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April 05, 2010 By: admin

Talking about legitimacy of their hosting business, Just host is definitely not scam. Just host has provided their UK, US and Australa office addresses on their website which should eliminate most of the chances that they are a scam. However, I have received several complaints about Just host suspending the hosting account of their web hosting client due to excess of server usage and the surprising factor in most of the complaints is Just Host suspending your account after reaching somewhere between 300 to 500 unique visitors per day only. I don’t want to prove them scam but instead I want to show the public opinion and reports about them and then I will let you decide whether Just host is a scam or not. I didn’t expect website suspension at such a low unique visitor volume. I do understand that being realistic, there is no such thing as unlimited disk space and unlimited monthly bandwidth but a famous company like Just host should at least bear 1200 to 1500 unique visitors per day before suspending a hosting account.
If I see my previous record with Host monster web hosting or host Gator web hosting, I have only received one warning from host monster for one of my websites which reached 3500 unique visitors per day in average and even then I am still hosting it with host monster after doing some tweaks like caching up dynamic pages. Similarly I have a website hosted with host gator which successfully gone through a traffic spike of 12000 unique visitors per day and didn’t went down or got suspended.
Although Just host is right now offering a promotional price of $3.45 but their original rate is still 6.95 which is even more than some of their bigger competitors. In such rate, one do expect better or at least equal quality comparing to their competitor slab
Second Scam factor going against Just Host is their misleading marketing policy. It is reported to us that they have been involved in leading or supporting TOP Hosting Listing website sites, most of those sites list Just host as the Top hosting provider which should only be stated with proper statistical information or prove. Otherwise it is unethical and unprofessional to list a company as top hosting provider. If they really are involved within such a marketing campaign which is yet unsure then it is not good for their repute in the long run.
In the end I will say that even though I have received Scam reports about Just host, I will still say that one should take a look at the comments section bellow for public opinion posted for Just host. That’s because is also possible that the scam reports submitted to my email are part of some marketing campaign against Just host though some of those reports definitely seem to be original. Secondly if you have some good or bad experience with Just host them I will request you to post your experience with Just host in the comments section bellow to guide other visitors reaching this page for the sake of collecting information for Just host prior to purchasing Just host hosting plans.

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25 Public Reviews to “Just Host Scam”

Review Posted By Naeem
Time April 6, 2010 at 2:18 pm

Yes i have seen justhost listed as number 1 hosting provider in many top hosting websites. I was also wondering why justhost is listed as no 1 host as hostmonster and hostgator seems to be a lot more famous. That sure makes all this doubtful

Review Posted By just host
Time May 6, 2010 at 9:59 pm

I too have been suspended without warning by justhosts, despite asking them to unsuspend my account so i can correct the site in question. They have said NO. I hardly have any visitors and did however think there support was brilliant until now. I am left with 4 just host accounts, with 1 suspended and now will have to start again with someone else.

Surely an email to ask for the problem site to be sorted would be better than just stopping the whole hosting, as i host multiple sites. Will be now moving all 4 accounts to somewhere else.

Review Posted By Jason
Time May 9, 2010 at 4:45 pm

I have used just host before and was very pleased with their service. However, my web site was not attracting more 300 visitors a day, so I never had bandwidth problems.

Review Posted By Zip Dee
Time May 26, 2010 at 8:07 pm

A domain name registration bought from justhost.com was invoiced for nearly ten times the cost of the domain name registration [there exists justhosts.com, justhosts.co.uk, and also a justhost.co.uk, none of which have any connection to justhost.com , registered in the UK by Mr Brooke Bryan “b.bryan@justhost.com” address UK Head Office Unit A2, Segenworth Business Centre, Segenworth Road, Fareham, Hampshire PO15 5RQ UK : ‘whois’ also lists US and and Australian addresses]

Is this inflation of a cost what others on this and other forums have referred to, an accumulating cost arrived at by a potential customer simply looking through the web site pages and buying less than what has actually been looked at?

If this is indeed what is happening then it is a deception committed in pursuit of wrongfully debiting the bank account of another to credit one’s own bank account. An act that is a blatant contravention of The Theft Act (UK) and such contravention is punishable by up to 10 years in prison. And where there is an offence ‘all linked companies are to be treated as one’ (The Theft Act) with all the officers of all companies suffering the same fate.

Payment of the inflated cost has been blocked at the bank and any attempt by justhost.com to collect the total arrived at by such deception would indeed constitute an attempt (well documented) a conspiracy, to contravene the theft act.

