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Rating: 4.9 / 5.0

(14 Reviews)

Cryptokruz is reviewed by 14 customers who gave it 4.9 stars out of 5.0. Read real customer reviews for Cryptokruz or write your review. It is not very famous so you should use it with caution!

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The best among the rest

By: Laslo Struff


2022-06-13 11:06:13

A lot of people have been looking for a legit platform where they can trade and earn fair return but it is always difficult to come across a good one. I had given up my search for one until a friend shared his referral code and i used it to join cryptokruz. since then i have made a reasonable amount of profit here. You too can

Legit minig and trading website

By: Looney Thompson


2022-06-08 19:06:06

A trial will certainly convince you. I have tried out their service which is why i trust them and i can recommend them to anyone. As a matter of fact i have used the referral to earn extra bonuses.

Legit group of crypto trader

By: Daniel Wass


2022-06-04 05:06:59

Cryptokruz have been at my service for 8 months now and i must recommend their unreserved dedication the success of their customers. They are indeed the best to invest with.

My little investment still yields profit.

By: Marco Tips


2022-05-31 09:05:28

This is a legit website. I have operated with them for over a year now and even though my investment is little, my return is constant.

I had to wait for response

By: Mozea Sevilla


2022-05-30 09:05:49

The service is truly amazing but i must confess that the wait time for response was a turn off for me. I made further inquiries regarding that and it turn out the wave of customers plays a key role but i believe they can surely improve in that field but otherwise their service is 100 which is why i am not giving them complete 5 star.

Cryptokruz is a unique platform

By: Atlas Warner


2022-05-27 05:05:27

I love cryptokruz, they are a very unique platform with a whole new level of functionality. i am glad i chose to invest with them and experience has been completely a good one.

They are professionals

By: Tom Gills


2022-05-24 11:05:10

I must admit that cryptokruz are true professionals in the business of crypto trading and i am really satisfied with the entire results i have gotten so far.

I love their autopilot

By: Williams Butler


2022-05-19 18:05:50

The autopilot trading system here is actually my favorite feature, I am a novice to crypto currency and i am certain i will certainly loose a whole lot of my money if i choose to do it myself but i am glad i found the right team.

They do thr right job

By: Margot Fred


2022-05-19 18:05:37

I can hardly believe what I am witnessing with the service they offer here, it is professionalism at its core, they do such work that you know your money is in the right place and you’re doing the right thing because the return always proves that.

They are legit

By: Irby Williams


2022-05-19 12:05:58

I first came across crypto currency investment in 2018 but I got scammed and lost interestt but i ventured back last year after a friend referred me to cryptokruz. Well to cut the long story short i have had a beautiful experience with them so i can also suggest that you give them a try if you are looking to invest.

They are the best.

By: Mark Spencer


2022-05-15 16:05:40

Without any doubt cryptokruz delivered as promised. I invested $45k and in two months i profitted over $10k which is quite good for a starter

You should try them out.

By: Abel Cuenca


2022-05-15 13:05:33

I have tried out cryptokruz and they are the most reliable trading company i have come across. I really hope they keep up the good job. Thank you guys

Cryptokruz is the best

By: Michael Jerico


2022-05-13 15:05:30

Cryptokruz is the best cryptocurrency trading website. i have been investing with them for over six now and the result has been consistence.

They are great

By: Iago Batra


2022-05-12 16:05:19

I am glad my experience with them is a good one otherwise my review would have been different. I am now taking this step forward to encourage anyone that has an interest in investing with them. They are great.