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Rating: 1.4 / 5.0

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Bing is reviewed by 30 customers who gave it 1.4 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for Bing or write your review. It is very famous and legitimate business!

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Nuts Nuts Nuts

By: Anonymous


2023-10-19 18:10:16

I would give negative stars if I could.

Deindexing websites bug not fixed

By: William Morr


2023-05-30 18:05:15

Bing has not fixed the website deindexing issue. There is no help from their support in this regard. MS should do something about it, its a known bug yet they keep eyes closed refusing to reply to support requests. Very bad behaviour indeed.

ChatGPT is there to save Bing from drowning

By: Gloria Austin


2023-03-29 10:03:49

Bing finally started to see some traffic again due to the ChatGPT power. I hope they learn from their mistakes. I fear that ChatGPT is still fed by the Bings crawling data. If that is true then data from many legitimate websites wont be included due to the known Bings bug of banning websites without any reason.

Help, my website doesn't show in Microsoft Bing

By: Aston


2022-12-01 20:12:56

My website is not found in Bing search results. I contacted Bing support but they didn't even respond. My website is completely legit an shows on Google. I hate Bing even more now.

The only thing i dont like from Microsoft

By: Jason


2022-11-25 11:11:04

Poor searching experience. Inaccurate search results and extremely poor support team. To be honest, bing support is non existent. I can provide you evidence if you doubt. Microsoft should kick out all indians just like Elon musk. I tried 7 times yet no one replied from Bing support. I am never going to buy a Microsoft product dur to my experience with bing support.

Repeats same results again and again

By: Monika


2022-11-18 18:11:15

Not impressed by Bing search results. It repeats same results again and again and miss important websites.

Bing introduced rewards system

By: Sam


2022-10-28 09:10:43

Instead of making the search engine better, Bing decided to introduce a rewards system to attract the visitor. I didn't expect this move from Microsoft. No rewards can fill the gap you are creating by not entertaining support requests, Bing support team doesn't even care to reply. They give you 10 days but never get back to you. Do you expect that this reward system will compensate for this behavior? stay in your sweet dreams, the reality is not that good for you. Soon Bing is going to be discontinued and all the employees will become jobless just because of their behavior. The good thing is, most of them are being employees are Indians so US people will be least affected.

Bad quality search engine

By: Ijaz Ahmad


2022-10-27 17:10:12

I some time search directly from windows run command which opens Bing. Search results are horrible and different that what I expect.

Second choice after Google

By: Monika


2022-10-18 20:10:24

Despite of all the flaws, Bing is my second
Choice after Google. It is never down though most of the reviews here are right. I too see many useful websites missing on it but i think it will improve over time.

Support promises to contact within 10 days but no one contacts

By: Akhtar


2022-10-08 17:10:55

Today i have contacted bing support for the forth time and here is what they say every time.
"Your ticket is being assigned to a Global Support Webmaster Engineer who will be contacting you about the next steps to resolve your issue. We will get back to you in 10 days."
But no one contacts. I have all four support request numbers if anyone on Bing team wants to verify my complaint.
Certainly the worst support from Microsoft i have seen from a business till today.

Remove from Windows

By: Nicole


2022-09-22 01:09:09

Microsoft, plz remove bing from windows or give an option to disable or replace it with Google if you want us to continue using windows. It’s a pain to see bing results, they mostly lack what we try to find and show the garbage instead. I have already bought a chrome book just for web browsing and it seems to do most of my work.

I cannot find the company i work in

By: Saqib


2022-09-14 16:09:02

Bing wont show me my employers website in search because they think their website is not upto bing standards. In turn, My employer removed bing from all 36 computers because they think bing is useless and cant even find a business correctly. Tit for tat lol

Irrelevant, Unrelated and totally different search results

By: Ken Henderson


2022-09-07 06:09:47

History will remember Microsoft for Bing, a failed product they kept forcing on their clients and I am sure this is going to be the reason of their decline. Bing repeat same results again and again on next pages and cant even find the most famous websites instead it keeps banning them. You cannot even search for a valid business, Bing will keep showing other business to you just due to the fact that they have banned the original business website for some suspicious reason. LOL, Do you really think this will work? People will reach the business using Google and will never use Bing again. Spitting on the Moon will come back to your own face! Bing is not even nearly as big as they think they are!