On the two occasions in the past when two different web hosts – streamline.net and fasthosts.co.uk – deceptively took money from me that they were not due, I threatened fasthosts.co.uk and all officers leading up to United Internet AG (of ‘1 & 1’ or ‘Eins und Eins’ fame) the owners of both mentioned above, to seek The Chief Constable of Gloucester’s assistance to indict for contravention of The Theft Act – needless to say I got every penny back post haste : I did actually write and ask The Chief Constable of Derbyshire to assist me in indicting Andrew Dollamore, then owner of streamline.net, but was satisfied when all money wrongly taken was bounced back into my account almost immediately.

I still wait to see if I will be writing to yet a third, Alex Marshall, Chief Constable of Hampshire – Fareham is in Hampshire, and to accord with UK law it is where the offence is committed that determines which Chief Constable you contact : and anyone can write, and all CCs details are online. This is white all ‘distance sellers’ must provide an address to conform to the UK Distance Selling Statute (Was it not good of the last UK government to put all the laws up for googling?)

Review Posted By Simon
Time June 14, 2010 at 2:15 pm

Stay well away from Just Host! – I have never been treated so poorly by any company.

I have had 7 domains with them for the last 3 years, one day without warning all domains were suspended due to excesive resource usage.

I got straight onto their support which was terrible, I was promised on three seperate occasions that everything would be put right, in the end it took 7 hours worth of going back and forth with their support to get the account un suspended. Meaning that my business and my customers were left without service, this in turn ended up costing my company as 2 customers left us.

Following up with just host, they couldnt tell me the date or time of the resource usage and they admitted to not sending an email out to me!

A very unhappy ex Just Host user.

Review Posted By Gareth
Time October 15, 2010 at 10:11 am

I bought a hosting package in 2009 and within the first week my site was experiencing technical difficulties. Now i’m a little experienced here and proved to them it was their service but they would have none of it. They kept saying they would look into it.
One thing I was not used to was ‘cron jobs’ which when I used WordPress and an addon to cache the site caused a problem as the default setting was set to 30 seconds which it should have been set to 1 hour.
JustHost without warning shut my site down so I had no access at all. When I realised it was ‘cron jobs’ causing the problem I asked for them to re-activate so I could fix; would have taken 2 minutes as it was a simple drop down menu in WordPress.
JustHost completely refused and left my site inactive. Instead of trying to be helpful they tried to sell me a dedicated service that would cost a considerable amount more each month.
I cancelled and transferred to Hostgator who are absolutely brilliant and have had no issues with.
Now then, 1 year on my domain was still with JustHost due to transfer regulations. Instead of sending an email warning of my renewal date approaching they just shut my site down. I contacted them to pay for it and was told by their customer services to email their support. I thought I just want to pay and renew, absolutely crazy.
They then informed me they only offer hosting but as a goodwill gesture would renew my domain for £59.40 nearly ten times what most other hosts charge.

JustHost are attempting to either block or force me into hosting with them for just a domain renewal. I have checked with the ICANN website which shows JustHost are breaking regulations.

I’m not sure where to go now apart from reporting them to ICANN however how long do they take to sort problems like this out. Does anybody know of what else I can do?

My advice, if you want a good service and a good product don’t touch JustHost AT ALL!!

Review Posted By Gareth
Time October 25, 2010 at 3:04 pm

Well good news to end this fiasco with JustHost. I went direct to their registrar eNom and told them what had happened.
Their technical support were very helpful and transferred the domain into my name and applied 1 year to the domain for just $34.95 (£22.17).
Considering what JustHost wanted this has been a great successful end and a boot up the proverbial backside of JustHost.

I hope if any of you have problems like what I had consider my advice:

1) Perform a whois on your domain
2) Check who the registrar is
3) Contact the registrar

