Vworker Review, Must Read for Online Workers and Freelancers

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This Vworker review is written from a freelancer’s point of view. If you are interested in joining Vworker as a freelancer then it is a must read thing. I am pretty sure that after reading this review, you will come to a decision and you won’t need to surf more Google pages to clear your doubts about Vworker. This review will cover each and every important aspect of Vworker and you will see both sides of the picture.
Before going into details, let me inform you that I myself am a freelancer as well as a webmaster from almost a decade now so not many people can guide you as better as I can. I have been working on Vwoker since it was called rentacoder.com. I don’t know the main reason behind the name change but what I can assure you is that it is not a Scam or fraud business. It is a serious website for freelancers who want to work online and earn their livelihood respectfully. In the website name, V stands for Virtual, so the website is for Virtual Workers.
Who Founded Vworker?
Vworker is founded by Ian Ippolito, an innovative and professional businessman or should I say a genius. He is one of those very few businessmen I personally like. He has communicated with me via comments section of some of my blogs a few times. Ian seems to spend a lot of time on surfing blogs and forums to keep an eye on his business repute and that is the reason due to which he keeps updating Vworker in accordance with the demands of freelancers and employers. This is a plus point that goes to Vworker, I don’t think many CEO’s spend their time in solving the complaints of their website visitors like Ian Ippolito. If you have an unsolved problem with Vworker staff then you should try to contact Ian, I am pretty sure you will have your problem resolved.
Why Do You See Some False Scam Reports About Vworker in Search Results:
Remember! Vworker is a market place for freelance work. People hire people to get their work done which means a small portion of people may not be honest on both sides. So if a freelance worker scams a buyer or if a buyer scams a freelancer, people mistake it as Vworker’s fault. I think such situations can be avoided by sticking to the guidelines provided by Vworker. Don’t give payments or final deliverables before verifying that your contract is complete. Some people out there don’t take Vworker guidelines seriously and after getting ripped off, they blame Vworker which is obviously a wrong thing. Vworker itself is not a Scam but some people on Vworker may be; which is a different thing.
Using Vworker To Get Projects:
Vworker is totally free to join. After joining, you will be able to browse through different projects. For your convenience, projects are properly categories and a search function is also available which enables you to find projects easily. Main categories are Data entry, Virtual Assistant, Web research, Sales and marketing, Artwork, Graphic design, Adobe Photoshop, Logo design, Illustration and an Other Category for Graphic Designs. Just select the category you are interested in and Once you find a project that falls into your expertise, you are ready to bid.
Click here to Join Freelancer as Vworker is now acquired by Freelancer
How to decide the bid amount:
Before placing a bid on a project, put yourself in service buyer’s shoes. Try to evaluate the work value while keeping in mind the average market rate of that work. Then evaluate the work from coder /work point of view. Estimate the actual time you will need to spend on that project and multiply it with your hourly rate. Stay realistic and don’t place too high bids, under my experience, most of the chosen bids are near the middle of the budget range. Don’t place too high bids unless you are one of the top rankers on Vworker.
Vworker Project Fee:
Vworker fee lies between 6.5% to 15% of Total Project Amount. But the good part is, this fee is added to the total project amount instead of being deducted. For instance, if you place a bid of $200 on a project and Vworker fee is 15% for that project, Vworker will charge the service buyer $230 and you will get your full $200 after project completion. Other than Project amount, service buyer can also give a project bonus. Vworker charges 7.5% to 10% as a fee on bonus amount.
Vworker Affiliates Program:
Vworker also offers a very attractive affiliate program with a true potential. I will again admit that Ian Ippolito is a genius. He really knows how to hit the competition hard and has offered a very attractive affiliate program with life time residual income to attract serious affiliates. I will say his affiliate program is good enough to break the affiliate chain of other competitors. I am pretty sure many serious affiliates of his competition has already switched the side and joined him (Including me;) ). I think my previous article which I wrote on another blog of mine also played a role in his decision as I have criticized his previous affiliate system in that post and he had replied me as well.
Vworker’s affiliate program gives more when you invest more time into it. As your earning grows, commission increases. There are 3 slabs for their affiliate commission. First slab is called Standard Affiliate and has 5% commission for a worker and 20% commission for employer. If your affiliate earning crosses $1000 then you will fall into second slab called Super Affiliate. In this slab you will get 7% commission for worker and 25% commission for employers. Finally as your earning crosses $10,000, you will fall into Ultra affiliate slab where you will get 10% commission for workers and 30% commission for employers.
If you look closely, this affiliate program encourages serious affiliates to aggressively promote Vworker. Resultantly Vworker is likely to be way ahead of their competitors in near future unless they do something better. The reason why I am telling you about their affiliate program is because you can earn extra income by referring Vworker to your other freelancer friends and if they join it from your affiliate link, you will get a commission from whatever they earn in their life time. Isn’t that attractive?
Vworker Payment Methods:
Vworker offers 4 payment methods. Snail Mail check, Western Unions, Payoneer Debit Card and Paypal. I prefer Western Union in case I need quick money, or Payoneer in case i need to use money online or to withdraw it from ATMs. Paypal is not available in all countries otherwise it’s a good choice as well for small payments.
UPDATE: Vworker is now acquired by Freelancer so please now join Freelancer instead which is even better.
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There’s actually a site similar to VWorker who offers full-time work only. If you haven’t heard of Staff.com maybe you’re only focusing yourself to Odesk, Elance, VWorker and other crowded sites. I actually had an account with VWorker before but I cancelled it and tried looking for full time jobs online. Fortunately, my friend referred me to Staff.com

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