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February 15, 2010 By: admin

If you are thinking to purchase a hosting plan from WebTHositng, Think again. Never ever go for WebTHosting. Not only they ripped my US$59.40 money, but in addition to that, they were calling me names. The word “Support” is absolutely not suitable for WebTHosting Support. I have been scammed on internet by various companies but WebTHosting comes first on my list as they have not only ripped me off but in addition to that they insulted me. Here is the complete story of what they have done to me.
I am a webmaster and I used to purchase web hosting services from many companies in order to host my various websites. One day I was in need of another web hosting company so I searched on Google and perhaps due to my bad luck, I encountered a website called WebTHosting.com. I have gone through their website and apparently every thing looked professional. In addition to that, I was inspired by their money back guarantee as well. Therefore I decided to purchase WebThosting. I purchased their Photon Pro Package and paid them via Paypal. After some time, I checked my mail box and seen A welcome email and a payment confirmation email however the main email with account configuration was not present their. I waited for some time but after that I opened a support ticket on their website mentioning that I haven’t received the main account configuration email and that I need this information email in order to setup my domain on WebTHosting server. They didn’t reply me until the next day when they replied with the message “Wait for 24hrs”. I am a webmaster and I have purchased web hosting services from various companies; none of them took so much time so I was concerned and I replied them that it is already more than 24 hours and requested them to send me the email as soon as possible. Guess their reply? Here it is, “Stop Lying. Your account is generated and email is already sent”. You can sure imagine how friendly and talented WebTHosting support team is?
I was very surprised by their unprofessional and disrespectable reply and especially with their claim that they have already sent me the email containing account configuration information. I immediately logged into my email address and there was still no email from them regarding account configuration. I opened their previous email and grabbed the account credentials to log into their web interface. I went into the email section and no account configuration email was present there, only the previous emails they sent me were listed there.
To convince WebTHosting team, I took a screen shot of my gmail inbox and sent it to them explaining that I haven’t received any email still. This time WebTHosting support team’s reply was even worse, they called me names and replies in such words that I can’t even write them here. They were blaming me that I cant see the email.
WebTHosting sure is a scam as I paid them 59.40 US Dollars and they haven’t provided me any hosting service yet they call me names, it was too much. It was worst support experience I ever had in my life. I opened a dispute in Paypal as I didn’t receive the hosting services in exchange of my money. After 10 hours, they added an email in the email section on their web interface in backdates and called me a liar on Paypal as well as in their email. In addition to that, they generated a $50 administration fee invoice for me to pay as I opened the dispute.
When I saw an email in previous dates in their web interface, I was shocked and it was enough to shake my trust on WebTHosting. A webhosting company which can add an email in past dates can do much more frauds with me in future so I decided to have a refund. I replied to WebTHosting support ticket that they are faking it all and that I am an eye witness of the absence of the email and that I no longer have trust on WebTHosting and they should refund my money.
In response, WebTHosting support team said that I have somehow violated their terms and conditions and I don’t deserve any refund. Next day, they disabled my account (Web Interface) and posted on Paypal dispute resolution center that they have delivered the service but the buyer has violated their terms and conditions therefore they are deleting my hosting account.
On Paypal end, they closed the case and issued the refund to WebTHosting without mentioning a single reason. I was surprised by this action no Paypal end. However I see WebTHosting solely responsible for this act, they took my $59.40 and didn’t give me a single day webhosting service plus they hosting support team called me names just for posting a query for the absence of account configuration email. Isn’t that the worst Hosting experience or should I say Scam experience ever?
Summery: Stay away from WebTHosting. It is like you are throwing away your money, plus it will encourage them and will cause more people to be scammed by WebThosting. Let everyone know about true face of WebTHosting so that such scammers cannot rip of more people on internet.

Update: (August 7, 2010) The sender of this scam report informed us that Webthosting owner has refunded his money nearly after 7 months so I guess it is never too late to understand the importance of customer support. Let us hope they have learned from this mistake.

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2 Public Reviews to “WebTHosting Scam”

Review Posted By John
Time March 8, 2010 at 3:07 pm

See the proof at


Review Posted By Alex
Time March 13, 2010 at 12:22 pm

John, I have spent a lot of time on the video you posted. In order to fully decide who is at fault, I really need to see the Attachment “EmailAccount-Screenshot.JPG”.
Is it possible for you to post this image as well. Secondly, to review the entire communication, you should have started scrolling down from the top to bottom instead of bottom to top. I had to pause the video frequently to fully read the communication from the beginning.

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