Review Posted By Barry
Time November 6, 2010 at 12:50 am

I have just transferred my hosting to Just Host. I am scared now after reading the forums about how bad their service and charges are. I contacted them after googling and seeing they were supposed to be the top hosting provider. I am pretty well computer illiterate can do basic searching and send emails but my experience with the company has been perfect SO FAR. I called on their free number (so they paid for the call) and was talking to a lady in Phoenix USA who was extremely patient with my lack of knowledge. In a few minutes I was set up and I decided to purchase their 3 year package and paid straight away. I received an email immediately saying it was ready to go but I would now deal with another Department to finalise the set up. Within a few minutes an email arrived asking for certain info to continue the set up. The email referred to some IT speak that I didnt understand but after my asking a few questions by email I received another email saying set up was complete. I checked out my site “www.nebulaagencies.com.au” and found it all worked as it was supposed to. This was all completed in a few hours with almost no down time for my site. Previously I had tried to change hosting to an Australian Host but was mucked around for two days with the only contact by me calling and them and they giving excuses why they couldnt do it.Another Australian host was even worse. They were difficult to work with and costs were for ONE YEAR hosting and transferring the site more than four times what I paid to Just Host for THREE YEARS. I was now going to set up another website and then discovered the many bad reviews of Just Host. MY EXPERIENCE HAS BEEN FANTASTIC and I hope it continues but all the negativity has me concerned.Maybe only the people with bad things to say post on forums maybe there are many more people who dont post because they have received the same FANTASTIC service as me. In any business there are dissatisfied customers but sometimes some customers are impossible to satisfy.

Review Posted By Andrew
Time January 31, 2011 at 6:01 am

A few points on Just Host.
I was very close to signing up with Just Host, only my credit card was required. It felt to good to be true, ie the price and that they were number 1 almost everywhere.

I rechecked the web hosting sites that had Just Host as number one. I checked the whois and found out that some of these sites were hosted by Just Host.

I canceled the sign up on the form, but even though I never clicked submit they still where taking in my data. Thankfully I did not enter the credit card info. However I was bombarded with emails offering me better deals to sign up. That sealed it for me, they must be desperate if the manager is emailing me. I told them I didn’t like how the were hosting the sites that had them at #1. After this they left me alone and since then the sites are hosted by someone else it seems.

Hope this helps!

Review Posted By amanda holloway
Time February 4, 2011 at 10:04 pm

I have had my site for about 8 months and have it built up with a high ranking on Google. I log in yesterday morning and my site has a huge “ACCOUNT SUSPENDED” on it instead of my homepage.

I tried to log in to see what the problem was. I was locked out of my account.

No phone number to call. JustHost discontinued that. The only venue is their stupid Live Chat. A bunch of people who can DO NOTHING to help you, except tell you to submit a ticket for support. How can you do that when you’re LOCKED OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT?

One of the live chat people looked into and said I owed $26.85. Apparently the credit card I had on file was not working. But I couldn’t correct it because these a$$holes locked me out. No email either. Everything shut down for $26.85

After almost two days of filing support tickets and waiting I have nothing from them except this:


Thank you for your email.

I can see this ticket is a duplicate and will now be closed. Your query will be dealt with in your separate ticket.

Kind regards,


Nickolas Pearce-Evered””””

That’s it!!!!!!!!!

Review Posted By Helen Parker
Time February 15, 2011 at 6:04 pm

Guys above i support you all in what you say! I had requested for a refund and they said they had never recieved a ticket regarding this matter, so what i have done is complain about this company to the bbb.org – they deal with online complaints for different business, also complain to them and we could probably fine a law suite on them. Never the less, i live in the UK and it is really hard to find cheap UK sites for hosting, but i have found one: “starlophost.com” , they are real people, i had a meeting with them (i own a company) and they have helped me, plus they design and advertise for you all part of the package – depending on which one you choose.

Review Posted By Abdul Jabaar
Time March 29, 2011 at 3:50 am

Our website was just canceled without notice. They sent an e-mail to our boss in Dubai saying, “Arabs are not wanted on our site, go to hell.”

Review Posted By ZaraByte
Time March 29, 2011 at 2:21 pm

Justhost seems to be treating me semi few i paid for a one year hosting had a few downtimes for that year but mostly uptime.

I plan to renew for another year with them I perfer hosting with yearly hosting plans this way i dont have to worry about having money for the next month bill.

However i don’t recommend anyone hosts a Hostgator there a bunch of College kids that run that company i mean yeah they offer all these coupons for 1 cent host and yadda yadda but no host can ever offer unlimited services thats a big lie everything comes at a price bandwidth is not cheap and there is no such thing as unlimited space so thats another lie.

Review Posted By Willi Brandt
Time April 8, 2011 at 4:03 pm

My understanding is that JustHost leaks business ethics by trying with any means: 1.sell futures without practical value, 2. trying to interrupt website with the goal to just sell other stuff, 3. trying to avoid cancellation of account by replying to messages in a way like they would not understand etc. Stay away from JustHost.

