What is Not Scam.com?

September 06, 2010 By: admin

NOT SCAM.COM is a scam and fraud prevention platform where we post information about legitimacy of various businesses and websites out there. Our aim is to protect you from countless scammers on the internet. It is a painful experience to lose your hard earned money to some scam website. Sadly internet doesn’t give you much protection against scams. An average person usually cannot afford to proceed with legal actions against scammers due to lack of time, money and due to difference or regional laws. If you are victim of a scam then the least you can do is to send your story to us  (report@notscam.com) and we will let everybody know about the scammer. We are pretty sure this will make the scammer’s life a bit harder and thus will give you some mental peace. Secondly, you can also search our website to check for scam or fraud reports of a product or service before buying it. Scam or Not Review? »

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Vworker Review, Must Read for Online Workers and Freelancers

October 08, 2011 By: admin

This Vworker review is written from a freelancer’s point of view. If you are interested in joining Vworker as a freelancer then it is a must read thing. I am pretty sure that after reading this review, you will come to a decision and you won’t need to surf more Google pages to clear your doubts about Vworker. This review will cover each and every important aspect of Vworker and you will see both sides of the picture.
Before going into details, let me inform you that I myself am a freelancer as well as a webmaster from almost a decade now so not many people can guide you as better as I can. Scam or Not Review? »

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Vworker Scam or Legit

August 29, 2010 By: admin

It is really a good idea to verify legitimacy of an online website before joining it. If you are planning to join Vworker then let me tell you that Vworker is definitely not a scam. It is actually Rentacoder; Exhedra recently renamed Rentacoder into Vworker. A plenty of other similar freelancing websites exist out there but if you are an individual then I think Vworker is best for you. Projects on Vworker are targeting individual users therefore you can easily get yourself a project but that doesn’t mean that companies don’t post projects on Scam or Not Review? »

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Beezid Scam or Not

June 16, 2010 By: admin

First of all, keep in mind that Beezid is not a website like Ebay. If you think so or you are going to use it just like Ebay then you are wrong. You will be very disappointed. Beezid is probably not a scam but it is an extra ordinary business plan made by some real genius person. Basically to start using Beezid, you will need to purchase bids which are priced depending upon the bid pack you are purchasing and are usually Scam or Not Review? »

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Just Host Scam

April 05, 2010 By: admin

Talking about legitimacy of their hosting business, Just host is definitely not scam. Just host has provided their UK, US and Australa office addresses on their website which should eliminate most of the chances that they are a scam. However, I have received several complaints about Just host suspending the hosting account of their web hosting client due to excess of server usage and the surprising factor in most of the complaints is Just Host suspending your account after reaching somewhere between 300 to 500 unique visitors per day only. Scam or Not Review? »

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Clixsense Scam

March 02, 2010 By: admin

Clixsense is just one more pay per view program out there who offers you a payout of up to $5 and $2 bonus for every registration your refer. I have received various scam reports via emails regarding Clixsense. According to those reports, either clicksense bans the user account once it reaches minimum payout or the payment it too low Scam or Not Review? »

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WebTHosting Scam

February 15, 2010 By: admin

If you are thinking to purchase a hosting plan from WebTHositng, Think again. Never ever go for WebTHosting. Not only they ripped my US$59.40 money, but in addition to that, they were calling me names. The word “Support” is absolutely not suitable for WebTHosting Support. I have been scammed on internet by various companies but WebTHosting comes first on my list as they have not only ripped me off but in addition to that Scam or Not Review? »

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What is Phishing Email Scam?

February 04, 2010 By: admin

It is possible that some day you receive an email from your bank or trusted company asking you to verify your information. It may look real because it is usually designed to fool you into handing over your important account or personal information. This type of scam is called Phishing. Most of us have to deal with online businesses in order to buy or sell various items. To conduct these transactions, we have to deal with sensitive information; there is nothing wrong with it as long as you work with the reputable and well established organizations. Scam or Not Review? »

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Paypal Offers No Seller Protection Against Chargeback

February 04, 2010 By: admin

Hello, my name is Terry, I am writing here my experience with paypal for the people who are either considering to use paypal or just trying to find pros and cons of Paypal. If you are selling small items like less than $10 then Paypal is probably good for you because you are not going to be targeted by scammers that exploit the paypal system and credit card chargeback process. Scam or Not Review? »

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Moneybookers Scam or not?

January 31, 2010 By: admin

Moneybookers seems to be a legitimated payment processing system which can be used to send or accept payments online. Moneybookers is not a scam, I have been using it since 3 years and I am fully satisfied with it. In fact, I prefer it over Paypal due to several factors. However, their verification system is a little more complicated which sometimes becomes annoying but other than that they are better than almost all money wallets out there. Scam or Not Review? »

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