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(40 Reviews) is reviewed by 40 customers who gave it 3.7 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for or write your review. It is very famous and legitimate business!

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Still Wondering How to Use Aliexpress Coins

By: Abdullah


2022-06-10 14:06:21

I tried my best to catch any 0.01 + coins items at the start of the sale time but I failed. I am now beginning to think that this 0.01+coins sale is just a gimmick. How is it possible that all the items gets sold within a minute after sale is started. I tried to buy the useless items as well but coudnt, they would not show my county in the shipping. while if I try to buy the same item using actual money, the item shipment to my county will be available. I have so many aliexpress coins now but they are useless for me.

Aliexpress 0.01 Issues

By: Nomi


2022-06-09 07:06:02

This new user 0.01 coupon of Aliexpress is defiantly legit, my cousin used it to buy a spiderman suit for his son. However i was not lucky enough as i purchased a small item from aliexpress but my payment method was declined by aliexpress. Apparently Alipay is responsible for approving all the transactions. Due to some reason, Alipay reversed my transaction and the 0.01 new user coupon can only be used once. they didnt approve my bank card even though it was legit. If you want to take benefit from this $0.01 coupon then you should make sure that your payment card is verified by Alipay before attempting to use the 0.01 coupon otherwise you will end up losing it like me.

Aliexpress Coin Game

By: Gibs


2022-06-08 10:06:21

I can only play coin game on Aliexpress app, there is no game available on the desktop website. Ali express should develop a game for their website as well so that users like me can play the game who have easy access to a desktop pc. is not a Bad Website

By: Jerry


2022-06-06 18:06:55

I have earned many coins in my aliexpress account and i can use them is by doing an exchange with aliexpress coupons. That way i can save some bucks.

Aliexpress Refund Review

By: M.Naeem


2022-06-05 05:06:07

I was frustrated by a delayed refund on my order with Aliexpress. That was because i didnt know about the banking delays involved in the refund process so i thought the refund delay was caused by aliexpress but after contacting the aliexpress support, i came to know that some banks have a holding policy for the refunded payments. I later contacted my bank and found that my bank has already got the refund but they will transfer it to my account after 40 days. So the fault was at my banks end, not on Aliexpress.
I frequently use aliexpress so I have now changed my bank. Now i can get instant refunds from Aliexpress in case or order issues. This is my personal experience so if you suffer from delayed refunds from aliexpress then try changing the bank card you are using!

Aliexpress Discount Scams

By: Monti


2022-06-01 16:06:20

Have you ever noticed that if you see a discount on an aliexpress item, the price of that item is already increased by almost the same ratio at which that discount is? I have to buy a laser module for engraving and I have so many coins at disposal. I tried my best to find some discount on the laser module i want but i coudnt find one. I have seen many with upto 40% discount but their price was also 40% more than other modules so the price ended up same. Oh and you do see some ridiculously discounted items too but the sellers dont have any review so they must be scams so stay away from them. The only thing useful is the aliexpress coupons if you can grab one.

Becareful of sellers with bad reviews

By: Nomi


2022-05-29 18:05:06

Aliexpress should remove sellers that have too many bad reviews. Two years ago, I got a bad variable power supply module from a seller on Aliexpress and i gave him a bad review and today while searching for a similar module i was surprised to see the same seller selling the same power supply module. I checked the reviews and found that many other buyers also wrote bad reviews for same module fault yet that seller is still selling the same faulty module. This is not acceptable!

Aliexpress Ratings and Reviews are not Fully Trustable

By: Rashid


2022-05-28 06:05:33

Aliexpress itself is good but I have noticed that even after carefully selecting a buying on the basis of many reviews, once can still be scammed. I recently wasted my coins and a coupon on buying a handsfree from a seller which seemed to have a good rating on aliexpress but still when I placed an order, after a few days the seller refused to send me my order and requested me to cancel my order. I didn’t cancel the order as that can be bad for my profile repute so he himself cancelled the order after a few days. Altough i got my money back butI lost many coins and a coupon because I spend the coins to buy a coupon and that coupon got expired during all the time the seller wasted. I ended up losing the coupon and I cannot give a feedback as well so the seller got out of it clean handed despite of causing me a loss. Aliexpress should add some check on such sellers and atleast let the buyer add a feedback against the order cancelling by the seller.

No Way to Use Coins for Any Actual Benefit

By: Nomi


2022-05-23 15:05:11

I am a Gold member on aliexpress and have ordered many items. I have no doubt in Aliexpress order transparency but I have not found a real use of aliexpress coins so far, they seem to be a gimmick only. Mostly if you find a discount against the coins, you will note that the price is already high by that percentage so you mostly end up with the same price. So far i have only used the coins to exchange with discount coupons as the coins trade against any item has no value to me.

Got an Instant Refund

By: Andrew


2022-05-23 15:05:54

I ordered a buck converter circuit but got into a dispute with the seller. Aliexpress quickly refunded my entire amount within a week. They are certainly trustable and their refund processing is very fast.