Review Posted By KAMPER
Time April 25, 2011 at 4:06 am


Review Posted By vic
Time April 27, 2011 at 10:46 pm

Certainly the worst hosting company I dealt with in the last few years.
2 weeks ago, a domain name came for renewal and I did not want to renew it, so I did nothing as I knew I did not have any automatic debit with Justhost.

7 days later, looking at my bank statement, I found that Justhost debited my bank account using the credit card I used to purchase their services the first time.

Surprised, I contacted them and asked them to refund me., complaining it was illegal to store and debit my credit card without my prior knowledge and authorisation. The response from a billing supervisor was:

“When you sign up for hosting you agree to automatic renew of your hosting. This comes hand in hand with your credit card details being partially stored on your account.

Please see this part of our terms and conditions:

When you place an order for our services, your personal information, including your credit card information, is transmitted via the use of Secure Socket Layer technology, the industry standard for encrypting sensitive information. We take your privacy very seriously, and as such, will not sell your personal information to third party (other than a company that may purchase Just Host), and will take reasonable steps to keep it from being disclosed to any third party.”

First there is nothing displayed on the screen when you sign-up, that indicates that they keep, even partially, your credit card. Second, no (hosting) company I deal with take your money without contacting your first!

This is greed, this is theft. I asked the contact details of a manager, and did not receive any reply. And then, they offered me some discount on the hosting to stay with them!! On top of not being honest with their client, they don’t understand the meaning of customer service.

My advice: Don’t be fooled by their low prices, because you really get what you pay for. Poor service and quality.
If you decide to use their service, keep in mind that they will store your credit card and bank details. They will debit your bank account without your knowledge if you don’t cancel at “http://cancel.justhost.com”

Review Posted By rajiv
Time June 2, 2011 at 6:45 pm

justhost.com have cheated us we have emailed about them to all american higher authorities

Review Posted By Rar Rar
Time August 12, 2011 at 1:43 am

The cheap package ain’t cheap. No way to manage your domain name(s) and DNS entries yourself, making it impossible to run sites on different hosting companies, essentially they’re stealing your Domain Name. RUN!!!! Cancel your account “http://cancel.justhost.com”

Review Posted By JT
Time August 14, 2011 at 5:39 am

I agree with VIC, they illegally stored my credit card info and charged me a month early. I was not expecting such a large amount of money to be taken out of my account and as result of this, I nearly went over my max credit card limit, which could have resulted in overage charges. I was actually planning on canceling with them. I cancelled them and made them refund my money which after much frustration they finally did. I moved over to another hosting company and after about a week I decided it was not right for me and since my original site was still on justhost for another few weeks, I made the horrible decision to reactivate with them until I found a hosting company that better suited my needs. After they took my money, they never reactivated my account, and 2 months later, after many phone calls and emails, I still am not activated and I cannot access or edit my website. It seems to be locked in a state of limbo. Their tech support is beyond belief. I mean rocks are smarter than these morons. They do not have technical knowledge or seem to understand basic english and will dodge your question by saying they have to transfer the ticket, and you will never hear back from them. I am going to pursue fraud charges and get my money back through my bank. BEWARE OF JUSTHOST!!!!

Review Posted By John Phillips
Time August 23, 2011 at 1:14 pm

I have had nothing but trouble with JustHost. We run a magneto store and business was great until……..Account Suspended!!! Nice! no warning at all. Makes are business look like it is being run by cowboys. I contacted JustHost to ask about what has happened, to find a not great english speaking rep who didn’t care much about my situation. When I told him i never had a warning, he said……”The suspension is your warning!” What is that about! So i told him i will take my business else where he said….”well thats up to you!” This is my business they are messing with and they just dont care!.

My advice to anyone would be stay well Clear!!

Review Posted By mando
Time October 27, 2011 at 12:17 pm

i have been with justhost.com for over 2 years and the website was down at least 20 times but for max 2 hrs each time. 2 days ago, the website went down again, i contacted them immediately by Live Chat and was informed the server is having issues and hundred of users are affected. We keep hearing “it will take a few hours, the server is almost fixed” for 2 days and the business is still offline. We have an online business only and rely fully on the website working properly all the time. We lost income plus customers are confused whether to use our services anymore as the website no longer exists etc.
Their customer service is extremely poor, we hear the same message all over again. We have even took on another hosting (UK -London based this time) more reputable and of course more expensive (at this point I don’t care if if it’s £15/ more per month) and i process of moving the website over… I wish I could report them to an independent company or media. They need to be closed down. I still need to close my account with them and request a full refund for SSL (1 full year paid 2 weeks ago) and hosting. But this is another story…

Review Posted By J. Kasper
Time January 22, 2012 at 1:32 pm

My company has an account with justhost for about a year now.

