky

By: Susan Wheatley


2022-07-20 00:07:15

I am so glad that I started with Bitky! Education info on their site about cryptocurrencies was super- useful to me and trading can't be boring, already made some profit!

No one to Contact!

By: Karen


2022-07-19 11:07:26

Don't fall for Bitky. I have yet to see a response from them since I requested a withdrawal, It's been months now, and no support from any supports person or accounts manager. I am surprised to see so many good reviews for bitky here! To me, they are scammers so don't hand over your money to these scammers.

Very happy with results

By: Frankie Edwards


2022-07-19 01:07:07

Very happy with results,already manage to provide additional income ! Helped me a lot education program on their platform and with help of their analyst , trading becomes very easy.Also, support team, pleasant people, helped me a lot when I wanted my first withdrawal, explained to me whole process. Cheers bitky, looking forward working with you again!

Very satisfied with Bitky

By: Lucy Ross


2022-07-14 03:07:37

My husband and I are very happy that we are started trading on Bitky. Very pleasant customer support and great analyst! Very happy with our results for now but we will see how it will be in future, that's the reason for 4 stars. Cheers!!

Thank you!

By: Ned Corbyn


2022-07-04 04:07:11

For very long time I was thinking about crypto trading and I heard great things about Bitky so I wanted to give a try, Thanks to their analyst James, quickly I learned everything that I needed to know and note for everyone follow your analyst instructions and it will make your life easier. Cheers!


By: Cam


2022-06-26 04:06:11

I've justed tested this platform for a week because I bookmark them to choose from in the future depending on the features they offer, it's legit.


By: Patricia Clarke


2022-06-23 23:06:35

Very straight forward processes for deposits and withdrawals! I enjoy Bitky very muuch! Love how dedicated to clients they are!

Easy to use

By: Sandra Irwin


2022-06-22 22:06:39

I rate Bitky 5 out 5 stars since it is very user friendly and the staff is very supportive. I already had 3 withdrawals and I will keep on investing. They guide you step by step through all the processes and it is very easy to follow directions. Good job!

Everything is Good Till you Withdraw

By: Richi


2022-06-05 04:06:55

Dont invest any money in Bitky, they may allow small withdrawals in start but once you try to withdraw a bit bigger amount they will simply invisible for you. No replies, auto responders only. Your withdrawal will stay in processing status but nothing will happen.

Get Your Money Back form Bitky

By: Michelle


2022-05-22 07:05:16

With the attitude they show you, they are not going to stay for too long. You better withdraw your money before it’s all gone. That too if they let you withdraw as I really doubt that with my experience. Don’t invest a single penny with Bitky if you don’t want to say good bye to your money.


By: Keith Schultz


2022-05-20 01:05:25

a legitimate trading platform with user friendly interface and good investment returns. I would recommend!


By: Barney


2022-04-26 01:04:33

great expperience with these guys! it took me a while to figure out trading but i got big support and I am really satisfied with the results.


By: Drake S.


2022-03-15 02:03:43

got 3 profit withdrawals so far and i am satisfied with the service and support as well as with my investment with bitky. i will invest more and wait to accumulate profit.

Good service

By: Kevin


2022-03-08 02:03:15

I started trading with Bitky about a year ago. I am very thankful for everything they thought me and for the support they provided. I successfully withdrew my profit several times and that income was of significant help during lockdowns!