First Place to Look for Rare Parts

By: Ansar


2022-05-22 06:05:48

Aliexpress is my number one resource to find rare parts. I am an electrician and every once in a while I encounter such parts that are not found in my local market but I always find them on aliexpress. The only issue it you have to wait for almost a month if you use regular shipment and the express shipments are pretty costly. Other than that they are the best online b2b market to date. Aliexpress is definitely legit and safe to use.

Aliexpress is a Trustable Website

By: Joe


2022-05-18 04:05:57

I have ordered hundreds of items from aliexpress and never lost my money. Either I get the item I purchased or I get a refund in the end. The risk is minimal and basically you only lose the time at the worst. When you become gold or platinum you can get more discount on the items you buy. However you need to check the sellers rating before you buy your things as some buyers are scams and that has nothing to do with Aliexpress, they have given you a rating mechanism to find better sellers already so it becomes your responsibility to search for good sellers based upon reviews and ratings. Too much discount on an item should be considered suspicious. Aliexpress in its own is fully legitimate though and they do everything to protect you from such sellers including the full refunds if you can prove the seller as a scammer.

Good but Delivery Time is Unpredictable

By: Genius


2022-05-17 15:05:07

I have bought dozens of items from aliexpress and so far received almost all of them except a set of goggles which was not sent to me due to being out of stock.
The only issue i face is the unpredictable delivery time. sometimes i get my items within 10 days and sometimes it takes close to 2 months. That is the only issue i face with Aliexpress otherwise i like them. The are completely legitimate.

Aliexpress Coupen Refund Issue

By: AbdulAleem


2021-12-05 11:12:47

I do most of my purchases from aliexpress and it certainly is very trustable website however there is an issue with aliexpress coupon system. Some times sellers on aliexpress accept the order even if they don’t have the item to ship and when the order is accepted, they ask you to cancel the order. In this case we do get our money refunded as the order is never shipped and also aliexpress returns the coupen to but the coupon time wasted during this order period is not extended. Mostly in such cases of refund, the time it takes to fully refund the order is enough to expire the coupon.
This has happened to me recently as I got a $10 coupon which I used to order laser protection goggles but the seller later cancelled the order saying he is out of stock and refunded my amount, my $10 coupon got expired in this process which was a loss for me.
Good reliable website which itself is very good. Though be careful when buying from a seller, do your research like check the seller feedbacks before buying.
Aliexpress should add coupon time extending feature if an order is cancelled and a coupon was used in it.
If you want to use a coupon, make sure the seller you are buying from is reliable and even then ask from the seller about stock availability before you check out. Coins Scam

By: Muhammad Naeem


2021-10-02 04:10:28

Aliexpress is owned by Alibaba group which is right now one of the top online companies therefore it is certainly not a scam but some of the practices you find on the site are certainly full of doubts.
For instance, has a coin-based compensation system which is extremely deceptive. They claim the certain value of a coin on their site but if you actually try to spend it, you can only spend it on the items that are showing way more price than their actual price, so even after paying combined with the coins and real money, you still end up paying more than the actual price of that item. Oh and if you find some items with somewhat realistic price, you can only pay like 1% of price via the coins and rest has to be paid in real money.
There is an area on their website where they claim to offer items for 0.01 USD + coins and the sale is daily started at a fixed time and right after that time, all the items that were available for sale magically turned into sold items within a second. Go ahead and try it for yourself, you will find everything exactly as I am saying. If somehow you managed to get an item being sold and you try to buy it, it will simply say that it cannot be shipped to your country. Now go ahead and try to buy that same item with real money, you will see that magically you can buy it in that very same country where it was refused to be sent.
These kinds of practices really don’t suit such a large-scale company. I don’t know if it is in the knowledge of “Jack Ma” or not but I think he should personally check it by creating an account on AliExpress and doing all above I mentioned and then do appropriate actions to protect the goodwill of his company before it is ruined.
I still use aliexpress to buy items once in a while and I had some disputes with individual sellers which I have even lost money but I certainly don’t blame for them because those are actions of individuals on but this coins thing certainly needs to be addressed as it is solely aliexpress’s fault.
When it comes to seller protection, mostly aliexpress resolves the issues and 9 out of 10 times you don’t lose your money so its pretty safe to buy on aliexpress if you check for seller repute before ordering.
The coins issue, I think they should simply remove the coins system instead of the bad impact it is putting on their site. Secondly, if you buy something with money and coupen and seller is unable to process it, you only get your money refunded and coupen usually expires during that dispute time period. Aliexpress should also increase the coupon expiry by the time it took them to resolve the dispute and refund period.
My advice is to always double check your seller before buying anything. Check seller feedbacks not only on aliexpress but also on other sites like, etc. Usually, sellers also get good feedbacks buy some deceptive practices like by indirectly buying their own items and them giving excellent feedback to trap more users.