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(17 Reviews) is reviewed by 17 customers who gave it 4.1 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for or write your review. It is very famous and legitimate business!

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Fiverr pending clearance time

By: Ayyub Ali


2023-11-10 10:11:08

I dont like the 14 days delay Fiverr imposes on us. I am not against doing a one time delay on first payment but it is certainly unfair once a freelancer has received a payment. The payment kind of verifies freelancer's accounts so there is not point it delaying further payments in the name of Fiverr pending clearance time.
other than this issue, i like fiverr and recommend it to my fellow freelancers.

Totally Legitimate

By: Waqas Shahid


2023-05-05 13:05:14

I normally dont write reviews but Fiverr really deserves a good review. I have seen many students doing part-time work on Fiverr in my surrounding. Fiverr is really making a difference for students to afford their educational expenditures. Fiverr is a legitimate earning platform that surely earned its place.

Excellent Support from Jack

By: Muhammad Naeem


2023-03-19 10:03:01

Due to some bug, One of my gigs got deleted. I didnt want to lose good reviews on that gig so I contacted Fiverr support, Jack was assigned as the support person for me. He went a step ahead and got my deleted Gig restored by contacting the internal Fiverr development team. Being a developer myself, I know that they probably restored my gig from an old database backup and ran a query on main Fiverr website database to restore it just for me. That shows that Fiverr support really care for their clients, I have to say I am impressed :)
Thanks a lot Jack and the rest of Fiverr support team :)

I am a Gig seller on Fiverr and I love it

By: Bob


2023-01-13 17:01:22

For me, Fiverr is the best website so far. I have created a few gigs on fiverr and I am able to sell them once or twice every week which is great. I dont earn much but still my earning stays between $300 to $500 which is not a bad start considering that i have joined fiverr less than a year ago. If you are a freelancer then i would say dont hesitate and give it a try, it is worth the effort!

Logo design projects

By: Sultan


2022-11-09 15:11:24

Fiverr is a very good website for designers like me. I have created a gig on Fiverr and started my pricing from $5 per mockup, surprisingly I got more than 10 reviews within a month, now I am planning to raise the price to $10 till I get 50 reviews then I will raise my gig price further. This is a good strategy and was recommended to me by an experienced designer on Fiverr who has 1K+ reviews.

503 Service temporarily unavailable

By: Riaz


2022-10-28 10:10:34

I have recently started to see "503 Service temporarily unavailable" error very frequently. Fiverr is a now a pretty big name in freelance world so I think they should take it seriously. I was unable to upload my delivery only because of this error and the client could give me negative feedback due to their infrastructure issues that has nothing to do with me.

Fiverr best for logos

By: Nisar


2022-09-23 04:09:01

I own a printing press and whenever i need logos, i find an affordable designer on fiverr. Just check the reviews before buying the gig.

Fiverr payment clearance time issue

By: R.Chohan


2022-09-13 11:09:02

I like Fiverr and I have already completed my first two gigs. Everything seems to be good however the payment clearance time seems to be a bit unfair. I don't see any point in keeping an already earned amount for 15 days. If the delay was for the first payment only then I could understand that they may have security procedures and checks for the personal verifications for the first time but this clearance time affects me every time.
Dear Fiverr team, please do something to solve our issue or at least reduce this payment clearance time to 7 days for all freelancers, and preferred freelancers should be exempt from this clearance time. This is high competition time and I am sure you want Fiverr to stay ahead of all your competition so please think about it.

Legit for sure

By: nosh


2022-09-02 13:09:28

I earned more than $100 in two small gigs which i did in less than 24 hours. However only two gigs were bought this month so far. So your income depends upon how many gigs you can sell or how much exposure your gig have. But yes they do pay! Fiverr is definitely legit!

Funds Pending Clearance

By: Milo


2022-08-14 17:08:05

Every time I complete an order on Fiverr, it shows a progress bar saying "Funds Pending Clearance" and keeps my funds for 15 days before releasing them. This is very annoying, What is the point in keeping my money even after having so many orders? No other freelancing website keeps funds for so much time. Fiverr should remove this payment hold, I am sure no one likes this policy and gives us a thought that Fiverr is probably earning interest on our earnings by holding the for too much time.

Just got my first order

By: Genius


2022-08-08 04:08:51

Fiverr is a great freelancing website. I got my first order and completed it within a couple of days. I earned $25 out of which $5 is cut by Fiverr which is a bit turn off but yea it works. I am waiting for client to give me a good feedback. Hopefully this feedback will help me in getting my next order a lot more quicker.

