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Rating: 2.1 / 5.0

(15 Reviews) is reviewed by 15 customers who gave it 2.1 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for or write your review. It is not very famous so you should use it with caution!

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You are lucky if your web page loads

By: Diana


2023-05-31 16:05:12

Works but Extremely slow. Anything that takes 1 second on your local xamp sever takes 10 seconds on ooowebhost. Being free is not an excuse to deliver something that becomes a pain to use. I created a page on the free hosting of 000webhost for my school project but the website didnt load during the presentation. I felt so embarrassed that i started to cry, thankfully my teacher gave me another chance to present my project on a laptop using my xamp server. Please dont use 000webhost for anything that you depend on!

500 internal server error

By: Nicki


2023-05-13 16:05:15

I am unable to run my small PHP based webpage. it shows this message "internal server error 500" but i can successfully run it on my local Xamp server so i think there is not error in my code. I can run rest of my PHP scripts fine but when i load the main page, i get 500 error. 000webhost support doesnt help at all as I am using their free web hosting. This is my final year project and i needed a place to upload it to show to my teachers live. I cannot show it from my local server so now i need to find any other free PHP based hosting for my project.

File Manager is Very Slow

By: Zafar Chowhan


2023-04-27 14:04:42

It is very difficult to upload files using the online file manager of 000webhost. The file uploads are mostly broken and the file i upload gets corrupt. I have to use FTP client most of the times but the trouble is i cannot use it easily from my tablet. I think the server they allocated for my free hosting is very slow and it breaks the connection during uploads, i tried to ping which is too high and timeouts mostly.

000webhosting is best for testing

By: Danish Taimor


2023-03-31 11:03:30

I like 000webhosting for testing my PHP assignments. The only thing i dont like is they delete accounts without any notification. My previous account was deleted and I lost all my assignment project. Had to create a new account but now i keep backups in case they delete my new account again.
If you want to use 000webhost for anything other than testing then you need to look for some paid web hostings. It is not suitable for any business or work related webpage for sure.

They ask you again and again to upgrade to Hostinger

By: Georgette M.


2023-03-17 04:03:55

I use 000webhost free hosting to test my PHP scripts for my college assignments. It gets very annoying to the limit when they keeps asking you to upgrade to Hostinger. I know Hostinger is a good web hosting but I am a student and I cannot afford it right now. Why pushing me so hard? You should note that most of your free clients are actually students so please be patient with them. is a better alternative of 000webhost

By: Smantha


2023-01-19 12:01:44

If you are after a blog then is much better and more reliable than 000webhost. It offers better loading speed and almost no downtime. Also, the subdomain name is easier to remember. The only downside is the inability to use custom code. 000webhost will terminate your account anytime without any warning, so think before you invest your time and if you choose them, always keep a current backup of your website.

It is free yet works

By: Willi


2022-11-29 17:11:27

All bad reviewers should keep in mind that 000webhost is free. Plz dont compare it with paid web hosts. Once you think that way, you will begin to like it.

Good for PHP Testing

By: Nomi


2022-11-06 11:11:48

I use 000webhost for php based script testing. The permissions are a bit limited sometimes but it is still a good option being totally free. I wont recommend them as a deployment solution though, too slow for something that actually work.

error 502 bad gateway openresty

By: Linda


2022-10-18 11:10:08

I am constantly seeing this error "502 bad gateway openresty" when opening my free website on 000webhost. Initially, I thought it's my code issue but then I have done some research and found that it is server related issue and should be temporary. But in my case, it keeps showing again and again. 000webhost support won't help as apparently i need to upgrade to paid hosting to avoid such issues and get better support. I guess there is always a price for being free so decide before you opt for 000webhost.

000webhost Vs Hostgator

By: amar


2022-07-20 14:07:23

I just switched from 000webhost to Hostgator today. The speed difference is huge. Both of them are not even comparable at all. I know it's unfair to compare free hosting with a paid one but I am now realizing that I was wasting my time on 000webhost. My website was crawling like a turtle and now it's flying like a jet. Also now there are no ads on it and I will soon put my AdSense ads on my website when I get my account approved.
I would say that even WordPress or Blogspot subdomains are better than 000webhost.

Wordpress installation Issues

By: Modi


2022-06-17 17:06:51

I installed a wordpress website on 000webhost free hosting account and after everything is setup, I was presented again with the wordpress installation page. Everything went missing. I thought it was my fault and then again spend 3 hours to setup my wordpress website. After a few hours when i visited my website it was again showing wordpress installation page. Coudnt use their free hosting so left after wasting so many hours. total crap!