2022-08-30 11:08:11


Bing deindexing websites

By: Mona


2022-08-07 17:08:57

My college computers have bing set as the default search engine and we are not allowed to make any changes to the lab computers. Now here comes the fun part, Bing suddenly deindexed our college's own website lol. Haha, our principal was confused and sent several emails to Bing support yet no reply. All our computers use windows as OS but thanks to this Bing bug, we are now hoping to see Macs coming soon. Yayyyyy

Known bug in bing

By: Oliver


2022-07-31 11:07:47

Glad i was right. I also noticed my website deindexed right after i registered it in bing webmaster tools. Poor tool by Microsoft.

Aparantly my website having 3 million+ visitors is not upto Bing standards

By: Stephen


2022-07-28 07:07:31

How dumb can Bing team be? I have 3 million+ traffic on my website and bing deindexed it. I dont give it a **** as bing traffic was less than 1% of my total traffic. I just wanted to highlight their level of negligence and professionalism. I am sure if bing remove itself from Microsoft Windows then it wont even receive traffic equal to my this website alone.
Here is what they send me.
"Thank you for your patience. After further review, it appears that your site ***.*******.*** did not meet the standards set by Bing the last time it was crawled. Post a re-review, we confirm that your website continues to be in violation of our Webmaster Guidelines."
Talk about quility, Bing team,if you dare, go ahead and check reviews on legitimate websites and show me one website which doesnt mention the bing crawlers poor intelligence and deindexing issues.

My Website Just Disappeared from Bing

By: Jacob


2022-07-22 06:07:15

My website which just disappeared from Bing search results. It is completely legitimate website with very good ranking on Google. I have contact microsoft bing support and Apparently i was allotted a support ticket number but no once contacted me even after 1 and a half month. They mentioned in their email that some engineer will contact me within 10 days. I can share my support ticket number if someone on Microsoft bing side is willing to investigate.
There is not way to contact microsoft upper management, if I reply to the same email that was sent to me, the email gets bounced and an undelivered email message is sent to me from microsoft servers.
I can see that many others have similar issues by taking a look at other reviews. Why is Bing team so irresponsible?

Bing completely deindexed my website

By: Donald A.


2022-07-19 05:07:29

Recently i have noticed that Bing is not sending me any traffic in my google analytics. When i tried to search my website on bing, it didnt even show a single page of my website instead most scraping websites were on top.
The only change i did was signing up with bing webmaster tools.
My website is receiving more than 100k traffic from google and bing was only sending me 300 to 400 visitors so it is not a significant loss for me. The only thing that bothered is the fact that yahoo and some other websites also use bing as their search engine so my website is also not shown on those websites.
After checking other reviews here, i am now confident that this is caused by bing webmaster tools sign up.
All my remaining websites are doing fine on bing and i am never going to put them on bing webmaster tools as it might get them banned and deindexed as well.

Do not register website with Bing

By: Rob


2022-07-13 10:07:40

It was my mistake to register my website with Bing webmaster tools. After a couple of month, my website got deindexed altogether. All my remaining websites are flawlessly receiving traffic from Bing and i am never going to register them on Bing webmaster tools. Why bother when you get banned instead of getting any benefit. Dont take my review lightly, I am telling my actual experience, if you dont believe me, go ahead and check other reviews for bing. They have some kind of bug in their webmaster tools system.

Google is better than Bing

By: Matt


2022-07-06 15:07:01

I dont use Bing very often but if i ever use it, usually i have to repeat the search on Google again.Bing search results are not even close to google plus they miss a lot of websites that Google show.

Shows Contents Scraping Websites instead of Originals

By: ketty


2022-06-30 05:06:01

Whenever i search on bing, it shows results of scrapped contents websites instead of the ones with original contents. I wont use it unless they fix that.

Bad Search Engine

By: Neil


2022-06-21 06:06:09

Bing is very bad search engine. It doesnt show what you search for! Horrible results, Its like if you search for an air conditioner, it will bring results with fans and then insist that you wanted to see fans not air conditioners. that is because its algorithm has banned the air conditioner pages as it was not upto Bing standards so people now have to see fans only. haha as if Bing has standards lol

Extremely irrelevant results

By: Mark Smith


2022-06-19 18:06:49

Coudnt find the business website i searched for, instead bing kept showing me the garbage spammy websites. Turned out that bing has banned the business i was searhing for. Lol what a bunch of jokers MS hired to run bing! Had to use Google to find it as always!

Windows keeps forcing me to use Bing

By: Deni Martin


2022-06-12 05:06:07

I have paid my windows license fees yet why Microsoft still wants to force me to use its useless search engine? Either improve your search engine or dont try to force people to use it. When Bing will overcome its issues, people will automatically start to use it, you wont need to force them anymore!
Improve Bing to such a level that people start to use it.