Ticket Already Used Issue

By: G.Grover


2022-07-26 04:07:02

I am very frustrated by the test system on the test pages take ages to load and even if it loads, it keeps showing the "Ticket already used" error. I don't know what a ticket is. I think it tries to say that I have already wasted my test tries while in actuality the test page never loaded. I tried to contact Fiverr support but they kept blaming me for assumingly slow internet connection while in actuality I am using a 100Mbps fast internet connection and never faced any issue on any other website.
I even sent an email to on this issue but no resolution.
Fiverr support should stop blaming the complaining person rather they should focus on fixing the issues.
Other than that, Fiverr is a pretty good website though, only if they can improve their support team's knowledge, maybe training sessions can do the job.

Mixed Support Ticket Experience

By: Sunil K.


2022-06-12 04:06:24

There are many flaws in the Fiverr website so I had to contact their support quite a few times. I had a very mixed experience, once a guy from Fiverr gave me an excellent support session for a profile issue and even though that was a bug in their system, I still think he was able to give me an excellent support on his end.
But recently, i had a very bad experience with Fiverr support, I got 3 replies from 3 difference people and it seemed to me that they didnt even care to read my support request. That was very frustrating and I still am shocked that how huge the difference can be between some support personals.

Problems in Fiverr Test System

By: Muhammad Naeem


2022-05-30 07:05:16

I have attempted a test on fiverr and when I clicked on the Start Test button, nothing happened for almost a minute then I again clicked on the button and then it loaded a page saying “Ticket already used”. Apparently, their script didn’t even check if the page loading is done and assumed that the page was loaded and thus marked my test attempt as used and failed me. And that is not the only failure, The results screen also shows Test time as 0 minutes, they didtnt even implemented a check on the minimum test time to check page loading.
I didn’t expect such childish bugs in a website that is actually meant to be used by Freelancers which are mostly web developers. Fiverr show some maturity please, you are dealing with web developers and it’s a pain for a web developer to see bugs in a website on which it is finding work.
To regenerate the bug;
Go to the test button and click on the button and then click again after a few seconds, it will consume your test ticket without even loading the test page. Oh and I opened a support ticket to report the bug but their support team started to defend them selves by saying, you should clear your cookies and page cache before taking the test, and make sure to use high speed internet connection and close all other browser windows etc. lol
Instead of improving their test system they want you to adopt for their bugs. How ironic! Never expected this from Fiverr!

Fiverr is Genuine and Legit

By: Ismail


2022-05-23 16:05:51

I have sold many gigs on fiverr and I can now afford to carry on my studies. If you have any talent such as designing skills or you can program or develop websites then you can earn a decent amount on Fiverr. You wont get rich but you can pay for your bread and butter.

Bug in Fiverrs own Dashboard

By: Muhammad Naeem


2022-03-04 03:03:01

I have yet to test Fiverr as a platform because it is not letting me post any Gig due to incomplete profile which due to some bug in their system I am unable to complete. It is stuck at 95% complete and no mater how many times I click on continue buttons, it stays there. It is defiantly a bug, i tried to search on google and found others with similar complaint but was unable to find a solution. It is just a turn of when you see bugs in a freelancing platform itself because at least the freelancing platforms should keep themselves bug free. I am now opening a support ticket on fiverr for this issue and i will update my review once its resolved. is Unbelievably Racist

By: Hasham Ahmad


2021-11-08 11:11:51

I am from Syria and I work on freelancer, upwork so I made a profile on to give it a test. I have experience in freelancing so I have quickly completed some orders. Its good that I was only using fiverr for testing purposes and had no dependency on them as they suddenly banned my account without any valid reason. When I contact them, their support guy said that they are not allowed to work with Syrian people. No one has ever treated me like that on any other freelancing marketplace so I further investigated and found that the Fiverr is an Israeli business which is operating from Tel-aviv.
Apparently as their support said, they have some Racist laws that doesn’t allow them to conduct business with citizens of my country. I have saved the snapshots of their chat and I could have shared them here if there was a way to do so.
I got some work on so I would have rated it 4 stars but this racist behavior doesn’t allow that. They deserve 2 stars at the best.
The way they treated me on made me think I am an alien mistakenly landed on their planet.
If you are working on I suggest you should not stay dependent on them and strengthen your profiles on other marketplaces like Upwork and freelancer etc. They will ban you anytime without any warning and any valid reason. BTW I am glad they banned me though as I was wasting time on their site anyways, I can make much more in the same time now on Upwork.