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(2 Reviews) is reviewed by 2 customers who gave it 4.5 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for or write your review. It is not very famous but it seems to be a legitimate business!

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Cheapest VPS I found that Works

By: Asad Ali


2023-05-14 13:05:52

You wont be able to find cheaper VPS than Dedipath packages. They have a package for a 512MB/10GB VPS that can easily handle 5K daily or 150K monthly traffic. But it is only for tech savvy people. If you are a normal user then you should opt for their Personal hosting package which is $11.99 per month. It may look expensive but all other hosting providers also charge you same when you renew them. The discount offered is only for the first time.
Dedipath support is a bit slow but they will solve your issues and can actually help in setting up your VPS as well. But again, VPS management is not an easy job, all your websites can go down at once if you fail to keep up with your VPS security.

Used SSD VPS, Better Than Expected

By: Eddi


2021-12-07 04:12:09

I have used their ssd vps and it was pretty good. The website loading speed was overall good however there were times when my website took a few seconds to load even though the website traffic was less than 50 users per day. I think it has something to do with their bandwidth load balancing. I am sure the weakest server I can setup can load my website in less than a second so obviously either it was the bandwidth balancing issue or some OpenVS configuration issue. Overall, the website was running good but I just didn’t take the risk and moved from them.

To be honest, SSD VPS package of Dedipath is good and may be better alternative than shared web hostings in same price slab. However, one must have the basic server configurations and setup knowledge which also applies to VPS to get this benefit.
Slightly slow webpage loading during busy hours and I had one episode of my VPS being down which was resolved immediately after bringing into their attention. I give due credit to their fast support team but the cause of VPS going down is still unknown to me.
If you can manage a VPS, go for their SSD VPS, 30GB web space that too on an SSD combined with 2TB bandwidth offered on 1Gbp Port speed is obviously something worth the price. The only downside is the 1GB RAM but you can overcome that with a carefully developed custom made website. In my opinion, you can manage around 30K to 50K per month traffic on Dedipath this SSD VPS package.