000webhost free subdomain is slow

By: Robert


2022-06-01 16:06:35

Before you say, you cannot complain about the free stuff, its not fully free as 000webhost shows ads on your web pages. I mostly used their free subdomain for testing only though. Glad i didnt setup something important on it as they suddenly suspended my account for suspected phishing. I am a web developer, why would i do such things on my test pages? I still gave 000webhost 2 stars just because no mater how slow it was, i was still able to test my websites on their free hosting. But if you want it for something other than testing, then forget about it. Wont even reliably run your profile pages. You cannot predict when it will suddenly refuse to load at all. But then again, you cannot complaint much about something you apparently get for free!

Don’t Sign up with 000webhost

By: Peter


2022-05-18 04:05:36

000webhost free web hosting is crap. Don’t even think to sign up with them. All the time you spend on uploading your blog or web contents on 000webhost will be lost. They will ban your account at any time without any warnings. Even if kept working for a few weeks, your website will be slow as snail and wont even load at the peak hours. One more thing to note is if your account is free and they delete it, you wont be able to get your data back so if you are using their free hosting as a testing environment, think twice.

The Number 1 Free Web Hosting But from the Bottom Up

By: Jack


2021-12-11 09:12:06

The Number 1 Free Web Hosting But from the Bottom Up
I am writing this review only to save the time of the innocent people who become victim to 000webhost by opting for their free web hosting. Don’t, I repeat don’t waste your time on 000webhost, instead go and create a blog on or even blogspot is a thousand times better than this worst free hosting. I have created a beautiful wordpress website and set it up on their free web hosting, I spent over a week on making the changed to the wordpress theme and finally when everything was don’t, my subdomain got down straight for 3 days and when it came back up, guess what I see? The wordpress installation screen!
They have restored a week older backup to my subdomain and all my work was lost. Also the fact that their free hosting stayed down for 3 days explains their so called good free web hosting. I contacted their support which said its my responsibility to always keep backups with me. I then posted the same on their forum so that it doesn’t happen to anyone else but my forum post along with my free webhosting account got deleted.
I have them 1 star as I coudnt give less than 1 but rest assured they dont even deserve 1 star.
Their web hosting is free along with all the tension and depression it will give you during its short life span. The 1 star rating I am giving them is an honor for them as they dont deserve 1 star too but I have not option below 1 star available here.
Their web hosting features unlimited pains and unlimited suffering until you close your account
Stay away from 000webhost, if you really need a free webhost, go for or blogspot, they are much truly reliable

Stay Away from

By: Muhammad Naeem


2021-10-09 18:10:18

I have today tried to signup for 000webhost. First, they kept insisting me to buy Hostinger webhosting at 85% to 90% discount which I never wanted to So I closed that huge page filling advertisement to proceed with free signup page. Then again that hostinger ad became a banner at the footer of 000webhost along with signup page at the top.
I tried to use my own domain’s email address for signup, it said “Please use email address from a reputable email provider like Gmail and Outlook”. Apparently, they were trying to say that having my own domain’s email address is worse than the free so-called reputable email addresses they recommend.
Finding no other way, I then used an email address from their recommended email providers then it said “Wrong captcha entered” while there was not captcha to enter the very first place. I thought maybe I missed the captcha image and then again tried to signup and tried to look everywhere on their website to confirm if I can find a captcha image to enter but I couldn’t find it. It seemed that they were discouraging me to signup for free webhosting. Well I kept trying and after several tried and seeing several errors, I was able to sign up. It sent signup confirmation and verification email to my email.
I opened my email inbox and when I clicked on the verification link in my email here is what my browser said after over a minute of page loading:
“This site has been reported as unsafe Microsoft recommends you don't continue to this site.
It has been reported to Microsoft for containing phishing threats which may try to steal personal or financial information.”
With a “Go Back” button at the bottom.
That was the end of the Tunnel for me so I stopped at this point and then clicked on the unsubscribe button in the email they send me to avoid any future spam from them but here is the message I got “Mailer Notice You cannot unsubscribe from transactional emails”. So I cannot sign in and I cannot subscribe too, Glad I didn’t use my main email to signup with 000webost.
I guess their name starting with 000 is very right, they literally deserve a 0 in from every aspect.
thought I should post it here to save time of others. Oh i later found out that they are probably either acquired by Hostinger or partnerships with them. since then I decided to stay away from Hostinger too.
I was thinking to give them a try but now i wont!
Nothing to like in them
Stay away from