We had a major issue a while back with server downtime and they kept telling me they were trying to resolve the issue. Then after some time without any change, I demanded they move me to a better server or cancel my account. So we got on a better server and things have been working well since.

BUT!!!!!! This Friday, to my horror, I discovered that justhost was running an old backup of my site exactly the way it appeared in May 2011 (as we provide up-to-date news and market intelligence, this is a serious problem.

So I wrote justhost and guess what? They told me to clear my browsers cache. This has nothing to do with the issue at all. So I decided to buy priority support for $20 to get better and faster service. Then they get back to me and tell me that the server I was on had gone bad so they moved my site to a different server. They had used an old backup of my site and put it on a different server without even telling me!!!!!!!!! I’m furious. But it doesn’t stop here. I can’t access either the online control panel nor can I get FTP access to the server to update my site with the newest data. I wrote justhost and complained about this to their priority support and I got an answer (not 30 minutes as promised but an hour but still ok with me). They just gave me a standard reply saying they had forwarded my mail to the “appropriate” department. And that department is not getting back to me. I wrote priority support and complained and they give me exactly the same standard reply as before saying they have forwarded my request to the “appropriate” department. So I pay extra money for better service and they feed me with standard replies at a time when I desperately need to resolve the problems we have with our site. We have just sold advertising (banners etc.) for our site and desperately need to get the site up and running and then we have this hosting provider not doing anything about it and sending us standard email replies. We are now going to move our site to another hosting provider. This is just completely unacceptable.

I noticed that justhost and other hosting providers are sponsoring or even managing this site: “http://www.top10bestwebsitehosting.com/”
Take a look, the reviews are clearly fraud. All reviews have about the same length + if you try to submit a review yourself, you will find that the form is not working.

Because of my experience, I recommend you stay far far away from justhost. This company is absolutely awful.

Review Posted By wayne
Time February 25, 2012 at 5:46 pm

Is the bigest scammers in the world DO NOT GO THERE if you dont want ripping off.there service is bad and they will tell you a pack of lies.

Review Posted By Unhappy Just Host customer
Time July 11, 2012 at 2:44 am

I had been with just host for over 2 years, running business websites. Everything was fine, until one day… ACCOUNT SUSPENDED!!! No warning or email was ever given.

I ticketed to Just Host, and they said, sorry, they had suspended my account by mistake because they had thought that my account was overdue (even though I had another year left with them as I had bought a 3-year package).

That’s it. Just a cold sorry. This is unacceptable, as I am running business websites, and downtime results in loss of sales and consumer confidence.

Now that the real renewal time is almost due, they have sent me a bill for double the price what I paid for initially.

That’s it. I am moving to another hosting provider.

The customer service is not able to provide you more than the usual standard replies.

Review Posted By Barry Stevens
Time August 21, 2012 at 4:16 am

Not a scam but the service is shameful. Avoid Avoid Avoid – Diabolical Customer Service – All departments

Having been with Just host for a few years on a .eu domain i decided to change to .co.uk and prior to changing i made inquiries about how easy it was to changeover as i needed e-mails back up and running quickly. I was given several options and advised there would be no hassle at all. WRONG WRONG WRONG!

I signed up for my new .co.uk domain through their own forms and for a 3 yr hosting package. All went well, including the taking of the payment until i tried to set up my e-mails. 24 hrs later, at least 10 live chat conversations with their support teams and additionally several e-mails to them as well i canceled my account completely and WILL NEVER GO WITH THEM AGAIN OR RECOMMEND THEM.

They basically set up my new account and the hosting but never registered the domain hence not being able to set up e-mails. Every person on the live chat fobbed me off to another team, e-mail support, billing etc. They told me they don’t even provide .co.uk domains (even though i chose it on their sign up forms)

I could log into my new account, see the domain as my primary domain and the expiry date of my hosting package as 2015 (3yrs) but not one of their guys would take ownership and resolve the issue

Basically what was great service over the last few years has been let down with 24 hrs of complete hell by their support teams.

I’ve now bought the same domain elsewhere (so they really hadn’t registered it)

They don’t give a monkey’s once they have you signed up and all of the fancy customer services option are meaningless. I can still go to their website to sign up and get the option to go for a .co.uk. domain!

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